Mafia's Arranged Princess Bride

Mafia's Arranged Princess Bride

By:  Kerry Kennedy  Updated just now
Language: English
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Lucky isn't ready to be married nor is she interested in the arranged marriage with Mafia Don, Nico Santangelo. But he has a contract out on her father for the marriage or he will have Lucky's father killed. He is a man who always gets what he wants and nothing will stand in his way. He is richer than any man and more powerful than any other Don has ever been. He rules the underworld of the New York Crime Scene and this alliance between his family and Lucky's mafia family would mean he becomes the King of New York. He doesn't care for a wife especially not Lucky but he needs her and it eats him alive that this is the only way he can be King of New York and he will do whatever it takes in his power to make that happen. Lucky is strong willed, she is fierce and not a docile dove he can easily manipulate but Nico Santangelo is not scared of a challenge, he will have her eating out of his hand and tamed if it is the last thing he does. Besides, when he is the King of New York and her father dies eventually, he will no longer need this woman. He isn't prepared, however, that he could fall in love with her.

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29 Chapters
Chapter One
LuckyI can see him glaring at me from across the room. His piercing blue eyes with those long dark eyelashes that frame them, look like they could bore right through my bones. What I can’t believe is that we’re sitting here at our supposed engagement party. Me Lucky Gianluca the youngest of the Gianluca family, being married off to him.Nico Santangelo is nothing but a killer, a man who has more money than you could possibly imagine and all from ill gains. He is the head of the Santangelo Cartel since his father passed away from a heart attack just six months ago. Since then, well since then everything, literally everything has gone to shit.“Hey, you eyeing up your fiancée?” I turn to see my best friend in the entire world, Mia smiling at me, her hazel eyes full of love for her bestie. Her dark bob hangs to her chin, the kohl around her eyes makes her look like an exotic oriental woman.“Not on your life, him?” I laugh. “Give me a break, he means nothing to me.”“Yeah, but you have
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Chapter Two
NicoAlexander my best friend stands next to me knocking back neat whiskey as if it’s going out of fashion. Someone needs to have a word with him, and he has his eyes on the red head in the corner, the same one I want to take home with me tonight, push up her peach skirt and stick my cock between her legs.Damn Lucky Gianluca and the way she lifts her chin like she doesn’t give a shit about me looking at her. I’ll show her. Soon we will be married, and she is going to have to do exactly as I say. Not that I want to have her sexually, she doesn’t do it for me, but my cock seems to think she does. It hasn’t received the memo, yet that Lucky is effectively my enemy.I only want her for pure selfish reasons, to be head of an empire, the biggest and best yet in New York City, hell not even the mafia families of the twenties were as powerful as I am going to be once this alliance is made.No, I don’t give a shit about her, but she will be mine and I will have a strangle hold on that woman.
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Chapter Three
Lucky“That was quick my dear.” My father says as he rests his hand on mine when I sit back down next to him. His hands are now getting gnarled and the skin on top is crinkling some. It reminds me that life is not eternal and that one day I must face it without my father or mother in it. I swallow back the lump that forms in my throat.“He told me he didn’t need me right now. That man should learn to have some manners at the very least. He nothing but a cold hearted, son of a bitch.” Dad’s eyes open wide.“It will come, Lucky. Do not worry, he will turn once he knows what a charming woman you are, you won’t just be my princess you will become his too.”“It isn’t the life I’d choose though Papa you know that. I am doing this for our family.”“It is a sacrifice but if you don’t want to do this, then you mustn’t. Please don’t marry him if you don’t want to. I can accept the consequences; it is a life I chose although now I wish I hadn’t. I wish I had run off into the sunset with your mot
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Chapter Four
NicoWhy must she be so disobedient and why must she be so defiant? It is turning me on, and she is the last woman alive I want my dick to react to, yet it does and it’s aching inside my tuxedo pants. Surely, she can feel my arousal through my pants as I hold her close to me.“You can threaten me all you like, Santangelo, your words do not scare me. I know you won’t kill my father just to have the entire city. That is a cowardly thing to do. Why can’t you just be happy with what you have like our father’s were and our grandparents?”I watch as her full, red lips move. I want to crush her lips with mine, taste her and feel her tongue dancing and swirling around my mouth. Fuck it, I want to feel her sliding her tongue and mouth up and down my cock. I am raging for this challenging woman. They did warn me, my three brothers that Lucky Gianluca was not one to be messed with, that she has her own agenda when her father passes away and on top of that, they warned me that she wasn’t the sile
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Chapter Five
