Married for Revenge

Married for Revenge

Oleh:  Davis  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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When it was time for Amelia Stone to begin her own family, the worst happened and she lost everything she owned. She finds life useless and meaningless. Her beloved parents rejected and turned their back on her and she felt cheated out of life. On the verge of ending her life, distraught and depressed, a beautiful stranger, Ethan Blackwood stopped her before she could kill herself and promised to hand her everything she lost back with a side of revenge on a very tricky condition. A contract marriage. A revenge plan and a partnership is born. Will this blossom into love? Will she continue on her quest for revenge or will she forgive her sister and parents?

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Monica Robejes Cadenas
exciting.. pls unlock chapters
2023-08-06 23:04:00
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Onyekachi Otumchere
Great read.......the chemistry and the twist is mind blowing
2023-06-17 00:15:37
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Chiekie Victor
You're doing well....keep updating
2023-06-15 19:25:52
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Chiekie Victor
Nice read..... it's intriguing
2023-06-15 19:23:30
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Delinda Schumacher
68 chapters 6-13-23
2023-06-14 04:22:26
user avatar
Chinenye Chiekie
Great read....keep it up. When next are you updating?
2023-05-29 17:02:00
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Chiekie Chisom
Great novel. When are you updating next?
2023-05-18 15:48:42
user avatar
This story is very interesting. I can't wait for the update. It always make my day.
2023-05-13 02:50:38
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Lesedi Gidwa
love this book when do you update
2023-05-13 02:33:19
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Enjoyed the book, but it had too much details (I don’t need info on teeth brushing). There were grammatical errors and some sentences were mixed with both third person and first person. There were inconsistencies in the story, like those obvious to anyone who travels on planes and know NY and LA.
2024-01-07 05:51:44
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Chapter 1
Amelia's pov I couldn't sleep the night of my wedding because I was so happy, my stomach bubbling with excitement and my head buzzing with thoughts. Luke and I were stationed in separate rooms as required but I found myself tip-toeing to his room at midnight. We were currently at the wedding hall in which our marriage would be happening later today so as to avoid any traffic. My face fell as I approached his room, I could make out faint noises that didn’t sound right, I opened the door a fraction and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Luke was on his back and my own sister was on top of him, and they were having nasty, disgusting sex. Their faces were red and sweat glistened against them even in the dark, he kept whispering nasty words at her and could barely control how high his voice went. They were so busy with what they were doing that they didn’t hear my sharp intake of breath or the sounds of my heart ripping in two. "I thought you said you loved me, why are you going ahea
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Chapter 2
Amelia’s povAt exactly 8am, I was woken up by my smiling mother and other people who I didn't recognise. I realised they were hairstylists and make-up artists later on. I was bathed in scented water and I was seated in my vanity. Then my hairstylist began, she flat ironed my dark curls which I didn’t like but Luke did. I wanted to protest but refrained to not alert suspicion, today would be the last day anyway. When she finished, my makeup artist stepped in before I could even breathe. She was giving me subtle nude makeup but then my mother spoke up; “I don't like that shade, give her bolder lips and eyes too, her her husband likes her looking outstanding.” My stomach twisted at her calling him my husband but it was the truth, he really did like me looking this particular way. By the time the makeup artist finished, my mom had little tears in her eyes as she stared at me through the mirror, she delicately placed the diamond necklace and earrings on me and sighed contentedly.“Yo
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Chapter 3
I woke up with a banging headache and muffled music playing around me. I opened my eyes slowly and remembered what had happened, a wave of sadness hit me as I stared down and realised I was still on the floor in my wedding dress. I tore the hem of it in anger and stumbled up, heading to my room to change into a tight, pale cream dress. I was supposed to wear this for the after party. As I approached the part where the wedding was happening, tears welled up in my eyes as I found Scarlett and Luke already married, seated at the love seat made for us, they looked happy together and my parents looked even happier. The after party had even begun, I wondered how they had found such a beautiful dress for her in such a short time. Perhaps she had hoped something like this would happen? My head was swirling, I felt nauseous. How could they have done this to me? Why was I so disposable? I turned away from them and let tears fall freely from my face, not minding if it ruined my makeup. I co
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Chapter 4
Amelia's povAs I arrived at the place I had always known as home, a pang of hurt filled me but I swallowed it down and paid the cab driver. I went up the steps of the front porch with all the hesitance in the world. But as I entered , I found them already waiting for me in the living room and a flicker of hope arose in my chest. “Where have you been?” My mother asked with an expression I hadn't known her to use on me before. “I left that place, I couldn't take it.” I said not meeting her eyes and she scoffed. “You couldn't take what? Everything that happened there yesterday was of your own making. You could have been a happily wedded wife but you chose to let your pride rule you and you refused to marry him.” She jabbed at me and I gasped.I choked back tears threatening to fall. “How could you say this mom? How could you blame me for all this? I never would have been happy in that marriage and you know it!” “So you chose to call it off at our expense! Knowing full well that th
