Seducing My Ex-husband

Seducing My Ex-husband

By:  Spencer  Completed
Language: English
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"You said, 'I love you' yet you cheated. Are you taking me for a fool?" Who would have thought that once upon a time, Helga refused to sign a divorce paper and beg for her husband's love. But on the day of their anniversary, she found him, standing with his eyes close...with a woman kneeling on the floor.

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53 Chapters
Kapitulo 1: A Woman's Heart
"I'm sick with you, Helga. I want divorce! Divorce! Can you not understand that? Let us just stop this.” The man paused, containing the bubbling anger down his chest, but he failed, “Let us be done with this misery, because I'm done with you and I cannot take this anymore!" Tears streams freely down my lashes. His stabbing words hurts my heart over and over again, like a never ending knives aimed directly at my soul. Piercing it like a maniac administering a glorious torture, it hurts. How many times did I heard him say this? Two? Four? Five? I lost count. Am I disappointed? It was not a new scene, after spending a year with him; disappointment was never a foreign feeling. I know what he wants, and I perfectly understand what he meant. Yet, my stubborn heart refuse to comply and will rather seek the comfort of blind oblivion, than abiding by the rule of common sense. Every time he brought this up, I can never force myself to agree. It was in vain, for my chest would feel stuffy an
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Kapitulo 2: A Wife's Tears
"You're awake? How can you sleep all night on the cold floor? What, don't tell you want to experience lying like a pig?!"   My bloodshot eyes met with a woman's pair of worried orbs. The confusion and mist that shrouded my brain was swept away. Through my stinging eyes, splitting headache and numb body, for the first time in a while, my heart jolted.   Scenes from last night played before my eyes. Propping myself up from the floor, I whispered, “Patricia…”   I do not know why both corner of my eyes suddenly became hot. Seeing her familiar face. Her familiar warmth. The warmth I crave for a long time. A sob escaped my lips.   "Patricia, he wanted to divorce me. What should I do? I don’t know what to do anymore, nothing seems to work. Help me, please? I cannot afford to lose Martin. I can't live without him!"   Maybe because it is her, Patricia. In her presence I found an ally in h
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Kapitulo 3: The Other Woman
Gritting my teeth as I forced the pain shooting from the sole of my foot at the back of my head, I turned my back and speeded towards the door. I do not want to hear what Patricia wanted to say, I don’t have the courage to face the worry flickering inside her eyes.   From this instance, I knew how much of a coward I am.   Chasing the thought away, my mind wanders towards a man’s doting silhouette from my memories. Releasing a deep sigh from my lungs, my grip on the paper bag tightened. Inside lays the lunch box I prepared for my husband.   I hope he will like this.    Just then, the four-wheeled vehicle came to a halt. Mustering a sweet smile on my lips, I straighten the wrinkled part of my skirt –from sitting on the seat- before heading towards the front desk.   Martin works in an entertainment company as a manager. He was always busy. So, sometimes he tends to forget to ea
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Kapitulo 4: Wake-up
I feel weak and sore. My body feels very heavy. As if, a huge boulder was pressing against me. I cannot even move a finger without feeling discomfort. What happened? My eyes frantically scanned my whole being.   Just then, the disturbing memory of my weightless body thrown into the window, flashed before my eyes. It appears that I forgot to wear my seatbelt.   I-I am...okay?   The white ceiling and the smell of disinfectant calmed my panicking spirit, yet my brain was churning fast that my head ached.    I tried to move my limbs up, to bring it within my field of vision, but a groan escaped my dry lips. I held back a gasped from the sudden stabbing pain that comes from my stomach. I barely moved but it hurts a lot. There is also a stinging feeling that is running all over my skin, it feels really weird and uncomfortable.   "Stay still."   A light an
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Kapitulo 5: Break Free
I wake up feeling the warmth atop my belly. My eyes automatically settled in my stomach only to see a small kitten curled up into a ball, peacefully sleeping. Chasing my sleepiness away.   My lips twitched.   "My little ancestor you even used me as a bed. Where is your master?"   Finding myself silly, a soft chuckle escaped my lips. Cats does not know how to understand human language, or at least they cannot communicate using the same medium. Nevertheless, they look so cute especially when they tilt their little head whenever I spoke to them.   "You look so peaceful, I feel jealous."   I carefully leaned against the headboard. While making sure that I will not stir the cute kitty awake. My fingers unconsciously stroke its fur. Just as I expected it was soft and silky. It is very nice to touch.   Just as I was enjoying the peaceful moment, the door suddenly is
