Lycan Twins’ Mate

Lycan Twins’ Mate

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"We, I and Zayn will never hurt you, El" Zayden breathed as he held me close. "Yes, Zayden is right, I can never be a douche bag like your scum ex-mate!" Zayn added and I laughed. They are my mates! "Mates!" ******************* Elvira Ashenpaw had been the Luna of the Shadowed moon pack for three years. Having been married to the Alpha, Archie Knox, she is bullied and mistreated because of inability to bear a child. Finally, she gets pregnant and is happy to share the news with her mate, but she unfortunately finds him entangled in bed with another woman who claimed to be pregnant for her mate. Elvira engages in a fight with the woman out of anger and eventually loses her pregnancy. Now she is done with the marriage and seeks a divorce. She leaves the Shadowed moon pack in hopes of starting a new life, but she eventually crosses part with the notorious Lycan twins of the Moonforest Den. They realize she is their mate, but she is reluctant to accept. Now they have to win her over and fight all the obstacles that comes in the future. Will they succeed in winning her over? And will they be able to fight off all the obstacles?

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I love the twins and I'm invested in the book already, more updates please..
2024-04-01 19:06:17
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Delinda Schumacher
97 chapters 3-21-24
2024-03-22 03:08:03
user avatar
Amazing. Interested in reading what happens next
2024-02-21 15:47:35
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Divah Dave
Hooked already, can’t wait to see how things turn out for El
2024-01-29 16:26:43
129 Chapters
Chapter 1
*****Elvira's POV*****"Congratulations Luna, You're pregnant" Jaxon said to me, a smile on his face as he patted my back.I blinked at the information that had just been fed to me.I was pregnant?Really?"Jaxon, are you telling me the truth?" I asked hopefully, eyes shining as I waited for his reply.He smiled in return and gave a firm nod. "Yes El, You're pregnant, the pack would soon have an heir" he repeated and a tear slipped from my eyes. This was like the best news I ever heard for the past three years I had been married.No, it was the best news I ever heard in my entire life.Being barren for three whole years wasn't something I would wish for any woman out there, or even any Luna out there.Because I had been unable to bear a child, I was looked down upon, treated like a slave, a maid and every other lowly mistreatment that would be given to an omega.It was so bad that even a lowly Omega in the pack had no respect for me.I was degraded and treated like a fool.So the new
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Chapter 2
*****Elvira's POV*****"Archie!" I yelled in shock and Archie just paused from his act, he lazily glanced at me.He didn't look sorry or anything remorseful as his eyes landed on mine.Those eyes I had fallen in love with the very first day I met him and found out we were mates.Those eyes that looked lovingly at me each time we looked at each other Two years ago.Those eyes were glaring daggers at me."Couldn't you knock?" His cold reply came.He pulled away from the woman and sat up straight, "I won't appreciate you barging in on me that way" I laughed in surprise."Archie, it's me, Elvira" I said, pointing at my chest. "Your Luna" Archie snorted, "Yeah, right. We should bow to you, right? Just cause you're theLuna?" He asked me sarcasm evident in his tone. I shook my head in denial, running a hand through my hair.Was this Archie?"Archie, you're with another woman on our bed!" I yelled again, trying to speak some sense into his brains, and he just winced."If you scream one mor
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Chapter 3
*****Elvira's POV*****When I woke up, the pains from my stomach had disappeared. But the pains in my chest knew no bounds.The very thought that I had lost my unborn child came as a shock to me.A child I had waited so long for, only to lose it because of the very man I called my husband.Archie was really a heartless and good for nothing man.All he knew how to do was rant about being an Alpha and bring in someone to beat his wife up.The door to the bedroom was pushed open just then, in walked Archie with a file in his hand.I turned to glare at him, his face reminding me of my present condition.To be honest, I was done with this marriage.I just didn't want to be married anymore, not to anyone or even Archie."So you were pregnant and you refused to let me know?!" Archie suddenly growled beside me, but I ignored him.He could rant all he wanted and I wouldn't even budge."F**king Answer me!" Archie yelled again and I turned to glare at him."Did you give me a chance? I asked for
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Chapter 4
*****Elvira's POV***** Two weeks had passed since I got divorced from Archie.I tried to build my life from scratch, aiming to live like nothing ever happened.But it wasn't that easy.Each time I remembered the struggles I passed through and how I had ended, I always felt tears build up in my eyes.And right now, I was tearing up again at my workplace.After I told mum everything, she had told me to move on in life and not dwell on the past.Though my father was far from happy.He was so angry and almost disowned me because I had gotten divorced and ruined the life of power he felt he had.He didn't even care that I was abused and I lost my pregnancy, he only cares about power and benefits.Daphne afterwards found me a job at a restaurant.The restaurant was the biggest in the city and had top elites of the city visiting it day by day.I liked the job, it was a perfect distraction from life struggles, but I still couldn't deny the hurt I feel each time I see couples come into the re
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Chapter 5
