Mafian Hero

Mafian Hero

By:  Ceejhay Jones  Completed
Language: English
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...." Should I stop?" his deep husky voice asked sending shivers down my spine. His hands , leaving trails if goosebumps all around me. My breath hatching...I couldn't say anything...I couldn't do anything, only to be overwhelmed by this pleasure. He chuckled and whispered," I told you, you're all mine, and mine only..."

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Really enjoyed this book. Could not put it down. I hope you write a sequel.
2023-06-20 01:22:44
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Delinda Schumacher
44 chapters 4-17-23
2023-04-18 09:11:21
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Ellas house
I love the plot twist, the book is giving ...
2023-03-23 19:27:37
70 Chapters
Pfft,its just a girl Martins
His Pov."How many more hours till we arrive,I'm already tired for God sake" Martins groaned.I rolled my eyes."How about a sixteen minutes, and it'll be quicker if you just shut it for a second" I said without taking my eyes off my phone.Then ,the car began to slow down,I looked up and we weren't anywhere near my empire."What's going on?" I asked."I'm sorry sir,I think the car just broke down" my driver said getting out of the car to check the engine.I sighed,"Great,now the vehicle just broke down in the middle of nowhere, this day can't get any better" I said sarcastically."Let's switch cars then, we'll follow the convoy, they'll call someone to come fix this one" Martins said getting out of the car.I rolled my eyes and got out of the car too.The other vehicles surrounding me had stopped too."Any problem sir?" my chief body guard asked coming down from the car."Well apparently the vehicle stopped" I said.I looked around,we were literally in the middle of nowhere, only tal
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Back to the woods
His friend tried to talk to him to at least hear me out,but he wasn't interested,he just left.I didn't really care tho,I was used to rejection,it's not like it's anything so special.All I just wanted was food, at least something sensible to eat."You can go take a shower in the room you were in before, and there are some clothes in the closet,it was a ladies room before" his friend said before he left.I went back in there and found the bathroom... can't remember the last time I used something like this...I was used to taking my bath in lakes and seas pretty early in the morning.When I was done, I found some comfortable to wear,I could run in these anyways.I sat on the bed and started thinking of where I was gonna stay after I leave this place.I couldn't leave the country because Mario has put all his security guards on every entrance of the country.I was stuck in here running and hiding.If I can just leave the country gate,I'm safe . I'll be able to find another place and sta
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That's a stupid way to die
I exhaled walking through the little city. It was a beautiful place honestly,I'm surprised that kinda jerk owns this place,I mean how can he be able to pull this up?Oh well probably an inheritance from his daddy.I walked passed the fountains, the gardens, everything here was perfect. This whole city was perfect.This was just how my father's Empire was like. Everyone lived happily and peaceful, life was all rosy...all until Mario's attack on our city...all until the war.I wished everything would just go back to normal,I wish I would wake up one day back in our Empire,the empire that I was supposed to take over rightfully...but that's all an illusion.... now I just have to survive and stay alive and away from Mario.I approached a small hut and saw these two kids fighting over a baseball...I remembered when my little brother and I use to fight over irrelevant stuffs and my mother will always tell me to stop fighting and show more love.Now I wish I can even get to see my brother...
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chef Bella
It was a quiet ride back.Too quiet...I was lost in thoughts of my own, unaware of what was going on around me.This Man.... he doesn't want me around.It's too Clear, he's only doing this probably because of his friend.I'll have to least until I'm out of the country.And let's just hope this plan works out perfectly well.I'll come back for my revenge on Mario.I stared outside the window clutching the seatbelt pretty tight.I sighed, my life is a beautiful misery.Then,he came to a halt and the city gate opened.This place was beautiful, especially at night.We drove all the way up to his mansion and then the vehicle stopped.He was the first person to get out and walked away without looking back,not even saying a single word.I got out slowly and looked around,a bit nervous."Come with me" his friend said.And I did.We went up all the way to the room I stayed in before."Make yourself comfortably, they're clothes in the wardrobe if you need any" he said.I nodded."Uhm
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His povHow many more days before this girl gets out of my house again? I don't know!!!I don't know,but I can't trust her.I just can't.I can't just meet a random stranger and then give in to her sympathy!!What if this is all a trick and she was an ally to one of my enemies...!!"Dude, there's someone here to see you" Martins said standing at the door of my office.I looked up from what I was doing and saw her.My heart skipped a beat....No wait,not like that.She's wearing her clothes... again.I thought I asked Martins to do away with those clothes that it holds too much bad memories!!I exhaled and sat back more comfortably on my chair."What is it?" I asked.She started drawing abstract stuffs with her legs on the floor.I stared at her legs...she was just wearing this gown that barely covered her exposed thighs.... very tempting.I rolled my eyes and ran my hands through my hair."Are you gonna say anything or are you just gonna stand here and do nothing?" I asked getting imp
