Love Spell On Alpha

Love Spell On Alpha

By:  Nyx Rai  Completed
Language: English
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Billinaire, playboy, and a supreme poker, Erebus had a perfect life at hand, but his trouble never stops, because the fancy life was just a cover of his true identity -- the Alpha of the City's underground Werewolf kingdom. Knowing full well that Perses -- once his friend, his brother and his beta wanted his life, Erebus went right into another of Perses's death traps, only to came out with a bigger trouble: he mated a little witch.

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185 Chapters
001 Playtime Is Over
"Gin tonic. Golden." Gave the bar a slight beat with his knuckles, a man called, waiting with his eyes fell casually on the woman next to him.She WAS an eye catcher."Yes, sir." The bartender took a bottle of fine Golden gin from the top shelf and started with his order. Obviously, the bartender knew the man's high standard from his frequency here."Hello, handsome." The woman was encouraged by his look, and she tossed her silk-smooth body at his, shaking the almost empty glass in her hand.He curved his lips at her gesture.Didn't pander to her but nor did he refuse, Erebus merely told the bartender: "Give this fair lady whatever she wants."The woman was very pleased: "Now, to whom am I betokening this gratitude?""Erebus.""Ma'am." The bartender hinted at her for an instruction on what drink to pour."I always have my eyes on the best goods." The woman said with her eyes fixed on Erebus, tiptoeing as she leaned in for his lips."That's a fine habit." Said Erebus. But instead of the
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002 Darkness Is Coming
On the entry of a huge castle settling in a modern style city, Erebus was stepping up the stairs in a slow motion.With a hard contour, his face gave the vibe of a stone-cold killer; and the muscle shown subtilty under that thin shirt were crying the same conclusion.But he didn't have a killer's step.He took the stairs one at a time at a slow pace, but there was a faint curl and feebleness hidden in his posture somewhere.
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003 The Fire of Fate
"My Lord." A voice with caution hidden within broke Erebus's mind wandering."Themis." He took his gaze from afar back to the drink held in his hand, and answered without turning back."I... I want to... I know that... it must be upsetting to have your apanage taken away, I just want to say that..." Themis stuttered with her awkward comforting, but was with little effect.Erebus waved his hand: "I'm more concerned about the fact that Perses chose this particular vill
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004 The Dim Patronus
"Ohh, you again? Interesting!" The man was leaving the alley when she burst in there, and was now grinning at her as he turned and began to stroll towards her with a playful gesture.It was only a game to him, and she was the toy.Kitty stood there, shivering, shocked by the missing of her three unrelated families, and by the evil man in front of her.She couldn't even find any strength to move, let alone taking a run, again."Oh? He finally came?" The man let out a slight exclaim, stopped.He heard something over the earpiece he was wearing."You are so, so lucky today, little kitten..." His vicious eyes locking on her, but he was now taking small steps away from her.Before she could find her voice again, or take even the slightest move, he turned and ran away fast, hurrying to somewhere apparently.Kitty let out a long breath after his shadow disappeared for several LONG seconds, and let her body dropped onto the ground.Their cabin was on fire. Though shabby and broken, it was a pl
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005 Marked
How could they be here when he had lured them so far away?! Perses stared at the wolves appearing from the woods, petrified."How are the baits he sent you to?" Erebus asked with a totally different tone of which he used to talk to Kitty. There was stateliness and dominance hiding in there.The dim grey wolf standing closest to Erebus reported: "All done. We would have come back earlier if it wasn't for Menoetius--""Hey! Dionysus!" The wolf who attacked one of the Perses's protested."Quiet. Lord is injured." A cold, calm voice came from the darkness of the woods.Surprisingly, she was in her human form, with a tight dress on her that was suiting her well."Metis, you always--" Seeing Metis's eyes, Menoetius swallowed the rest of his sentence.Kitty peeked out at the wolves from behind Erebus. There were seven huge wolves in total, or that she could see."Who are you?" A deep, dark voice came from behind Kitty that scared her to jump."Tartarus." Erebus said, warningly."My apologies,
