Mate To The Queen

Mate To The Queen

By:  Chris Kelley  Completed
Language: English
9 ratings
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**Sequel to Mate To The Dragon** Maia, Jaxon, and Kaine: three children borne to the strongest shifters in the world. It is known that one is a wolf, one is a dragon, and one is a hybrid. The children are said to be more powerful than both of their parents-with the right upbringing anyway. Lyza and Daerius will do anything to protect their kids but there's only so much they can train them for. And once mates get involved, things get so much more complicated . . .

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This was as good as the first one! Certain parts we’re definitely very unexpected & heartbreaking. Otherwise, good story & well written!
2021-09-02 02:05:22
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Simply AMAZING! Brilliant! loved every moment, every detail 👌💯💚
2021-06-25 03:30:27
user avatar
A Cyn Poananga
really good read
2021-06-11 06:36:55
user avatar
Mas A
Loved it! Werewolves, dragons, witches...all here! The author has captured all characters well and it was well balanced throughout the book. Would love to read a third book
2021-05-30 08:49:06
user avatar
Sherri Davis Mckelvey
i love this book so awesome
2021-05-21 14:06:08
user avatar
Chris W
Loved this book! Can't wait to read the third!
2021-05-12 10:05:47
user avatar
Nani Dabaluz
Holy hell.. your cliff hanger endings are the best.. can’t wait to continue reading
2021-05-07 12:47:27
default avatar
Love this series ❤
2021-05-01 12:41:44
default avatar
I truly hope there is another sequel in the making!!!
2021-03-27 09:49:51
33 Chapters
Chapter One: Jaxon
"Jaxon!"I wince at the sound of my mother screaming my name. "You are so dead," Maia taunts with a smirk.I toss her a glare before getting up from the couch and walking to my father's office. The door is already open."Jaxon how many times do I have to explain the rules to you before you actually start following them?" My mom growls, furiously running her fingers through her mess of curly red hair.I drag my hands down my face with a groan. "It was an accident—""An accident? Jaxon you know you're not allowed to shift during the day!" She seethes."I'm sorry, I lost control because Layton was pissing me off. But dad immediately had him sent to the Devil's Circle for confinement and no one else saw so it's okay," I assure her.Her fiery eyes search mine for several mi
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Chapter Two: Maia
I jerk awake to banging on my door. I sit up with a growl. "Whoever woke me up is going to die!" I yell, throwing off the silk sheets.The door opens and Kaine smirks at me. "Dad says you have training today," he says quickly then slams the door shut.I stalk to my connected bathroom, muttering curse words under my breath. I strip down and take a cold shower to wake me up. While I dry myself off, I stare at my reflection in the mirror.I look a lot like my mom, everything but my eyes and hair are the same. My hair is curly like hers but it's brown instead of red, and my eyes are also green but generously flecked with gold making them appear hazel.My brothers look like almost identical copies of my dad, all except for Jaxon's red hair and Kaine's dark demeanor.I hear harsh knocking on my door. "Maia get out of there!" Jaxon yells.
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Chapter Three: Kaine
"What the fuck do you want Jaxon?" I growl. My brother rolls his eyes and walks into the office. "The Ring is the most popular club in the pack, it's all I ever hear about. I'm really impressed with how much effort you've put into it even though it's technically not even yours," he says making me growl again.I stand up from my desk and push past him, walking out of the office. "Did you really interrupt my work just to tell me you're impressed?" I snap.I walk behind the bar counter and he sits down on one of the stools. I grab the clipboard on the wall and start checking the stock of liquor behind the bar. Out of the corner of my eye I see Jaxon sigh."Actually, I came to talk to you about Maia," he says and I pause."What about Maia?" I ask. As much as my twin sister irritates the hell out of me, I still care about her."Well I'm really worried she is going to find her mate next week. I mean mom and dad let her invite the entire pack
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Chapter Four: Jaxon
I watch Kaine walk away from his bartender growling under his breath. He storms through the crowd and disappears into his office.I look down at the glass on the table, half-full. I watch the condensation roll down the sides and drip onto the wood."Okay—either you're hammered or thinking deeply about something."I glance up at the beautiful blonde standing beside me. She raises her eyebrow at me."Maia turns 16 next week," I say.She nods and slides into the other side of the booth. "And you're worried that her mate will leak your family's secret?""Yeah."Taylor grabs my drink, quickly downs the rest of it, then makes a face at me. "Why the fuck are you drinking firewhiskey?"I shrug my shoulders. "I just can't stop picturing what would happen to our family if someone learned what shifters we are," I mutter."Well moping around here isn't going to help. Come on," she says. She stands up and grabs my hand.
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Chapter Five: Maia
