Loving Mr. Wrong

Loving Mr. Wrong

By:  ms ashby  Completed
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Jill Buenaventura is the typical rebel rich girl who gets whatever she wants from her mother to avoid any scandal that might taint the reputation of their business empire-a multinational mining corporation. What Jill wants, Jill gets but Trevor Scott has always been an exception. He loves someone else he could never have. In a bid to his heart, Jill goes on a dangerous mission. She offered her power, money, and influence to Trevor hoping she could change his heart and love her instead but to no avail. When a good-for-nothing relationship is all he could give to her, will it still be enough for her to stay? When everything is falling in the right place including Trevor's dream girl, will Jill be finally able to let go?

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where is the rest
2020-09-17 04:55:49
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where is the next chapter...it's the only reason why I rated 3
2020-09-26 19:08:18
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Chapter 1
"What did you see in him? I mean, he's nothing extraordinary. He's handsome, yes, that I can see but so are all the men who will do everything for you to take one glance at them. He's rich but not as opulent as your family. If I were to rank him in the class, he'll be with the typical millionaires and playboys who parade their Lamborghini and Maserati in a runway. So, my dear friend, answer me. Why Trevor Scott?"I gave Selena my signature sly smile before turning my gaze back into the man we are talking about who is just across our table. He's dining with Romanov Sloba, an Italian businessman who is specializing in communications technology. I know him and his young wife when they visited my mother in our rest house.The love and devotion I saw in their eyes makes me crave to see it appear on Trevor's eyes when he looks at me. But who am I kidding? I have seen him sport that expression. I have seen the expression on his face countless of times. I saw them ev
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Chapter 2
Jill went out of her latest Audi and sashayed her way to the entrance of their company’s headquarters. It is a 30-storey building that houses her mother’s main office on the top floor. She’s wearing a skimpy red-colored halter dress which accentuates her white creamy skin. An ample portion of her cleavage is showing plus her long shapely legs are on display. A pair of diamond stud earrings is her only accessory. She flipped her hair and tossed her car keys to the attending valet.  “Handle my baby with extra care,” she looked at his nameplate on his uniform “Roger.” He bowed his head in reverence and nodded. “Yes Miss Jill.” “Good. You wouldn’t want to be fired, would you?” I raised my eyebrow at him even though my wide-rimmed aviators covered almost half of my upper face. “A mere scratch could cost you a thousand dolla
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Chapter 3
“Hi! Is Trevor around?” I smiled at the attending girl outside Von’s office. I presumed she is the secretary. I scanned her appearance. She looks just an average office girl so I have no reason to get jealous. Even her face is mediocre. I don’t think she is someone Von would like to hook up to but then Sandy is also like her. I grimaced at the thought.“Good morning ma’am. May I get your name please,” she said politely.“I’m Jill. Jill Buenaventura,” I replied.“Do you have any appointment with Mr. Trevor Scott ma’am?”My eyes narrowed at her. I can feel my temper rising. “No. I don’t have to. I’m Jill of the Buenaventura Group of Companies.” I put a stress on my surname. A surprise expression crossed her face. “Wait a second ma’am.” She reached for the telephone on her side and dialed. She must be calling Von.I tapped my fingers on her desk to keep myself from barging into t
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Chapter 4
"I need something to make a man stay. Something that will make him forget that other girls exist. I need that something whatever it is!" I shouted at my friend, Laurie. She just laughed incredulously, amused about my idea. "Well, I think what you are looking for is a love potion, Jill. I didn't know you believe in stuff like that! That's outrageous but of course, I'm not judging you. I can't judge because I know that woman in love will do anything to get her man."I stopped from my relentless pacing on the carpeted floor of my room and then crossed my arms and shot her a beaming look. "Wait, why didn't I think about that? Right! I need a witch to make me a love potion so that Scott will fall in love with me. My god Laurie! You're a genius!" I snatched my phone from her hand and dialed a number. "And my god Jill! You are actually believing me? I'm just bluffing you! What a gullible human being you are! Stop it!" Taking long s
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Chapter 5
I made my way to Trevor's office like a runway model. On my hand is the cake while on the other is my dainty clutch. I didn't pause to stop by at his secretary's table and thank goodness she didn't stop me like last time because I can't promise to be nice even if I'm walking on cloud nine now. I'm not nice and never will I. Maybe I'll become nice when I can have Trevor Scott all for myself.I opened the door and saw him on his swivel chair again typing on his laptop. He stopped what he's doing and faced me. A knot formed on his forehead."What are you doing here again? I told you I'm busy this week so I can't go to see you. Let's just reschedule next week, Jill. Please." He put his attention back on his computer."It's okay. I just came by to say sorry for what happened the last time I'm here. That was really mean and it was inappropriate for me to act that way. I'm sorry." I sat on the chair in front of his desk and placed the cake on my lap. Von looked up to me.
