Loving you

Loving you

By:  Crystal Luna  Ongoing
Language: English
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After helping to free her sister from the chain of her abusive ex-husband, Zena left to find her path, and it has been 7 years since she moved to a new city, and everything was going great for her, she moved up in her job and she also has a stable relationship, Zena life was perfect but sometimes perfect can be boring, missing the thrill of an adventure, Zena embarked on an undercover mission to caught a dangerous criminal, but the universe had other plans for her as it leads her back to where she never thought she would end up in again. Back with Leonardo Conti.

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16 Chapters
Chapter 1
Zena's POVI blinked profusely as I struggled to keep my sleepy eyes open, the sound of my alarm was ringing so loudly in my ear that it made me groan heavily.'' 5 more minutes,'' I murmured to myself as I blindly looked for my phone to put off the alarm.But when I couldn't locate it, I gave up and went back to sleep.''Zena!'' I suddenly heard my name being screamed so loudly that it had me jumping off the bed, thinking there was an emergency.'' What is it, what is happening,'' I screamed at my roommate, who now had this big smirk on her face.'' Oh I love seeing you like this,'' Kelly, my roommate, smirked as she folded her arms, looking at me with an amusing look on her face.Realising that there was no emergency and Kelly was just being her annoying self, I sighed and fell back to bed.'' Not today, Satan,'' I murmured and I closed my eyes again.Soon I felt my blanket being yanked away from my body.'' Don't you think it is time to get up? Your alarm has been ringing non-stop,
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Chapter 2
Zena's POVGood morning, Chief here is your morning coffee,'' Ceila, a detective, walked up to me, and she handed me my cup of coffee.'' Thank you Ceila, I already had coffee but there is no such thing as too much coffee," I smiled, saying as I walked into my office.Ceila handed me my itinerary and she was about to leave when I stopped her.'' Ceila, is this right? Do I truly have a meeting with the mayor by 1 pm," I asked."Yes you do, and by 3 pm you also have a meeting here with the team, it's all written there,'' Ceila answered and I nodded.'' Do you know what the meeting with the mayor is all about?'' I asked and Ceila shook her head.'' I don't know, but I am sure it is nothing serious,'' she smiled and said.'' Thank you Ceila, you can go back to work now,''' I let out, signalling for her to leave.I got started with my day, driving nose-deep into the case files that were on my desk, and there was this particular case that caught my attention. It is a case I have been workin
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Chapter 3
Zena's POVI nervously fidgeted with my fingers, as I didn't know what to tell the mayor.'' Zena, I am waiting for an answer,'' He urged me to speak but I couldn't get my words out.''Zena, are you okay? or is there a problem?'' He asked and that was when I shook my head, trying to gather as much confidence as I possibly could.'' Philp, there is no problem, and I assure you that we are handling the case the best way we possibly can at the station.'' I let out.'' Zena, are you sure? because I do not want anything to tarnish the good name of my administration.'' the Mayor asked.'' I am sure, and I want you to be rest assured that we will handle it, that I will handle it,'' I answered, assuring him with every word, but it looked like the mayor was not convinced.'' Tell me, do you have any leads on who is responsible for all these kidnappings,'' He asked.'' We have a lead, but you know very well that I can not disclose our findings to you, but my team is on it, I assure you of that,
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Chapter 4
Zena's POV My heart was thumping and my hands were shaking. I drifted my gaze from Kelly, then back to Noah, then to the ring in his hands. I tried to speak but my words were failing me right now.I looked at Noah's nervous face again as his eyes urged me to say something, and I wanted to, trust me, the words were at the tip of my mouth, but I just couldn't get them out.I tried to level my breath but that was impossible to do as well, so I picked up my glass of wine and downed the whole content.'' Zena, what are you doing? Say something, don't keep my brother waiting,'' I soon heard Kelly say.I looked at her with indecisiveness in my eyes, because honestly, I didn't know what to say to her brother's proposal.Seeing what my sister went through at the hands of Keith, I told myself that marriage was not for me.'' But your sister got her happy ending, and don't you think you deserve yours?'' the voice in my head said to me.I breathed out knowing that the voices in my head were righ
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Chapter 5
Zena's POV I didn't know how to feel, seeing that we had gotten the right hand of El Feugo, I wanted to be happy, but I knew that happiness is just an illusion and I shouldn't get my hopes up, because he might never give up his boss.'' So what are we going to do now, Boss, how are we going to get information from him,'' I soon heard Ceila ask.'' It is late. Why don't you let him spend the night in holding? Then tomorrow we can have a chat with Mr López here.'' I said, walking out.As soon as I left the interrogation room, I felt like a slight load was lifted from my chest.'' This could be it? Could this be all I need to end El Feugo once and for all? I just hope he talks,'' I said to myself as I walked back to my office, packed my bag, and headed out.Having El Fuego's right hand had me relaxed a bit, so I headed back to my apartment to rest before my big talk with him tomorrow.Getting in, Kelly's eyes brightened up with a smile on her face.'' Why are you here? Aren't you suppos
