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Moth and Flames is an unusual love story between Alex, an orphan and Eva, a 500-year-old vampire. When Alex is accepted into St. Normans' he sets off on his journey to fulfill his dream of becoming a scientist, full of hope and aspiration.He finds love and acceptance that he had craved all his life in his friend Aaron and his family who welcome him with open arms.He is very hopeful UNTILL Eva turns his world upside down. She drives him to the edge insulting him one moment and helping him in the next.Alex plunges himself into investigating Eva's background but nothing can prepare him for the discoveries he is about to make.Fiery Flames destined to burn,Burnt itself too in return,Hypnotized by the lure,Of selfless love, unconditional pure.Toiling and fighting for each other,Standing tall in frosty weather.They tread through the bloody seas,But destiny is hard to appease.Will one day by creator's magic?Bring a change in this destiny tragic!Love of Moth and Flames; ideologic,Is fulfilled defying all logic...

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default avatar
I absolutely love thissssssssss
2021-03-02 23:37:23
user avatar
the blurb is exciting😍cant wait to read.
2020-12-24 23:53:07
user avatar
My every single coin was worth it. The book is written beautifully.
2020-12-02 10:42:10
user avatar
intriguing blurb as in wow😍 thank you author for written this book..
2020-11-25 21:12:38
user avatar
Intriguing blurb... will definitely give this a read.
2020-11-22 22:58:40
user avatar
Did I say I love how cool Eva is? Ahh it makes me want her to be my friend ?
2020-11-13 20:50:01
user avatar
Midnight Shines
It's really an amazingly well written book
2020-11-09 18:27:20
user avatar
I will be definitely reading this one!
2020-11-09 18:00:39
user avatar
Rehana Siraj
commented in the chapters. may be two and three. just loved it. this Eva reminds me of my Annie in her dialogues loved it.
2020-07-20 16:55:04
user avatar
Amazing! Well Done.
2020-07-14 22:53:47
user avatar
Absolute perfection! I love love love what I've read so far!
2020-07-14 22:34:54
user avatar
Chibuzor Victor Obih
This is incredible!
2020-07-14 02:02:05
user avatar
Ebony Rose
the synopsis draws you in wonderfully and they first chapter grips you enough to ensure you want to read the rest. enjoyable and worth it
2020-07-11 06:27:11
default avatar
Great story! ?
2020-07-11 02:13:38
user avatar
Carolyne C
I am going to enjoy reading this
2020-07-09 23:08:03
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72 Chapters
ALEX's POV“Where have you been Alex? Mother Lily is waiting for you in the Common hall.” I heard Zarina’s sweet and shrill voice as soon as I got out of the study room.“ Mother Lily is here! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” I started walking towards the hall but Zarina’s comment stopped me in my tracks.“ Go get dressed first Alex. You are still in your pajamas.”“ Do I have to?” I said with a groan. I never understood all this ado about dressing up.“Of course not. I wouldn’t mind some excitement.”Zarina’s eyes shone with mischief as she said this. I loved her like my sister but she was known for being mischievous. It was best that I got dressed.I gathered my clothes and went to the common shower room for boys. It was nothing much. Just the type you would find in hostels. Two rows of cabins with no much furnishing apart from
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EVA's POVI roamed around the forest glad that the silly humans kept out of the forest. So I could move about at my own pace without worrying about shocking someone. I finished running the perimeter of the forest in a few minutes. I wished that I could go further but Emily had strictly forbidden it.I sat there idly on the rock. Suddenly a tempting smell assaulted me. There was no doubt that it was a human being. What was a human doing in this forest? Did he not fear for his life?I had to ensure that he never came back to this forest again. I would have fun scaring him to death. I followed the trail and reached behind the human in moments. I intended to push him down but this human was more aware of his surroundings than I thought. He sensed my presence and turned around. I moved away before he could even turn fully but that is not the point.I let out a gasp when I saw his face. It was Audrey. How was that possible? He had died 500
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ALEX's POVThe sweet twittering of the birds pulled me out of my deep slumber. I felt so cozy and serene. I sat up and stretched my arms. Taking my surroundings in, I realized that I was in my hostel room. Last night I was so tired that I couldn’t appreciate my room.The walls were newly painted unlike my room in the orphanage which had the same whitewash since the time I had come to live. The bed here was soft and cozy. I had a wardrobe all to myself but the irony was that my clothes didn’t even take up a shelf. The room even had a study table with a pre-set computer.How did I get so lucky?The room was undoubtedly grand as per my standards but I was more grateful for the peace and quiet the room offered. In the orphanage I slept with 20 other boys. The mornings were utter chaos with everyone trying to get ready. This was the reason I always stayed up at night and studied and slept at daybreak.Though I liked that it
