Marrying Her Off

Marrying Her Off

By:  FaithSD  Completed
Language: English
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Princess CARLOTTA - that was her name. Young, pretty, smart, and most importantly, crazy. She's not the regular kind of princess you must've read in books or heard about. CARLOTTA was always seen on the streets, playing, fighting and causing commotions. Go to the busiest places in the Kingdom. She's CARLOTTA, always found making troubles around - marketplaces, farms, just mention. When her father, King GABRIELLE had tried every possible way to tame CARLOTTA but all to no avail, and so he had to Marry Her Off to an heartless Master of the Lorenzo's Community—in thought that she'd learn her lesson and change. Master LORENZO, the man who kills without giving a second thought and had lost two wives mysteriously. ~ Let's watch it on how CARLOTTA got MARRIED OFF and becomes the Master's third wife.

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This is one of the most confusing stories I have ever read. Repetition of several chapters, introducing several characters without background info. It’s as if I was reading two different story
2022-11-30 20:55:57
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Mao Alatasi
Love the story so far…please finished it
2022-01-25 22:36:32
user avatar
I don’t recommend, it needs serious editing
2022-11-30 20:57:34
142 Chapters
"Carlotta, are you sure about this?" Ginevra asked in a whisper as they crouched behind the bush, looking left and right."Of course! Stop asking me" Carlotta replied in a husky whisper. "For the first time, I pleaded with someone not to report me to my mother, but the dump man still went ahead to paint me black. So, he needs to pay".Ginevra sighed, knowing she wouldn't be able to change her best friend's mind. Carlotta looked left and right again, and when she confirmed there was no one watching, she stood up and tip-toed out of the bush. Gideon's little house was right in front of her and his tables of fruits were well arranged, drawing her attention. Well, that was exactly what she was heading for. He was actually a fruit seller and she figured it must've taken him a lot of efforts to arrange those, but hell, she didn't care. He was a wicked man and needed to be taught a lesson. She got to where the t
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You're getting married!!
Carlotta paced to and fro in the room, feeling so impatient. She couldn't believe her father had locked her up in a cell!!!Not exactly a cell, but a room that looked like a cell to her!She marched angrily, her baggy dress swaying left and right with her Ahh! She was in trouble. Yes, she could feel it.But why did she have to bump into him anyway? Like... why did he have to ride through the market of all places and at that particular time? He just wanted to get her into trouble, huh?Urgh!! He was looking so mad at her! And definitely, he must've gotten to know she drugged the guards so she could sneak out of the palace. Oh!! This is really a mess! What is she going to do?Shortly, she heard the door opening and stopped walking, guessing it was him. Or maybe, her mother.She watched keenly as the door opened and unexpectedly, it was Hannah and Arbee - her step sisters Urgh! Seriously?
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Final Decision.
Carlotta gasped and looked at him. What the...What's he talking about?"What?" Her face crumpled up instantly. "I don't...I don't understand". Even her mother was looking patently shocked.  "You heard me right, Carlotta. Get ready because first thing in the morning, you're leaving for his mansion" the King answered blatantly, but Carlotta still wanted to let believe she was misunderstanding him. No; she definitely wasn't hearing him clearly.She looked at her mother who was shocked to the teeth, her eyes dilating."Father!" She turned back to the King. "You can' can't possibly be serious, right? I mean, this is not possible! You can't just marry me off to... to that Master? It's not possible!""Well, it's possible, Carlotta and it's happening tomorrow. Guards!"Two guards came scuttling in immediately. "Escort the princess to her room and make sure she stays in there" he o
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Master Lorenzo
Ginevra stood at the entrance of the hallway, still trying to convince the guards."Please..." She begged. "You have to let me in. Come on; I won't take long". "You're just wasting your time, Ginevra. No matter what you do, we aren't letting you in. The King has given specific orders not to let anyone - especially you - into the princess' Chambers" one of the guards replied bluntly and Ginevra gasped.Whaat?? The King had given such order??She fiddled with her nails and looked left and right. Oh! What does she do? She had been really worried about her.That was the first time the King had caught her red handed and she knew he'd be really really mad. So, she wanted to know what punishment he had given her this time around." about you just pass a message for me?" She turned to the guards and said. "Just tell her... I came to check up on her and... I'm really sorry for whatever punishment the King must've given to
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In His Room.