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My dad owns this empire,yours has nothing
His povShe cleared her throat."Anything wrong?" she asked." sure am I that you can do this?" I asked.She freed her hands from mine slowly."Well, my dad was always coming home pretty late at night from...I don't know,I think a fight or two and I was usually the only person awake, so I helped him with that" she said coldly."Why? insomnia?" I asked."Uhm,well not really...I was just a pretty light sleeper" she replied.I passed her the piece of cloth.She took it from me and came closer and slowly dabbed my cut..It came off with a sharp pain, and then it all went away.My eyes unconsciously wandered to her as much as... you know how am I and all...not showing emotions... yeah, I've gotta admit.She's really beautiful.Her eyes were the same color as mine...her lashes very much long, her nose pointed, and her lips... having a pale color of pink...full pink lips... very much tempting.I snapped out of it immediately.The fuck is going on with me?Her f
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Danger was only a sign
Her pov"Thanks for going for the stuff at Ana's school for me today" I wished it was Diego telling me this....but it was Martins.I nodded."I'm guessing you deliberately skipped it, didn't you?" I said with a smirk."You attended it, you saw how boring it was, I mean who wouldn't want to run away from it" he said.I giggled."I was struggling not to sleep, although some parents didn't even mind, they just effortlessly put their heads down and went to Disney Land" I said , he gave a small laugh."Oh yeah, and he class room teacher asked me to extend her greetings specifically to you" I added with a wink.He rolled his eyes and groaned."Another reason why I'm grateful I didn't go, I mean you need to see the way she aggressively flirts with me, it's annoying" he said not so please.I started laughing, loosing up a little."That's funny, I've never heard you laugh" he said calmly.I blushed."I haven't laughed in a while" I said."Thanks" I added.Then, the car pulled up on this parkin
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We approached the event building and my heart beat increased tremendously.It's been years since I last came here.I swallowed hard and tried controlling my breath.I sighed.Diego is doing me a favor of getting me out of this country....the least I can do is this.I felt a small squeeze on my hand...It was Martins.He noticed I was tensed.He gave me a reassuring smile and I nodded.The vehicle stopped.The door swung open and Diego and Martins stepped out..They were the center of attention for the moment.Everyone started taking pictures of them and screaming their name.Diego stretched out his hand and I took it.I got out."Remember, don't look intimidated, intimidate them" he whispered to me.I nodded and got into the spotlight.Everyone froze in shock...Yes...They didn't expect it to be me...Diego, Martins and I walked in boldly into the hall.As soon as we walked in, everyone froze.For solid 5 seconds, not a word was made.Then the hall bursted into intense chattering and
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The fall of the Hampton's empire.
Her pov .....................................................The sound of an explosion jerked me off my bed and I found myself running out of my room, towards the hallway. I met my dad and mother at the stairs."What's going on?" I asked, panting."We are under attack, it's Mario, quickly, you and your mother should get your brother, use the back gate and get out of this city, don't look back, don't turn back!" he instructed."What about you? you're in danger too?" I asked."Don't worry about me, I'll finish this off on my own, your safety is my concern now run off before you get into trouble, quickly" he said.My mother grabbed my hand and we began running, we bumped into my younger brother who looked terrified. My mother didn't wait a second, she grabbed him too and we both ran out through the back door and out of our house.Everyone was running, both young and old, bomb blasting everywhere,. we managed to get some people to follow us, and some of our
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Late night talks
"I know... I've been a really... like... I've haven't been so nice to you and all, I mean well that's actually how I am and all but, meeting the only survival of Mr Hampton, I'm supposed to be at my best behavior but, I had trust issues and...I didn't know you and... maybe if you had told me from the beginning .....""It's okay" I stopped him from talking any further.I looked up at him and locked eyes with him."Look, I understand, I'd do the same, you can't just bring a stranger into your habitat and all, and I was scared of telling you because I thought maybe you could be a friend to Mario or something, I was just scared of being captured again""Friend? to Mario? that man is my enemy, I don't want to count the amount of times I've had issues with that old hag and how many times he has instigated useless war that I choose to avoid, I hate that man, I despise him, he disgusts me" he said with hatred in his voice."And all this time I was filled with insecurities" I said shaking my he
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