Lycanes and the eternal blood moon

Lycanes and the eternal blood moon

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Jade was the only Lycan of a nomadic herd of southern Europe in 1800, she was rejected for being a Lycan, her grandfather was the alpha of the family and decided to sell her to be rich and get rid of the problem that generated him to have her around. Jade managed to escape from the ship that was taking her to an unknown place. In her escape she arrives to the city of the moles. There she meets Jhon, a doctor who recently lost his wife. He helps her heal the wounds she got running through the forest. However, he falls in love with her and almost a year later they get married. However, a blood moon covers the night sky of Europe for several months. Attacks on humans occur and they begin to blame the wolves for this. However the ones responsible for this are the Lycans who get out of control of the blood moon. However, a meeting is ordered with all the wolves of the continent to try to stop the wave of attacks, however, Jade will have to reunite with the family that hurt her so much and relive her traumas for this situation, will she forgive them?

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27 Chapters
It was the time of 1785, there were many movements of people to various countries of the world, and wolves were no exception. There were small packs of no more than 30 individuals. At that time, the females married wolves from other packs to vary the breeds and to survive the strange diseases that appeared.The White Moon pack was the smallest pack in the southern European continent, so called because of the white color of their fur when the moon rose.In their human form, all had blond or black night, most had black eyes, very few had blue eyes, and there were only 15 members. A single wolf had thirteen children with the same woman and her fourth grandchild left the whole pack cold, at first everyone thought she was an alpha when they smelled her scent, but they were surprised as the hours passed.Denis, a tall man, with a white beard and blue eyes, and a rather serious look. He was the alpha of the pack, he didn't hesitate to clarify the situation."She's a fucking Lycan" He said wi
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In the middle of her escape, she walked between mountains almost naked through a place she didn't know. Her only feat was to become a wolf and free all those girls, but she was adrift and did not know where to go. He just fled aimlessly for several days without eating anything but fruit from some remote trees in certain areas.When he finally arrived at a road of mud and stones, he stayed there to rest a little, he could start a life again, but he did not know where he was. Perhaps the people of this place did not even speak his language and he would feel uncomfortable.From the place where she was she saw what seemed to be a city, but she was afraid because she was not wearing a proper clothing, just a kind, a towel on top that was too dirty, even though she washed it every time she saw a river. She was afraid that people would treat her badly. She hesitated to go to that place, but a chariot was coming from far away.Jade stood still and tried to wait to see what would happen. She j
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Blood moon
Ten months passed, Arturo changed a little the way he saw the girl, he spied on her on several occasions, he only waited for the moment to ask her to marry him, but he was ashamed.Jade learned English thanks to Jhon's employees. In addition, she learned to control her powers and to stay in her human form in front of others, but her feelings for that man began to appear and become strong.In the short time she could be alone with him, she tried to get close to him, but he responded in an ambiguous way. He kissed her hands and kissed her forehead as if he felt something, but he always said the same phrase."Wait a little", "Not yet" He would get her hopes up, but he was not able to tell her anything concrete. He would sometimes go to the room and tell her things about his travels that he wouldn't tell anyone, but Jade couldn't stand to be like this. She decided to go talk to him and propose.Jhon was writing something at the time and saw her come into his office. He thought she was goi
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The king
The next day, Jade woke up next to her husband in the second floor bedroom. They were both in the bed with red sheets. The girl avoided waking her husband, but she noticed that he was a little tired and smelled of some disinfectant liquids, and she also felt that his breathing was a little weak. As if he had been busy all night. She decided to let him sleep peacefully in that place. However, he heard screams through the streets of the city. He got out of bed and looked out the nearest window of the room. He saw many people crowded outside the house. There were some fences that had recently been installed by Jhon's decision. They were made of iron and were almost two meters long. They had been put up for security. More people who were conglomerated in that place grabbed the bars and almost shouted trying to get in.At that moment, one of the employees knocked on the door of the room. "Knock, knock."Jade got out of bed and went to open the door.One of the older maids was bringing bre
