Luna Sophia's Retribution

Luna Sophia's Retribution

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~She did everything for him.~ When Sophia Highrise learns her Alpha Husband is cheating on her again, she decides she’s had enough. She has been mocked, ridiculed….. she gave everything to him. Everything to make him rise. Everything to make sure he soared. She became his all-purpose wife, yet he’s cheated on her again and again. Sophia forces her husband into a tight corner and gets him to sign their divorce papers, but her destiny moves in a different direction as she is met with a shock. ~Mate!~ Alpha Caelum Maximoff has waited patiently for years. He’s grown from the victimized boy he once was into a dark, brooding, man with ice in his veins and only one word in his heart, yet his plans are thwarted when something he never expected happens. The moon goddess has granted him a mate. And this isn’t just any mate. This is Sophia Highrise, the dainty woman he always saw on the television after she’d been cheated on. The bond between them runs strong but former grudges fill their heart with bitterness yet the mate bond will not be denied. Will Sophia learn to love again, and will the man the moon goddess has granted her as a mate, find the courage in him to move past the demons that haunt him, or will he see his bond with her as what his head tells him to see it, the one way he can take revenge on her and everything that has to do with her husband? “You are my mate Sophia. Mine. Now, and forever.”

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Deidré Van Rooy
Updates are taking too long.
2023-11-16 00:08:53
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Please update more chapters. Like this story a lot. Would love to see Sophia's revenge.
2023-10-21 19:54:48
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Hany's CATS
wow! just about 10 chaps and so far im liking it. hoping updates wld be fast...
2023-10-16 09:47:02
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Rani Bo
Off to a good start........ Waiting for more chapters.........
2023-10-14 14:37:17
22 Chapters
Chapter 1: "I need you to help me fix this, Sophia.”
Sophia’s pov. The reporter’s voice seems to ring in my head while I listen to the news and my heart quivers in my chest as the midday report begins. The intro sound dies down and the news caster’s voice projects out, “Good afternoon Werewolves and Lycans, This is KYC news channel and I'm Elena Konsis, bringing you the midday news, Thank you for tuning in. In recent events, famous Alpha werewolf and Billionaire Tycoon Alpha Ulric Highrise of the Spineridge pack was spotted earlier today, physically assaulting a reporter for following him and taking pictures of him and a female friend. The female reporter informed us that after suffering the hits from Alpha Ulric Highrise, she decided to leak the photos she took.” A picture comes up on the side of the screen and the reporter gestures, “In this picture, Alpha Ulric is seen leading a woman into a famous five-star hotel. Speculations are that this lady is another one of the Alpha’s lady friends. Mind you, Alpha Ulric is currently m
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Chapter 2: "I am not getting a divorce!"
“What do you mean by divorce you?” Anger overtakes Ulric’s face and he glares at me, his eyes brimming with a low light as he scoffs and paces, running a hand through his hair. He releases his protest not a moment later. “This was just a mistake, Sophia! We can get over this, we don’t need a divorce. It would contradict your statement and everyone would think I'm a liar.” I shake my head and despite my better judgment, I choke out a bitter laugh. He still doesn’t get it. “We DO need a divorce. It’s obvious we do, and don’t worry, we can have the divorce done in private. No one has to know.” Ulric moves, the action swift and Alpha fast as he stops just an inch from me and roughly growls out, “I am not getting a divorce.” This is what breaks me. This is what makes me realize this isn’t going to be as simple as I thought. I stare my husband in the eyes and I swallow the bitterness in my throat away, my voice low and hoarse as I respond in an almost whisper. “I would have given
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Chapter 3: "Throw that bitch out."
My feet are rooted to the floor and my eyes, on Violet’s smirking face. If there has ever been anything like sorrowful shock, this is it. I feel paralyzed right now. I have experienced Ulric’s girlfriends coming to me to ask for money as a form of settlement to keep their mouths shut. We always reach a bargain and after the deal is struck, I pay them and they go on their way, yet something tells me Violet doesn’t want money. She stands up, approaching me still smirking but I meet her halfway and in a burst of swift speed, I slap her. Tears sting the back of my eyes as the sound rings out and Violet gasps, her breath soft and unbelieving. When she looks up at me, there’s only one cold word on my lips, “Why?” Why would she do this to me? I… I took her as family. I took her as my own. We come from the same pack. It…. it doesn’t make sense. Violet glares at me as she straightens her posture, her hand falling from her cheek and her eyes burning with a deep-seated malice, her tone i
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Chapter 4: "You're staring."
I settle into my seat and look around the bar. There’s a modest hat on my head because I’m not dumb. Things like this have become a necessary precaution whenever I go out in public because of the enemies I have made. I have done things for Ulric right under the public eye, things that would get me mobbed if my hat didn’t make me so ignorable and I was identified. I want to forget Ulric ever happened. I want to forget Violet ever happened. I want to forget that this is something that’s currently happening right now so I order some drinks. A soulful voice blasts from the speakers. The music soothes my nerves because I remember this voice, voices actually. They’re my favorite werewolf band, from when I was once a silly teenage girl. I can sense the auras of the different people scattered around the large bar. Otsana is on alert but she tells me we can be calm later because no one seems interested in us. I start with a bottle of vodka. The bartender stares at me a bit warily when
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Chapter 5: "Our Second chance mate."