*****Elvira's POV*****We soon arrived at the expected Moon forest Den, But not at the packhouse.The party was held in one of the hotels belonging to the Moon forest Den Alphas; The Lycan Twins.The entrance was buzzing with both the elites of the city and some other people I couldn't actually recognize. Not that I recognized anyone though.Thankfully, the invitation Daphne had, got us into the hotel after the valet took our little car.The valet looked very stuffed in Daphne's car and I had to pitifully shake my head inwardly for him."We're finally in! I can't believe this!" Daphne squealed in excitement as we made our way deeper into the party grounds.I had expected a party where teenagers would be filled all around, but I was wrong.There were elderly and other Pack Alphas as I recognized.The Lycan Princess was very influential to know so many people of such caliber.."What do you expect when she is a Lycan princess? It's normal for her to have lots of friends." Dahlia let out.
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Chapter 6
*****Author's POV*****The Twins stared at the woman before them, with wide eyes. They mouthed the word mate, but actually it was their wolves calling out to hers.She looked so pale and frail, any word to describe a weak looking wolf. Not that Elvira looked like an Omega, but she also didn't look strong either.Being the most feared, most wanted and most hottest men in the city, they deserved someone powerful at least.Someone who was worthy to stand by them and not look like a damsel in distress.Elvira looked nothing like a strong wolf and it turned the twins off in some way.Zayn, being the eldest and calmest of the both, just sighed and turned to move in another direction.Zayden gave El one last glance and followed his brother as they went to find their sister.Honestly, they didn't hate El, but they didn't like her either. She might be their mate, but she wasn't in the least attractive.Zayn's Lycan, Loki, growled at him for leaving just like that."Isn't this what you both a
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Chapter 7
*****Elvira's POV*****Daphne just stared at my face after I said those words to her. My tears couldn't stop falling amd I just couldn't figure out why.Yes I really didn't want men in my life, I don't need mates. But the look the Twins gave me and how they just ignored me as they both made their way to the opposite directions, hurt me more than anything bad that had ever happened to me.They gave me a look as if I was some worthless piece of trash they happened to be unfortunately matched with.Though I wouldn't reject them because ofthat look they gave me, but i still wouldn't accept them.But did they have to look at me that way?Did they have to act like I was some worthless item?I felt hurt for some reason.The twins didn't even look like they were ready to accept me. They looked like they hated the mere sight of me standing there as their fated mate.Dahlia finally spoke up after a while of silence, "El, don't be mad, maybe they just weren't expecting to see you yet" she tried
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Chapter 8
*****Author's POV*****"Aww man! I can't believe I lost to you again!" Zayden groaned as he tossed the spear in his hand to the floor. He collapsed on to the field grass as he shut his eyes to shield it from the sun.The sweat trickling down his forehead gave him an alluring look as he breathed out heavily."That's cause you've been so distracted ever since we began," Eric, Zayn and Zayden's Beta said as he sat beside the sulking Zayden.Zayden had never lost to Eric ever before, but today seemed exceptional as Zayden kept missing his targets and ends up getting hit by Eric.At first, Eric thought maybe he was becoming stronger, but then he noticed the look that continuously flashed in Zayden's eyes each time they began another round of fighting.He immediately knew Zayden was distracted or else, his ass would have been kicked."What are you thinking about?" Eric asked him as he drank water straight from the water bottle.Zayden stayed quiet for a while, just staring at the clear blue
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Chapter 9
*****Author's POV*****Zayden starggard as those words rang in his ears.Mates?The same pretty lady from the party tried to kill their mother?Zayn's face was frozen over as he stared at Zayden's shocked ones. This had been his exact reaction when Elvira was pulled out from the kitchen as the one who served his mother when she arrived at the restaurant.The shock on both Elvira and Zayn's faces was palpable.Elvira had tears in her eyes as she just stared at Zayn at that time.Because of the stupid mate bond, Zayn couldn't do anything to her and felt pity instead.He directly took his mother to the pack's infirmary, then headed home afterwards.He just couldn't do anything to her because of the mate pull.Zayden finally snapped out from his dazed state and directly looked into Zayn's eyes."Are you sure of what you're saying? That woman tried to kill our mother?" He asked, his deep voice becoming extremely low and terrifying.Zayn nodded slightly and the atmosphere became suffocating
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Chapter 10
*****Elvira's POV*****"Elvira? You?" I saw the look of surprise flash in Erika's eyes as she pointed her index finger at me.I gulped down the lump that formed in my throat, my hands trembling at these sudden problems.What happened for goodness sake?! I was happily working this morning when the boss said there was an order at table 16. I arranged the order and placed it aside to get a package from the back door. I returned to find nothing strange around the meal, waving at the others as I carried the tray off the counter, I made my way into the Vip center to serve table 16.The lady at table 16 was nice and beautiful. She spoke politely to me with a gentle smile as I served her, but never once did she show any sign of discomfort. So I was extremely confused when she suddenly began to cough hard, even to the extent of passing out.Now, I'm being interrogated like some criminal. I already explained the entire thing to the pack's police and Daphne.Daphne understood and believed me, b
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