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Chapter 6
Zena's POVI was livid, my inside felt like I was in a sauna, I was burning and trust me. I tried to be civil with him, but it was true when they said that you could not bargain with a criminal.'' Answer me, Goddadmit,'' I yelled as I punched him again, but he only smirked as if he was enjoying seeing me fall apart.'' I am impressed, you do not hit like a lady,'' Manuel said and his eyes glittered with amusement.The look in his eyes disgusted me, and I didn't know when I started hitting him nonstop.'' You want it the hard way, I am going to make sure you experience it just the way you want it,'' I yelled, hitting me nonstop.I was blinded by rage that I couldn't think nor feel, it felt like the devil had its hold on me, and no matter how I tried to break free from the rage that held me bonded, I just couldn't. I have never felt like this in a long time. The last time I felt this kind of rage was towards Keith, and I never thought that I was going to feel like that again.'' Chief,
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Chapter 7
Zena's POVI looked at Ceila stunned. I couldn't believe that she was the one encouraging this.'' Ceila. Are you saying that we give into the demands of a criminal,'' I asked.'' Chief, it is the only way. We have to give something to get something,'' Ceila answered.'' He is a criminal, his demands should not be considered,'' I yelled.'' He will not talk unless he is assured that his son is safe,'' Ceila insisted as she tried to convince me.'' Yes, about that. Why didn't you tell me about the trail you placed on his son?'' I asked.'' I don't have a trail on his son,'' Ceila answered and I was confused.'' What are you saying, you said in there that you did?'' I asked.'' Come on Zena, you are a cop as well. I am surprised that you didn't know I was bluffing. I needed him to talk and making him think that his son could be arrested was the only way,'' Ceila explained.'' What is wrong with me? Why didn't I see that you were bluffing? How did you find out about his son?'' I let out
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Chapter 8
Zena's POVI walked into my office, and as I sank deep into my chair, my mind raced so much that even though I tried to silence the voices in my head, it wouldn't stop.But I will not allow any of that to bother me now. I have gotten the only lead to catch El Feugo, the one I have been looking for, all these years. This was my time to catch and put an end to him once and for all.'' Boss, what are your thoughts on this? Are we going to shut down that auction?'' Ceila asked and I looked at her with confusion.'' What else are we supposed to do? This is what we wanted, isn't it?'' I asked.'' Yes I know that, but what is our plan? We have gotten the information that we need, so what next?'' Ceila asked me instead of answering my question.'' Ceila, we are going to that auction, and we are going to arrest everyone that we see there, and that includes El Feugo, we have to catch him,'' I answered.'' Okay, but don't you think it will be more complicated than that? You can not go arresting
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Chapter 9
Zena's POVWalking into my apartment, I was met with the smiling face of my fiance, Noah.I was shocked that he was there. He didn't tell me that he was coming over.'' Hi baby,'' I muttered as Noah walked up to me, hugging me.'' Hi you, I missed you,'' he whispered as he placed a kiss on my lips.'' Why are you here? You didn't tell me that you were coming?'' I asked and Noah's face fell into a frown.'' Am I not allowed to visit my soon-to-be wife?'' Noah asked and I nodded.'' Of course, you can. I am just surprised,'' I answered as I put down my bag and walked over to the fridge pouring myself a glass of juice.'' Where is Kelly? Is she not home,'' I asked as I sipped my drink.'' She is in the showers, she will soon be out,'' Noah answered and I nodded as he urged me to take a seat beside me.'' You know I can not wait for you to be my wife,'' Noah whispered into my ears and his words sent shivers down my spine, as I still couldn't wrap my head around the fact that I would soon
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Chapter 10
Zena's POVKelly and Noah looked at me with surprise, as I wondered what was going through their minds.'' What do you mean,'' Kelly asked.'' I am a cop, and it is kind of my job to catch criminals,'' I answered and Kelly rolled her eyes.'' That is not what I meant. I was asking, why should it have to be you? You are the boss now, and being the boss means that you can sit out most of these things.'' Kelly let out.'' This is important, I can not sit out this one,'' I said as I walked back to the couch.'' Is it going to be dangerous,'' Kelly asked.'' I am fighting crime, not going to the supermarket. Of course, it will be dangerous,'' I answered and Kelly groaned.Noah, say something. You can't allow your fiance to go on a dangerous mission,'' Kelly yelled at her brother.'' I know there is nothing I can do to stop her, I know what I was getting myself into when I decided to marry a cop,'' Noah said, and his words made me smile.'' I am not going to stop you, it is your job, and yo
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