Jamima was sitting on the ground where her car had been blown up. Her heart was racing for some unknown reason. She put her hand on it and felt it. She understood why things were the way they were.

She could not help but feel some familiar kind feelings when she saw him after such a long time, which she despised.

'I can't be like this; I still need to exact my revenge on him, so why, why these strange feelings after all this time?' It had never happened before and made me feel as if I had nothing left for him, but only I know how I felt today.'

She was trying to make sense of things when someone placed his hand on her shoulder, prompting her to look up to see who it was.

Danny was the only one who was looking at her with concern. When Jamima saw him like this, she sighed and said, "I'm fine, Danny."

He nodded, reaching out a hand to help her get up from the ground. Without saying anythi

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