Mated To The Twin Alpha Heirs

Mated To The Twin Alpha Heirs

By:  Blueink FCNS  Updated just now
Language: English
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Humiliated for almost all her life and then thrown out of the pack she had grown to call home, she didn't expect that fate could ever smile at her. Once a taunted girl, now an Alpha's stepdaughter. What more does fate have in stall for her?"Hey mate! Wanna play?"

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Blueink FCNS
Hello guys, thank you all for giving my book a chance, and sorry for the delayed updates. Bulk updates will commence this week, please stay tuned. .FCNS.
2023-12-05 00:36:47
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Has a great storyline! Can’t wait to read more ! Update please
2023-11-08 08:32:03
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Lia Cilia Munyayi
how often do you update
2023-11-04 12:52:57
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Margo E Newton
Good story. When can we expect an update? I notice that none of your 4 stories are completed.
2023-12-01 11:55:26
59 Chapters
Chapter One
I could not believe that the place I’ve known all my life. The place I called home was in few days no longer going to be mine. Ours. Mine and mother’s. I sighed sadly and wondered why life was the way it was — cruel and crazy. My mother and I did not deserve to be treated this way. We should have a right here, in this pack. This was not just a home, it was my pride. As every werewolf out there prided themselves on their root. It was every werewolf’s dream to be born in a pack, belonging to one, grow and make a life in one. Continuing the legacy of those before us. Alas, that was not going to be the case for my mother and I, and it was somehow my fault. No, it was all my fault. “The moon is beautiful, isn’t it?”I smiled at the voice even before I saw the face.“Yes, mother. It is.”I heard her sigh. The nostalgia that I heard from that exhalation of breath caused a deep pang of guilt in my chest. She was already missing this place even before we left.“I’m sorry, mother.”“What are y
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Chapter Two
“Good morning, mother.”“Good morning, Katherina”We gathered at the dining table for breakfast which I was not hungry for but would have to force down my throat so my mother would not be upset with me.“So, you’ve started packing?”She questioned, her gaze looming on my face as though she was looking for something. Maybe she wanted to see if I was alright. I plastered a smile and nodded.“Yes, mother.”“Are you sure?”“Mother, are we still talking about the same thing or…?”“Or what?”“If you’re indirectly asking whether I’m fine or not, yes I am.”I was the reason behind our leaving, exposing how scared and vulnerable I was seemed a bit selfish. I had to be strong for what I’d brought upon us.“Okay.”I gently stabbed a forkful of scrambled eggs, slowly bringing them to my mouth and chewed without even the slightest interest in the food.“I should be asking if you’re okay.”I said after swallowing the eggs that stopped at my throat, refusing to go down. It had mixed with the emotio
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Chapter Three
I was worried. I paced my room anxiously and quite roughly, almost wearing out my carpet. Where was she? Why was she not back? What was she doing? What if she had been abused physically? The pack members hated us and they had only verbally abused us, but what if they had physically touched my mother? The sun was beginning to lose its shine. Its beam was becoming dim, an indication it was preparing to go home. To make way for the moon to take over. Though the day was bright enough, it was almost evening. From my window I saw pack members returning home after a long day. I saw students too. I was no longer allowed to attend our pack’s school in like forever. I used to seat by my window and watch my mates walk with friends to school and watch them return too, it broke me and I got sick for many days and refused to eat, but I had to stop showing how worried I was because it made my mother feel depressed too. As I watched them laugh amongst themselves as they walked back home, I didn’t fe
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Chapter Four
“What?”Had I heard her correctly? Or maybe she’d said something else and my brain had made out something totally different from what she’d said.“He is my mate.”She repeated and went back to casually making dinner. I didn’t know how to receive the news. Initially, I had thought she had probably been ambushed and abused by the pack members but that was not the case which should be a relief to me and it was. Honestly, it was. But I had not expected this either. A mate? What mate?Salted chips momentarily forgotten, I asked.“What mate?”“What do you what mate? Don’t you know what the term mean?”“Of course I know what a mate means but you found a mate? How? No one in this pack wants anything to do with us, so how did you acquire this mate, mom?”“I’d keep it down if I were you.”“Sorry mom. I’m just overwhelmed right now.”“Your mother’s too old to have a mate, is that what you’re insinuating?”“Mom, you know that’s not true. You’re beautiful and still very much in your prime, but a m
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Chapter Five