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Chapter 5
Ethan's povThat night with the strange beautiful girl was one of the best nights I had in a long time. I had initially gone to the wedding because I needed to mingle. My board of trustees were threatening to pull out their investments and sell their shares which was going to be very bad for business. They wanted me to settle down and produce an heir, someone of my own blood and grooming who would handle things when I was gone. I wasn't a very social person. I wasn't particular about getting married so soon. But I knew they weren't bluffing, they were serious about their demands and while I was the richest young man this city has ever known, it didn't mean I wouldn't be affected if they all turned against me. So I agreed and that was why I was at the wedding in the first place. I came conveniently late when the after party had already begun and decided to scavenge for a woman I could make my contract wife. I was about to leave-most of the ladies there already had partners- when
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Chapter 6
Ethan's POVI have developed a likeness for her, so much that I can't wait for the marriage contract to be signed.Amelia is so innocent and I doubt she will hurt a fly. The way she cried the last time when she said her traumatic experience to me still hurts. How could they have done all of this to her? How? I was too dumb to have noticed she was going through a lot that night. I arrived late at the venue, afterall.I almost feel bad for taking her that way the other night. I want to take back the hands of the clock but I can't. I know I enjoyed every bit of the heat but then, it should not have been that way.Something romantic and sweet would have sounded better. A side of me is happy I didn't get to see what had transpired at the wedding venue. If I had seen every bit of the disheartening scene, I might end up punching Luke in the face.Not just Luke, I would also hit Scarlett so hard in her stomach that if Luke ejaculated inside of her the night before, it would gush out. My pit
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Chapter 7
Ethan' PovI left the house this morning for work. I was in a hurry and I did not get to see Amelia before leaving the house. I had stopped for a moment at the door of her room before leaving, listening carefully to be sure she was still breathing. I know she would not do anything funny, I just have to be sure.My daily routine is wake up, have my bath and take some tea before heading to my office until evening time before I can head back to the house. I am in my car alone, driving to work.My driver is on leave at the moment, he pleaded with me for a quick leave days ago. He had given me a good excuse to be away and I am merciful enough to grant him his request.I drove my car by myself, carefully, avoiding potholes on the tiled road. Government officials are working already by this time. I arrived at the gate leading into the compound of my property, honking for the company gateman to open the iron jar for me to drive in. He opens the gate and waves at me."How are you, Peter?" I
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Chapter 8
Luke's POVAfter my wedding to Scarlett, I paid a certain amount of money into my In-law's account.Our deal was to have one of their daughters in exchange for my help. I had chosen Amelia and she, in return, chose me. My new in-laws have been on my neck months before I started a relationship with Amelia, asking for money to settle a certain man they were owing.I am not a person who gives out money in such a way without any exchange for something. I mean, it would be a different thing if I was asked for a loan, and not help. If I give a loan to someone, I would give a time frame with an interest request attached to my deal with them. However, the case is different from the Stones. I did not want to give them a loan, besides they would not have the money to pay me back, so I asked for what I wanted. Amelia was the woman I wanted amongst the two women the Stones birthed. Her dumb behaviour at our supposed wedding ruined everything I should have with her.At first, I was embarrassed
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Chapter 9
Ethan's POVI had just arrived from work today. My lawyer did not show up the other day with the marriage contract documents. I was exhausted from today's work. I was paid a visit from some influencers and investors who live within the country and a long meeting was held.Luckily, Robert was not amongst the men who had visited and I am glad he wasn't. I did not want to face him for now, until everything had happened.I rested my head on my car seat, gathering strength to park and get down.I parked my car at the lot to walk into the house. I perceived aroma coming from the kitchen and I was used to Amelia's cooking habit.I understand that she is bored at home and wants to keep herself busy.I was happy there was homemade food today and I was also excited because I will feast on a scrumptious meal. "Good evening," I greeted her while I sat on the couch in my living room. She looked like she was waiting for me, I came back quite late today. "Good evening," she greeted me back, smili
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Chapter 10
  Amelia's POV One thing I have not expected all my life is to be married to one of the richest men in the states. I have seen this happen in movies and other foreign countries. At the same time, I never thought I would have such an experience for myself. I always wanted a fairytale life, yes. But never have I assumed marriage with a very rich man, someone average like Luke and not Ethan. These past years, I have heard about the Blackwood generation from the internet. I remember vividly the main owner and CEO of a company dying last year. I couldn't remember well but I know I heard that his only son would take over. Ethan Blackwood was the name I had heard people say over the news. How could I have thought I would get married to him, on contract? It simply means I would be a part of his wealth since I will give him a child, a son. It is unbelievable.&nbs
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