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Chapter 6
"What do you do now?"I heaved out a sigh and looked back at the window car. The lanes are bustling with all sorts of cars. The day's too busy for my own liking."Go to him this instant. I have to know his condition. I can't sleep tonight knowing that I caused him harm."Laurie stomped on the accelerator. "Just don't appear to be wary enough to make him suspect you. Chill out. You can do this."We didn't waste our time and went to Von's residence immediately. We were stopped by the guard in the entrance of the exclusive subdivision but when I showed him my ID and business card, he apologized and let us in. We pulled off in front of a big Mediterranean-inspired mansion in the outermost part of the area. With my heart on my sleeves, I pushed the bell button. "Jill, do you think it's the best time to visit Trevor? He's for sure trying to get some rest. Maybe we should just come back tomorrow. It's getting pretty late and I still hav
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Chapter 7
“You shouldn’t have come here.” I shrugged off the pain I felt when he said that and concentrated on peeling the orange fruit. It’s a good thing that I was standing on my back so it is easier to hide the pain from which I should be bulletproof from given how countless of times he has made me feel that excruciating emotion from the day we had agreed to enter this kind of relationship. “I was dead worried of you. I can’t sleep at night thinking how you must be suffering.” I faced him while wearing that familiar smile on my face and handed him the platter full of assorted fruits. “Here. Have some.” “Thank you,” he said but did not even take a single glance on the fruits I laid down on his desk.“Why are you already working? You should take a rest, Von. You just got out from the hospital.” I walked behind him and started massaging his shoulders. “Don’t be a nagger. It’s just a stomach upset. I’ve had more worst cases in the past.”
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Chapter 8
I felt his strong muscular arms encircled my shoulder and gripped it tighter. I gasped and my breathing became labored. I tried to stand and walk away but he grabbed my head instead and kiss me senselessly. The kiss immediately became hotter, wilder and wetter. Tongue to tongue. His lips on mine devouring them as if it's a delectable dish he can't get enough of. His kisses are rough and it turned me on. I responded by lashing my tongue and lips with his while my hands made their way to his neck caressing, touching it. I further opened my mouth to accommodate him. He immediately took it as an invitation to assault the inner recesses of my sensitive skin there. He tasted me. I felt heat surge right through my core. Need consumed me. He left my lips and trailed kisses to my ears down to the sweet spot in my neck. I shut down my eyes as the sensation felt overwhelming. A moan escaped my mouth. My hands s
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Chapter 9
This is the part of my bargain and I wish to uphold my end until he realizes I'm the one he loves. Trevor rolled over me with a heavy breathing. "That was great. Sex with you has always been great," he patted my thigh and stood up still naked. "Is that a compliment?" I asked trying to calm my senses. I fished for some tissue and wiped our combined essence in myself. He just shrugged his shoulders as if saying he doesn't care and looked around looking for something. "Fishing for compliments?"I laughed in a calculated manner. "Oh please. We both know I'm always flooded with compliments every single day. Besides, I haven't had any other guy in bed aside from you so that explains my curiosity. How can I just accept you saying it's great having sex with me when I have no point of comparison? You've got an advantage over me. Youre an expert in this field." I sat on the bed not min
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Chapter 10
“What did you did this time, Jill?” My mother removed her eyes on her monitor screen and eyed me intently.I raised my hands in annoyance and sat down on the couch inside her luxurious office. My mother like Von never failed me to feel extra worthless. Crossing my arms and legs simultaneously, I studied the interior of her office. From the vantage of a self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast and a professional model, this place looks entirely black and white except for a few colorful art pieces and sculptures situated in every conspicuous parts of the extremely large space.Never bad, I thought as I picture myself inside this similar vibe of office days from now.“Mom, I don’t like your office. It’s boring, colorless, and the vibe here is eerie. You will not stop me from getting myself a fabulous interior designer who will make every corner of my future office as flashy and as divine as me. Also, I need my own secretary and I want you to personally train me. I can’t rel
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