He has me in such a tight grip that I want to fight him, to barrel my fists against his chest but, yes there is a but. I can feel his ramrod, hard cock pressing through his pants. It sends a wave of heat from my core through my stomach and into my chest. I feel myself blushing as his eyes fixate on me. I snarl at him.“You’ll have to stick that in some other cunt later, Santangelo. You will never have me.”“Oh, don’t worry Princess there are plenty of whores out there waiting for me to slide inside them and when I do, they will moan my name, and scream for me over and over again when I give them one delicious orgasm after the other.” He is suave and sophisticated; his face gives nothing away. He talks as if he is ordering something off the menu not shocking me with his dirty, filthy mouth. And yes, I am shocked.I am young but not naive, but his mouth is dirty, yet it excites me. I feel my nipples pebble under the tightness of my dress they want to be teased mercilessly and squeezed.
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Chapter Six
NicoI am left irritated and angry. My jaw ticks. Some people are glancing in my direction, I glare at them my eyes narrowing. They look away, knowing it is disrespectful to keep watching me. I am the fucking Don, how dare they?“Nico.” I feel a hand to my shoulder. “We’ve got trouble. One of the casinos has been robbed.” I stare at my middle brother, Tony and clench my mouth so tightly closed that I can feel my molars grating. I run my hands through my hair. His dark eyes that he gets from our father are concerned, his eyebrows are furrowed and anger is also etched across his face.“How much? Which casino”“Three mill. Aldo’s”“Holy fuck. Who did this? I want them found now and I want consequences. No fucker steals from the Santangelo family.”“We’re looking into it.” I push him aside and stride to the other set of double doors, clicking my fingers are my protection detail to follow. Two burly guys with shoulders broader than a football player in kit, open the door and go ahead of me.
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Chapter 7
LuckyThe music is thumping, and my hips want to gyrate in tune to the music. I need to shake this protection first, he is getting on my nerves. Honestly, I am not even married to Nico yet and he already has his men covering my every movement even though I have Nikolei, as you know I already sent him home even though he gave me that look that says, bad idea Lucky.Mia snaps her fingers as we sit on the velvet purple sofas upstairs in the VIP area, a waiter comes with a tray, wearing a velvet purple waistcoat, a white button-down shirt and black pants. I raise my eyebrows, he is handsome, not in the Nico kind of way but I don’t like Nico, I detest Nico he is just a rich scumbag in my opinion, but I am a woman, a wild woman, and I do like sex and it has been some weeks.Sure, I have my trusty vibrator, but nothing can beat the feel of a man’s cock plunging deep inside you. And what will I do when I am married to Nico? Exactly, he will not let me out of his sight and when he can’t be aro
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Chapter 8
NicoI do not have time for this right now, an errant fiancée who seems to think she can just give her pussy up to anyone. She knows she has to fit in with the rules, our women are not a free for all men. Lucky Gianluca needs to be put in her place, she needs to be taught a lesson. And on top of that calling me old. Who the fuck does she think she is?I know she’s wild, she has a reputation that proceeds her, she has always been difficult and run around with guys, it is no secret, even though her father locked her in a school for girls, it wasn’t that difficult for her since the boy’s school was only across from her.Did I notice her growing up? Of course, who wouldn’t with her long mane of dark hair that she has always worn long, those emerald eyes of hers, that are like pools you could drown in and watching her grow into a woman with a body that makes men come to their knees and lust after, is sinful. I will not be that man.I may have had some nights where all I could do was think
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Chapter 9
LuckyYou would not believe it, but I have never been to Nico’s house before, simply because he is old fashioned which suits me just fine, and believes that his Queen to be will not be in his bed until the wedding night. For a man like him it is laughable don’t you think? I mean who lives by those kind of out-dated rules anymore?Only, now in the early hours of the morning with a full moon gracing the dark sky at night, the car pulls up to large iron gates, they are imposing on each wall to the sides are lights that offer me a glimpse of what is to come. The driver presses some keys on a pad on the dash and the gates swing open. Inside are two men one on each side, dressed in black, they look built like brick walls, broad shoulders, mean looking faces and dark eyes. They make me shudder. A man who needs this kind of protection is a man who has many bad things going on. Like I don’t already know.I throw my head back against the car seat. “What’s up Princess? I thought you wanted to se
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Chapter 10
Nico This impertinent woman is going to be the death of me, why I am going to so much trouble to even consider marrying her is beyond me, only I need the alliance with her family, and she is the only daughter of the Gianluca family. It has been my dream and passion to be The King of all of New York and if I have to put up with her shit, then so be it. Sooner or later, she will bow down to me, she will beg for me, I will make her surrender. I watch as she climbs the stairs and move aside for her to move past me, I notice how her hips move from side to side, is she fucking taunting me? I wonder if she is doing this on purpose, shaking that luscious ass at me. I clench my fists by my side as I follow behind her into my entrance hall, it’s large and circular with a domed ceiling hand painted by the best artists in the world, a blue sky with white clouds, cherubs adorn it. She looks up and gasps. The large crystal chandelier hangs down above the centre, in front of us is the sweeping iron
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