“Dinner is nice”I complimented.“As was breakfast.”She replied with a smile. I noticed her smile was less strained and more genuine. Like it was straight from her heart. She was happy. She seemed so to me, at least. “Yes.”I scooped rice and chewed. I was not used to this kind of big change. It was overwhelming. Becoming a rogue had been painful and it hurt still but it had been somewhat bearable because I had my mother with me. Just the two of us. But a new family? That was drastic. I knew I’d resolved to not complain and be happy as long as she was happy, but certain emotions and thought were uncontrollable. They just pillage your mind without permission. They cajole you to look where you don’t want to. I was cajoled to think once again of this. We were going to have a home, not roam the forests or streets and live hopeless and destitute she-wolves the rest of our lives.“What’s on your mind, Katherina?”“Nothing.”“You can’t tell me nothing, not what that tortured look on your f
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Chapter Six
“What did you think he said?”“I don’t know. You’re the one who met him, he’s your mate.”“Where do you think we’re going from here?”“I don’t know. Has the bond been accepted by you two?”“Yes, Kathy. I told you we talked for long. Why else would we talk if we didn’t.”“I don’t know. I’ve not had experience with a mate before.”“And do you?”“Do I what?”“Ever think of having a mate?”“Yes, I do. I mean, I do want a mate, but I think it’s risky.”“Why? What’s risky about having a mate?”“What mate would want me?”“What’s wrong with you?”“You know what I’m talking about.”“Hey, mate bond is beyond any physical thing. It runs deep. I mean, very very deep. No one even knows the depth that thing runs.”“I don’t know mom. Let’s see.”“Don’t give up on yourself, darling. Someone who will love our will come. Your mate will come.”“And what then?”“And nothing. You’ll both live happily and have beautiful and handsome pups when the Moon Goddess approves it.”I shrugged. “If you say so.”“Som
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Chapter Seven
“How are you, Elize?”Elize? They were already on pet names basis? Was this how the mate bond worked? “I’m fine, David. Just tired.”“I’m sorry you had to carry that alone. You understand why I am unable to step feet into your previous pack.”Previous pack? Wow! This all felt like some dream, a very surreal dream. I could not believe Moon Rock pack was now a past to me. The past I should forget and move away from. But seeing myself standing there like a lost, tired puppy while my mom cuddled her mate made me realize it was real.“I understand. I did not even expect to see you here.”“I knew you’d have some heavy bags to lift, so I thought I’d come with two of my men to help.”Two of his men? His friends, probably. “That was so thoughtful of you.”Two men came forward to effortlessly pick our bags and loaded it in the car they had come with. I didn’t know this David mate yet, but I was grateful for his thoughtfulness. Even the one I’d carried on me was taken, no words spoken. Even my
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Chapter Eight
New family, here I come. Mom took my hand and we both went to where David was standing.“Are you guys done?”He observed both our faces. “Are you fine now, Katherina?”I nodded.“Don’t worry, they don’t bite.”He smiled kindly, and I returned it with a small, uncertain one of mine. He nodded and opened his arm and my mother put hers through the space and they were linked. The house was very big, it made begin to wonder just how rich this David guy was. One of the men standing outside the big door that led to the house, opened it and we stepped into it. “Welcome, Alpha.”Alpha? Who was the Alpha? Then they bowed and I realized who they were bowing for. David was an Alpha? Oh my goodness! My stepfather is an Alpha. Someone wake me up from this dream. This was too surreal. Was the universe trying to play a fast one on me? An Alpha? I tugged my mother’s cloth and my brow in questioning. She understood my question, she smiled and nodded a yes. My mouth went agape and my eyes went wild wi
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Chapter Nine
Who were these people? And what were they doing in my room? The four pair of eyes staring intently at me were making me uncomfortable. A quick glance told me that Melissa was nowhere to be found.“W..who a..are you g..guys?”I stuttered. Suddenly feeling naked before them. Though their eyes held no lust nor decadent desires, I was not used to boys finding me fresh out of shower, clad in nothing but a towel.“She looks harmless guy.” One of them said. He smiled at me and stretched out a hand. “Welcome, stepsister. I’m Lucas.”“Uhm.”Suddenly I wanted the ground to open and swallow me. I did not do well in situations like this and I was especially shy amongst guys.“You don’t want a handshake?”The one who introduced himself as Lucas asked, the cheerful smile still on his face. He looked very young. They were all young but he looked younger.Awkwardly, I accepted his handshake. “Hi.”“What is your name?”“Katherina.”“Katherina.”He repeated, testing the name on his lips.“Guys, say hi
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Chapter Ten
“School?”I asked. Already eager to hear. Was I going to be enrolled into college here?“Of course, that’s what an academy means.”Lucas seemed amused. He had seen the eagerness in that single word question and undoubtedly, in my eyes.“I know.”I berated myself for almost losing it. Behaving like some local girl who had never had opportunity to attend school. Behave yourself, Katherina. I warned myself.“You seem to like school.”Aaron said.“Yes, I do love school.”“Well, you’ll have your wish granted but don’t have your hopes up on having free years within those academic walls. You think high school was brutal, college is worse. Especially here in Stone Shadow pack.”Lucas warned.“I know first hand about brutality.”I replied.“Is that so?”Zach asked.“Yes.”I noticed the four of them exchange looks. I wondered why and what it was all about. I struggled to stifle a yawn, it was unsuccessful. I was tired and getting sleepy. The day had been rough.“You must be tired.”Lucas observ
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