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Kapitulo 6: Painful Kiss
I peered at Martin's ring finger through my lashes. The ring that symbolizes our union is missing. It was gone and someday he will place another ring for another woman and she would not be me. Thinking about that possibility made my insides twists in a futile protest.   A man would only remove his ring when they saw someone better. And, maybe he did with Nadia.   Martin's ice-cold face remained stern. As if, he never gives a damn about everything.   I trace his brows, to the corner of his light green eyes using my shaking finger. These orbs used to look at me with love. Once upon a time, I am the only woman who can enter in this pair of eyes. It used to linger on my bare self. Never leaving me, how can that change so fast?   I put my hands away and place it on my lap.   Those times turned into a sweet yet torturous dream. I felt empty.   Tears after tears qui
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Kapitulo 7: Let's Cheat Together
The night after that, I faced Patricia.   I cried for the whole night together with the dark as a company. She knows how broke I was. She witnessed how I attempted to starve myself thinking; everything was, but a dream. That it will end but the pain reminds me that I am deceiving myself again.   "We're done. It's all over, Patricia."   Nevertheless, I never once saw any pity in her eyes, which I am thankful for. I was consoled by her mere presence and patience.   Every time I broke down and doubted myself, she will just articulate, "It’s okay. You tried your best. There is nothing to regret about, so there will be no need to put your make-up on every day."   I nodded and convinced myself that she is right.   I have done everything just to make him feel that I did not want to end our relationship. I told him that we could stay together forever until our h
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Kapitulo 8: I love You
My eyes are glued at the mole under his right eyelashes. Martin's face has a tinged of pink that made his usually sharp feature a shade softer.   It was as if he was a completely different person.   At that very moment not a single word was heard, his single word rang like a broken record into my mind. Like a lost, wonderer trapped inside a beautiful illusion. ‘Wife.’   A silent fire of passion started burning in my veins, breaking my newly found wall that I created for my aggrieved heart.   In the brightly lit room, only the sounds of our deep intertwined breathing can be heard.   As if the one word that, he said made all the uncertainties and pain that built a home inside my chest, crumbled, and flew out the window. Only leaving a deep sense of longing. On the other hand, maybe I am making a fool of myself again.   Darkness was slowly enveloping the city wi
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Kapitulo 9: The Secret
"Hey, are you okay? What are you dazing there for? Thirdy is already looking for you downstairs. May I remind you we still have a schedule to follow, girl?"   I blinked and turned to Patricia who was now frowning in front of me. I raised my brow at her and cheekily smiled.   "Oh, sorry, I just remembered something suddenly. By the way, are all the necessary documents ready? Have you told, Tita about this?"   "Yes, so get your ass up this very instance because we’re running late!" Patricia neck shrunk as her face disappears behind the door. However just as I was about to continue my business, Patricia’s head once again poked into my room, "Are you thinking about him again?"   "Pat, I've already moved on. Besides, it has been a while I have already forgiven him. Even if I meet him, I would not even remember his face. I have Thirdy now. He's enough."    The corner of my lips ho
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Kapitulo 10: Death
I have no idea how I got home. Nor do I know how I managed to drive back home safely. It was as if I could no longer control what I am doing, like a puppet, depending on a puppeteer’s to move.   'Martin died, Helga.'   Only those three word keeps on flashing inside my mind. Like a broken record it was endlessly playing. Tormenting my slowly collapsing soul.   After all the pain and trauma, deep inside I am still yearning for his warmth. I still want to see him, feel him.   However, those three words shattered my hopeless wish.   I absentmindedly took my cellphone when it rang. Patricia is calling. The phone vibrated three times before my finger unconsciously took a slide across the screen.   "Helga, we have arrived!"   Patricia's happy voice came from the rectangular device.   "That's good."   "Th
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