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Upon returning to the house, Jhon and his wife got out of the carriage that was bringing them. However, they saw a man walking towards them. It was Arturo, the apprentice who worked a few months ago as the doctor's assistant, he looked a little bad, he had longer hair and a badly manicured beard. "What are you doing here, traitor?" Said the Jhon to him."I came to apologize to you, I made a mistake for telling the royal guards what happened, they forced me to talk.""Don't come back to this house. Because of you they may kill Jade Get out of here!"Jhon was very angry, his wife took him by the arm and tried to calm him down, she didn't want him to fight or get agitated, she saw him very upset. His look was kind of scary and reflected that hatred.Arturo left the house a little embarrassed, avoided looking him in the eyes and ran out, but he generated a bad atmosphere in that place. The doctor had about 7 people working in his house, 4 maids and sometimes 3 nurses who came every day t
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The next day, Jade woke up in a bed with obvious wounds on her body. The girl tried to get up from there, but her husband stopped her."You can't stand up, it's a precaution. That beast hurt you last night, even though you're a Lycan, your wounds aren't going to heal completely in two days.""What beast?""Don't you remember? Yesterday, you transformed and chased another Lycan.""I transformed?"She stood up a little to ask about what happened, and got hurt."Ouch.""You came in with several injuries and I carried you all the way here carrying you.""Don't tell me to get naked in front of dozens of people!""No, just in front of me, I covered you with a jacket and carried you in.""Jhon....!""Don't worry, I stayed with you all night, but the king demands that we both be there!"Suddenly, someone knocked on the door several times. Jhon pulled some sheets over Jade, since she was naked, and went to open the door.Standing in front of them was the alpha of the city pack. He was quite c
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The sun was radiant and inclement. It made the heat unbearable, it was almost three o'clock in the afternoon. The herd that lived there were further out of town, it was a kind of village, and they didn't get out much, but they were somewhat social with each other.The carriage left at the entrance of the place, knocked on the wooden door of the biggest house and a beta woman opened the door. Apparently she was the moon of the herd. The woman had frizzy hair and blue eyes, brown skin, round face and thin lips."Good afternoon" The girl said politely."Good afternoon, welcome."Jade felt a little embarrassed, she had never been in a place that wasn't her home, but place was very familiar, only it had a very human style with different decorations, vases, small statues, wooden chairs and tables with flower cloth, but with a forest smell."You are the Lycan girl you talk so much about? I am the wife of the Alpha of this pack.""You are very young.""Osvaldo's uncle's father was alpha of th
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The next morning, John got up before everyone else and wanted to talk to the king and find out everything that happened last night. He was so focused on his wife that he ignored everything. He decided to walk to the castle alone, he looked quite happy. He wanted Jade to rest and feel suffocated by his love. However, he ran into the alpha of the pack. She wanted to avoid him, because of what she found out recently, but he followed."Doctor I waited. I have to tell you something.""I don't have time, I must go to the castle.""I apologize for what my son did to your wife, I didn't think he had those intentions, but it won't happen again, Oscar never know how to approach her again".Jhon didn't understand much of what the man was telling me, but he remembered how Jade treated him yesterday and how she hugged him and the intensity they had yesterday.The doctor went crazy, imagining that the guy tried to molest Jade or did something else to her. His mind went into chaos, he imagined a man
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At noon, the king met with his advisors and Jack, he made clear his position on what they would do. All the guards guarding the wolves and the doctor's house were to be investigated without them knowing, for now they would do nothing to them. The girl had given them information about some traitors who were in the pack. There was very little time left to capture the culprits of what happened in that city.Meanwhile, in another place, the doctor isolated himself from everyone and thought about what to do to wake Jade up. They had already removed part of the drug that had kept her like that, but he didn't know if she would wake up. He was naked on the floor, totally angry. He didn't know what to do, or who to blame for what happened. He remembered the son of the alpha of that pack. He felt that he was partly to blame for what had happened. His intervention in their love life caused him to leave her alone. She became very angry and punched the wall of the room she was in. Until her hand
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The herd
The next day, in the afternoon, Jade and John walked to the kingdom. The doctor no longer cared about people whispering or giving them dirty looks, although he was a bit tired, he had continued having sex last night and in the morning just to make Jade feel better and regain some of her body's mobility. She still wasn't physically well, and even transforming into a Lycan wouldn't get her back on her feet quickly. Many people were still looking at them because of what had happened in the last two days, but in a different way, at least they were more understanding of the situation.Jade was a bit embarrassed about what she did a few days ago, she preferred not to look anyone in the eyes, she just did what her husband asked her to do. When the couple arrived at the castle, they saw a doctor talking to one of the royal guards. He was a rather old man, with a white robe and a cap, he had a white beard and blue eyes, he was somewhat short, and with an elongated face, and small lips. He tu
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