Sitting in the moving carriage, Carlotta couldn't stop thinking. And as they got closer to the Lorenzo community, and felt she was getting closer to her Nightmare.Good Lord! All the bravery she'd been feeling a while ago was beginning to dwindle, did down...How did she even think she'd be able to survive this guy in the first place? This strange cruel Master like she's heard?What would happen at night?Oh God! She didn't even want to think about it. What if he asks no! She'd definitely turn him down. There's no way she was getting intimate with him, not now, never!As soon as she gets there, she'd carry out her plans of making him angry so he'd divorce her. Yes - exactly!When she's made him angry enough and given him enough trouble, she was sure he'd send her parking home..Hmph.*The carriage was fast approaching the big gates of the community and as they did, Carlotta felt more nervous.Oh...
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Be careful when around him.
Carlotta flinched as the glass left her hand and crashed on the floor.Oh,good creators! She gasped. Why wasn't she careful?She lifted her eyes to have a look at the image in front of her - the man standing in front of her. And for a moment, she pondered: Was that the Master Lorenzo?He was putting on a long black robe, his hands crossed behind and his eyes actually glinted as he stared at the broken glass on the floor, then at her. Obviously...he was the one.Right?"How dare you be so clumsy?" He asked but Carlotta could hardly pay attention to him as she went on admiring his status.He looked so young, but heavily built. His arms were so huge like a warrior and she was pretty sure they'd display some veins if it weren't for the clothes he was putting on.His hair was curly and flopped over his left eye, His face looked calm, cold, but pretty dangerous and damn! He was dangerous!"Cole!" He suddenly
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Carlotta could feel her throat in her chest as she stared keenly at the wardrobe.What the hell was that?? What made that sound??Her eyes were nearly popping out of their sockets as she reached for a vest beside her and lifted it up. It was time for war."Who's there?!" She commended, her hands shaking with the vest in it "Come out now, or I'll kill you". There was another sound and she flinched. She was about running away when suddenly, a lady jumped out from behind with her fingers out."Yeah!" She gave a light scream, trying to frighten Carlotta more and Carlotta's jaws dropped when she noticed it was Ginevra."Whaaat??? Ginevra?" She called in disbelief and Ginevra laughed so hard at her."Oh, goodness! You needed to had seen your face, Carlotta! You were like a fat rat!" Ginevra said with a hearty laughter, but Carlotta was still surprised. "Hold on, how the hell did you get in here?"
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Her big butts were facing the air as she laid still and waited for him, but Lorenzo didn't make a move until he was done with his sword. Then, he took off his clothes and went ahead to join her on the bed. She didn't need to see his face as he screwed her and that was the reason she always laid her tummy each time they were having intercourse. And he also didn't need to hold her unnecessarily.Amel knew he was angry or having a difficult moment because that could be the only explanation for him sending for her. Lorenzo was a man of more war than pleasure and the only time he calls her for intercourse was when he was angry or worried and just needed a hole to let it out on. Due to how irritated he could be, Amel was the only lady he could have intercourse with because he couldn't imagine himself going deep into a different lady.Amel felt lucky sometimes, but she also knew it was just for dirty pleasures alone which she was being paid for.
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The Wedding.
Carlotta and Ginevra were both lying on the bed, their legs and arms sprawled apart as they talked and talked about a lot of thing. But shortly, their blissful moment was intrrupted by a knock on the door."Oh!! Who's that?" Carlotta half yelled as she sat up on the bed, feeling disturbed.The door went open afterwards and a guard walked in - Liam.Liam's brows arched in surprise when he found the strange lady in the room."Hey! Who're you and what're you doing there?" He inquired, placing his hand on his sword."Will you take your hands off that?? She's my friend!" Carlotta snapped and he relaxed. "Hold on; so you were really gonna use that on me?" Ginevra scoffed. "You must be a joke".Liam wanted to react, but considering they were ladies, he just restricted himself and went straight to the reason he was there. "Sorry to disturb you, princess. But it's time for the marriage rites" he said respectfully and Carlott
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Breakfast with In-laws.
Master Lorenzo was silent for a long while and Liam was beginning to wonder if he had asked a wrong question.Something in his guts wanted him to say *yes* so Liam would get the lady, but recalling how easily irritated he could be by a new contact, he changed his mind.So, without saying a word, he walked away into the bathroom and Liam took that as a *no*. *Next_Morning*Carlotta yawned and stretched on the bed and her hand ended up hitting Ginevra on the face."Ouch! What's wrong with you, Carlotta??" Ginevra shrieked as she pushed her hand away and sat up."Oh... Sorry doll" Carlotta said yawningly and also sat up. "Hmmmmm. What a bright morning". "Yeah. A bright morning for the newest bride! Anyway, I need to get ready to leave now. I'll be...""Huh? What're you talking about?" Carlotta turned to her immediately and asked. "What do you mean leave? Leaving to where?"
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