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ALEX's POV“ Come on Alex! Don’t be such a spoilsport. I am asking you to come with me and do mountain climbing. I am not asking you to murder someone.” Aaron pleaded.“ I have never done mountain climbing Aaron. Moreover I have assignments to do.” To be honest I was a bit scared of heights but I wasn’t going to admit that.“ Did you not tell me that you loved to look into the eye of the danger. Now don’t chicken out. Mom has gone for her weekend conference. She won’t be back until tomorrow morning. If I go home now my sisters would drive me crazy with their makeup and fashion talks.”“ What about my assignments?’“ Oh! Come on. You have 15 days to submit them, Alex. One day’s fun is not going to impair you.’We had been arguing like this for the past 30 minutes. Aaron was damn persistent. I knew he wouldn’t give up. So, rath
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EVA's POVI had vowed to keep my distance from Alex but destiny seemed to have different plans. I was sitting near Audrey’s tomb when I sensed that someone was in danger. I usually ignore such sensations. I believe in letting human beings sort out their problems themselves.However this time the sensation was too strong. I decided to check it out. Following my instincts I reached Mt. Eros. I looked up to see what the danger was. I watched in horror as Alex hung precariously on the ropes. Then the ropes snapped and he fell.In the heat of the moment I rushed and caught him in my arms. I felt drunk on his tempting fragrance. I bent down to inhale deeply but right at that moment Alex opened his eyes. Realizing my folly I immediately set him on his foot and darted away. Thankfully Alex hadn’t seen my face. It would have been difficult to explain my presence to him.I stopped running only after I reached Dixonville. Eric and Emily
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ALEX's POVI found it difficult to understand how someone could be so rude. I had just wanted to thank her. I was completely crushed and I felt my ears burn as I watched my savior get into the car without even blinking her eyes. She had no clue how her words had cut through my heart like a sword. My fantasy was shattered. I didn’t want to stand there even for a moment. I turned around to leave but accidentally stepped onto something hard. This made me stop dead in my tracks. Picking it up I realized that it was a mobile phone. I hit the home button hoping that it wasn’t broken. The screen lit up immediately and the name Eva Dixon flashed on the screen. I liked the name, Eva, short and sweet. My savior must have dropped it while getting into the car. I decided to go to her home and return her phone despite her arrogance. I couldn’t ignore the fact that she had saved me once. First, I had to find out where she li
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ALEX's POVI still had an hour before I would have to get ready for college. So I settled for a short nap but before I could drift off to sleep someone knocked at the door.I let out a groan. Who was at the door so early in the morning? I threw away the covers in irritation and went to open the door. My irritation vanished on seeing Aaron at the door.“ Hello Alex!! I hope I woke you up.” He said with a chuckle.“ No I was already awake. You didn’t disturb me.” I replied nonchalantly. It was technically true just that I had not slept a wink.“ Oh! No! I missed the opportunity.” He said with a disgruntled look.“Come on, get dressed quickly. I want to take you somewhere.” He commanded without any explanation. I got dressed up and locked the door. I knew there was no use asking him anything. He liked being cryptic.He took me to the third floor of the recreation wing
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ALEX's POVAaron and I had decided to go to the gym every morning. So, I waited for him outside the door but he never turned up. After a while, I went looking for him. I found him in the boxing ring. He was hitting the punching bag as if it was his worst opponent. He panted with exhaustion and his shirt stuck to his skin, drenched in sweat. His face was contorted with such fury that he could have burnt everything in his path.I had never seen Aaron like this before. What might have turned the easy-going friendly boy into a furious monster? I shuddered at the thought but I had to ask. He had always stood firm on my side. Now it was my turn.I grabbed the swinging punchbag with my hands. This forced him to stop. I asked in anticipation, “ What happened Aaron? Why are you so furious?”He threw the boxing gloves away and grippe
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EVA's POVI felt so terrible after what I had done. I was filled with self-loathing. The moment I saw the light in his eyes die and his face turn expressionless I felt my heart shatter to thousands of bits. I was tempted to take back my words and explain everything to him right away but I controlled myself and sprinted into the forest. After turning a few rocks to sand and ruining a section of the forest I calmed down enough
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500 gm of PLUTONIUM
ALEX's POV“ Hello, Buddy!” Aaron said clapping on my back. He had joined us as the props manager but he spent most of the time chatting with us. Thankfully Alice had arranged more students to handle the props.“ Aaron, you are late. I feel that I am the only one serious about the play. Eva has not arrived too. Anyway, have you made arrangements for the balcony?” Alice ranted exasperatedly.
Read more Protection Status