“I was worried, Luna Sophia. Where have you been?” Sorren badgers me with questions immediately I step through the front door and I sigh. “I was, at a friend’s place, Sorren. You don’t have to be worried about anything. How’s everyone been since last night?” The lie coats my tongue like cold tar but when I look up at Sorren, she doesn’t look like she suspects I'm lying. There’s a slightly sympathetic look on her face as she nods. “Everyone’s been fine, Luna. Miss Violet caused a bit of a scene when she was leaving, so we were worried that something had happened, and the news too…” I nod because, of course, it’d be stupid of me to think everyone wasn’t aware of it by now. I can tell Sorren is really concerned for me though so I give her a reassuring smile. “I’ll be fine too, I just need to rest for a bit. I’ll be heading out again by 3 p.m.” She nods and takes my bag from me, “Everything will be set before then, Luna.” I’m grateful as I walk away and head up to my room. I hea
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Chapter 6: "Get out."
Brother? My eyes open wide and my hands turn clammy. I…… I fucked my husband’s brother? The room threatens to spin as I think of it but I keep a tight hold of my sanity. No, that.. can’t be. I heard that the old Alpha of the Spineridge pack had two sons. One of them is Ulric, the son the Alpha had with his Luna, But there was another child… a boy the Alpha had with an Omega. I know the boy was accused of stealing something from the pack, something valuable that made the Spineridge Alpha kick him out, but I don't know more than that. I didn’t dive too deep into my investigation because I felt it would be disrespectful to do that, both to my husband and to his family. My chest seems to become tighter the more I continue thinking of it because hells…. I had a one-night stand with him. My husband’s brother?! “I said, what the fuck are you doing here!” Ulric’s snarl ripples through the room and snaps me out of my thoughts immediately. I see his brother chuckle and move the
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Chapter 7: "Sunny day today?"
Caelum’s pov. Memories flood through my mind as I take slow sips of my drink and stare at the seat she occupied last night. Her. She’s his wife. An incredulous scoff finds its way from my throat as I think about that. It was late last night, so late. Yet all she wanted to do was drink herself to a stupor. I came out hoping to send whoever it was off peacefully, yet I found his wife sitting on the stool. Ulric fucking Highrise. A hot feeling floods my bones as memories come rushing back. I hear the pleas of my mother as she begs for me not to be sent away, as she pleads with the man who fathered me that I was innocent. I hear the way she was laughed at, the sound of the whip as it lashed and lashed. The humiliation I had to endure at the hands of that bastard and his father, still fresh in my mind. I remember the suffering my mother went through at the hands of his mum. All of it has been quickly forgotten and now he has the gall to ask me what I want. I swirl the liquid
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Chapter 8: "Are you lying to help your husband Luna Sophia!"
Sophia’s pov. I couldn’t get his phone number. The thought of that keeps me awake and gives me a sleepless night. I couldn’t get his freaking number! Doubts begin to voice their thoughts in my head like demons out for blood. Is all that Violet said true? Have I become a shadow of the woman I once was? I should have been able to get more than his phone number. He’s the illegitimate son of the Spineridge Alpha, there should be something on him. Something I can use. Something I should have gotten my hands on so I could contact him yet my investigations only turned up futile. Even the bar… I got someone to investigate the bar yet the owner isn’t Caelum Highrise. It’s someone else. The sun peeks through the curtains with me wondering what path my life will take from this moment onward, but I decide I'll handle that as it comes. Today’s the day of the press conference. Everything’s already being set up, I have to mentally prepare for it. Sorren looks at me strangely when we cross
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Chapter 9: "Are you crazy?"
“Luna Sophia! Luna Sophia! I’m from Highrise Daily. We’re finding it hard to believe the authenticity of your words. Can we get some added reassurance you’re not covering up for the Alpha?” I walk. “Luna Sophia! Luna Sophia! We all know your marriage with Alpha Ulric has been riddled with complications, Is this yet another one you’re trying to hide?” I walk even faster. “Luna Sophia! Luna Sophia!...” The voices of the reporters echo in my head and they slam with the force of a headache. I signal to my guards because my chest is heaving, my breath is shuddering, I feel so suffocated right now I think I could pass out. My walk morphs into a near run when a report flows into my head from the head guard. More reporters are on their way. Ulric is behind me, his steps relaxed and casual as he smiles. He turns back frequently to look at the reporters, almost like he wants to gloat at them because he knows he’s free now. His cheating claims have been cleared. “Luna Sophia! David from
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Chapter 10: "I didn't mean it that way."
I pause. I pause and I blink so hard it’s like I got picked up and slammed back into my body because “What?” Ulric’s brother is staring me down when I turn to look at him and anger churns in my heart as I ask. “Are you threatening to expose me to your brother? To tell him we had sex? Seductive baby blue eyes stare back at mine with an unreadable look in them and I feel the heat in me turn to something else. My desire goes cold immediately and I scoff. He must think I'm foolish. If not foolish, then something close to that if he believes I'm going to succumb to his threat. I chuckle and turn back to face him fully, leaving the door handle and wearing a slight smile on my face as I ask, “If I'm hearing you right, what you mean to say is that you will tell on me, to my husband, Ulric, who has been cheating on me for almost eight years now? That’s who you want to report me to?” I can feel the anger trying to leak into my voice but I decide I won't let it. If he’s going to report m
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