I jerk awake when I feel my mattress bounce underneath me. My eyes snap immediately towards Jaxon sitting at the foot of my bed, a wide grin on his face."Happy sixteenth birthday sis!" He shouts, throwing his hands up in the air.I laugh, rolling my eyes. "Thanks, Jax, did Angel make breakfast?" I ask.He chuckles. "It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon so she made lunch; she knew you'd be hungry as soon as you woke up—well if you ever woke up." He suddenly reaches under my bed. "Anyway, mom wanted me to show you this."My eyes widen when he slides a large white box out. "How long has that been there?""A week, I think? They hid it under here cause they know you never check under your bed.""Yeah maybe I should start doing that," I murmur."Yeah, you should clean your room too," he says, glancing around. I frown at him. "My room is perfect what are you talking about?"He shrugs. "I'll let you open that, then meet
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Chapter Six: Kaine
"Kaine!"I let out a low growl and smash my head against the tree again. A loud crack echoes through the forest followed by a massive crash as the tree snaps.The scent of blood fills my nose making me growl again."Kaine!" my mother snarls."Leave me the fuck alone!" I snap."Calm yourself down! This is dangerous," she hisses.I take a deep breath and run my hands roughly through my hair. Lucifer is still raging but no longer threatens to take control."I can't do this anymore, he's impossible to deal with," I growl under my breath.My mother sighs. "That's why I've been trying to get Maia to take over. Once she does, we can go to the Devil's Circle and you guys don't have to be here anymore," she says."Has Maia shifted yet?" I ask.She shakes her head. "She won't until about 1:30 in the morning. And in the meantime, we need you to make sure my club is safe and she doesn't get in the ring.""Fine," I mutt
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Chapter Seven: Jaxon
There are times when I wish more than anything that I was an only child. This is one of those times."Your face is so fluffy!"I shake my head as Maia pats a flower bush, a stupid grin spread across her face. I feel nothing but embarrassment at the moment.Kaine is sitting on the ground, banging his head on the tree behind him. He looks just as ashamed of Maia as I do."Someone should take a video of this," Taylor snickers.I glare at her but she just shrugs. "What time is it?" I ask.She checks her phone. "1:31."I sigh tiredly. "She should be shifting soon.""I hope her wolf makes her less stupid," Taylor mutters when Maia starts whispering to the bush."I'm just surprised the pills and alcohol didn't kill her," Kaine says. He raises his eyebrow as Maia puts her ear to the plant and giggles. "Though I'm kinda starting to wish they had."Her hand suddenly flies to her mouth and Taylor quickly gathers up Maia's ha
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Chapter Eight: Maia
“Daerius something’s wrong,” my mother growls.My father looks at her with wide eyes. “What?”She shakes her head. “Mitalonys smells blood, wolf blood.”His eyes fly wide and in a split second both of them disappear out the door.Do you smell blood? I ask my wolf.No, you can sense everything I do. Remember your mother’s dragon is much more powerful than I am so do not be surprised when you find that there are many things your mother can do that you cannot, she tells me.So even with my wolf I’m still the weakest in my family? I growl.If you become queen of the wolves then you will be more powerful than your father, but dragons are stronger than wolves, they always have been and always will be.I growl. That’s not fair! With you, they were finally supposed to stop treating me like a helpless pup!
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Chapter Nine: Kaine
"Don't worry about your sister Kaine, she'll be fine. You need to focus on yourself right now," my mother snaps.I clench my jaw. "I'm fine," I mutter.She growls. "Yeah you're fine. You just mauled a wolf from the pack but yeah you're definitely fine," she snarls, throwing me a fiery glare before turning back to the trail."He deserved what he got," I spit.She stops dead in her tracks and whips around. The top of her head barely reaches my chin, but she radiates power. "I don't care if he deserved it, you lost control and killed a wolf Kaine!"I snort. "You're one to talk."Her face goes stoic but her eyes flare. Her fists are clenched, and I can tell she's trying to hold her dragon back. "Yes, I killed a wolf. I killed hundreds—I killed entire packs of wolves Kaine. But not once did I ever make an excuse, I took responsibility for every single life I took," she growls. "Now shut up and walk."***I watch the flames dan
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Chapter Ten: Jaxon
I still can't believe Angel managed to get through to Maia when even my mother couldn't. Though Maia has never really gotten along with her, so I guess it makes sense.Something solid hits my chest, jerking me out of my thoughts. "Yo dickwad! Are you going to just stand there all day?"I turn to my aunt with a glare. "Did you just call me dickwad?" I growl.She sneers. "Yeah. Why? Did I hurt your feelings?""What are you—nine?" I snap, shaking my head."On a scale of one to ten," she smirks.Maia's cackle fills my ears. "Oh snap—""Okay all of you can stop acting like you're immature pups and get back to training," a new voice chimes in.I look over to see Zella sitting on a pile of mats, her legs crossed underneath her. She looks pointedly at Angel who just scowls. "Way to ruin the fun babe."Zella rolls her eyes. "It's my job Angel. Now bickering like a five-year-old is not training s
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