Marked by the BEAST

Marked by the BEAST

By:  Reynang Elena  Ongoing
Language: English
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Living as the rejected Luna, how long would Aisha handle the pain caused by Duke—an Alpha whom she loved the most? Will it take long for her to stay? Or will she choose to escape from the pain he constantly inflicts? Can she live a life without her other half? These questions keep lingering inside her mind while trying to find answers; however, she chooses to set aside all her inhibitions and pain and focus on becoming his Luna, even if it means unrequited. Countless rejection Long nights of crying and bawling Endless times of feeling unloved. Aisha Elara Kensley came from a wealthy tribe of one of the pioneering tribes in the north, Caroline, the wife of Duke Collin. A brave woman that would do everything for her husband to love her; the man who despises her so much; chose and promised to stay by his side, for she believed this man would eventually change for the better. Duke Collin; the only son and heir of the Collin tribe, an Alpha without Luna, who believed was alongside with Kensley tribe for the longest time, destined to marry the only daughter of the Kensley tribe; both tribes we’re almost like families, and sealed the merging of both family through the wedding of both parties. Duke hated the two facts; him marrying and uniting with the woman he never loved, taking away the freedom he had worked out for years. Duke will do everything he can to make Aisha’s life—the chosen Luna become a living hell. Can love sprout between them? Will Aisha’s effort and constant reassurance will make Duke move? However, Aisha, growing tired of chasing Duke, brings her to the pit she was avoiding; for the moment she stopped running, Duke; the beast—had marked her.

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4 Chapters
Aisha immediately stood up as she noticed her husband stepping down the stairs well-dressed and in a hurry,"Where are you going?" she asked as she got near him."Why the hell do you care where I’m going, huh?! Mind your own business!" coldness and anger is visible as he spoke those words."I just want to know what time you'll get home," Aisha responded.Without any second thought he came closer to her, holding her chin carelessly. "You want to know where, huh? To fuck other women; you don't need to know what time I'll be back. Do you understand me, woman?" he shouted and released his wife from his grip.Aisha can still feel how tight his grip on her chin; she is indeed hurt by what he does but the woman wasn’t doing anything; for she was taunt by the hope of changing him. Duke’s hand was long gone but she can still feel the pain on her face, when Aisha released herself from the reverie, she stumbled near the sofa as her tears continued to stream on her pinkish cheeks."What kind of d
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Chapter 1
I woke up from the sound of my stomach growling, without a word; I stood up from lying on my bed; my face was a little hurt from the incident earlier when I saw my reflection, a big purple bruise. I sighed and held my cheek, and started to heal myself. My mom and dad were fascinated with my gift for healing, but it wasn't extravagant; like the doctors from our tribe, I could heal simple wounds or, like mine—Bruises. I took a glance at the wall clock near my door, ten o'clock. I overslept; I must have been tired. I looked outside to check Duke's car; there were no traces of him, which made me feel disappointed, this wasn't the first time that this had happened, but the feeling and thought of him receiving pleasure from a different woman apart from me made me feel useless. My eyes started to get blurry again just thinking of it, and tears began to flow again. Honestly, I don't know what I should do for him to hear me; I've done nothing far from the stone he keeps throwing at me. All I
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Chapter 2
The following day, Aisha woke up late; she could not sleep right away after leaving her husband’s room.Aisha excitedly stood up and wore her slip-on before exiting her room; her lips curled up, forming a smile, and she held the doorknob, but the woman froze, hearing familiar and heart-wrecking noises.“D-Duke! Ahh, Ahh, Fuck baby, Yeah, that’s it! Fuck me harder. Oh, shit.” a loud woman’s voice echoed to Aisha’s ears.“Oh, scream my name bitch! Cum with me.”Her heart was tearing apart gazillion times, watching her husband having sex with someone else.She came back from her reverie when she heard footsteps near the door. She swiftly walked back to her room and pretended that she didn’t know what was happening and that she had just woken up from bed.The woman just looked at her and clung even more to her husband’s arm, who didn’t care if she was there.“Who is she, baby?” the woman asked Duke.“Don’t mind her; she’s just a steward,” Duke replied.“Oh, I see,” the woman said, followe
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Chapter 3
Duke was currently sitting on his swivel chair, and in front of him was a pile of papers he needed to approve; after marrying Aisha, Duke’s parents gave him the company as an inheritance and wedding gift. Annoyance and boredom start to take over his system as he sits and stretches himself; the board meeting is long over, and going to the bar at this hour may be too early, or having a woman to spend the night with. Most of the women he bedded show interest and motive. They want to be taken by him. He also thinks that he would go to the bar or be with his woman rather than go home early. Seeing Aisha’s face, he doesn’t want his day ruined. He couldn’t stop but get angry, knowing that he was tied up to a marriage he had never dreamed of because of her. He also thinks that Aisha planned everything because she feels for him. If this is what Aisha wants, then she will never succeed. Duke stood up on his chair and walked near the window glass of the office where he could see everything, th
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