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006 Part Of My Life
Menoetius was again thrown out of his own car the next day when they headed back to their city."Themis, you two can talk about your new assignment on the way home." Erebus left this sentence to the two reluctant kids before he took Menoetius car and drove away.And now Menoetius was happy."So where do you want to start with?" Menoetius threw himself on the back of the driver's seat and pressed closed to Themis right after they got into the car."I'm not gonna be a part of this!" Themis was not in a good mood. "You can go and have fun yourself.""But...It's our Lord's order..." Menoetius did always obey Erebus with no condition, but it doesn't mean he was not rooting for that order because he got to spend time with Themis."I--" Themis turned to yell, only to stopped all of a sudden and said: "Okay, I'll do it.""Really? You are not being sarcastic, are you?" Menoetius didn't fully understand her sudden changing of attitude.Werewolves mark their mate by instinct, JUST like how they c
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007 The Best Gift
"What...?! Really?!" Kitty jumped and fell back because of the safety belt. She bumped into the seat but it didn't affect her excitement."This might just be the first time I ever witnessed a safety belt taking effect." Erebus mocked her, laughing."I... I mean, you don't have to do that. Not turning me in to the orphanage is good enough! I can work!" Kitty was too happy for her just "regained" freedom to notice his mocking."How old are you?" Erebus rose a brow as he giving her a "checking you out suspiciously" way."17!" Kitty pouted for his doubting tone on her ability to work."Okay, okay, I'm sorry, I do trust that you CAN take care of yourself." Erebus laughed and held up his hand in a surrendering way, "Would you like to work at my bar? I could use a bartender.""Really? That would be great!" Kitty exclaimed, happy that at least this way, she gets to see him often, until her crush on him was over, if ever."But I don't know how to make those fancy drinks though..." She hesitated
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008 He Told Her About Mark
Erebus stood in front of Kitty's room and listened for a few seconds before he knocked on the door lightly, worried that he might scare her. The door flung open the next second, which took Erebus by surprise instead."Hi!" Kitty gave him a big smile, putting the key in her Jeans' pocket, "I'm ready!""Ohh!" Erebus blinked a few times to wake up from being stunned by her bright smile. He was a second away from grabbing her and biting on those delicious lips when--"We are back! Steaks night!" Menoetius's shouts suddenly rose from behind him, which scared both of the people staring at each other by Kitty's door."What's...going...on...?" Menoetius's question broke up as hesitation took over his tongue when he realized something was wrong with Kitty and Erebus.Metis rubbed her forehead with two fingers, feeling defeated by the stupidity Menoetius was so happily showing."..." Erebus turned to look at Menoetius with a resigned look on his face. He should be grateful that Menoetius saved h
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009 Drink Night
"What? Was that a secret?!" Kitty asked nervously, thinking Metis looked mad because Erebus told her something she should not know."Kind of. Actually, our very existence needs to remain a secret to human." Erebus continued smoothly with her misunderstanding."I'm sorry... I won't tell anyone!" Kitty stood her hand up as if taking an oath."Haha, I told you BECAUSE I trust you. Don't worry about it." Erebus chuckled at her "oath" and pulled the chair out for her, "Yo
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010 Shake Him Off
"Morning, sunshine!" Erebus put the cup in his hand down on the table and stood up to greet Kitty when she appeared at the staircase, "How did you sleep?""It was great! I don't remember when was the last time I ever slept so well actually!" Kitty finished the last pair of stairs in a jump."I don't suppose you remember much about last night either?" Erebus laughed."Well, yeahhh..." Kitty made a face, "What happened to the last shot?" She assumed Erebus drank it, but she couldn't remember much after she finished the fourth one."Well, you scared him away, the way you finished his friend." Erebus teased her, smiling."You said it would still be here today!" Kitty protested, feeling as if something was unfinished."We will, we will. You will have your second lesson soon enough. As for now, what do you want to have as breakfast? I'll get you a coffee first." Erebus walked towards the kitchen with Kitty before he made a sudden stop: "Oops...""What?" Kitty looked up at his hesitation."We
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