Chapter 64


Having regained my composure, I finally took a much-needed break, a rarity in recent times. However, Jean's icy and threatening stare continued to haunt my thoughts, and his words persisted in my nightmares.

Following the tumultuous events, Jean, unable to suppress his anger, departed without providing any clarification. The uneasy atmosphere from the brief gathering would have overwhelmed me if Alastair hadn't done the same.

I rubbed my temples while squeezing my eyes shut tight. I was overcome with emotion as the snowstorm raged outside. This desolate place was becoming familiar territory for my former self, but that person was no longer here. Thoughts of being involved in such awful acts, the murders, tortured my mind. What if I'm to blame for this? If that is the case, is it too late to change?

After a prolonged internal struggle, I managed to regain my composure. Now was not the time to entertain such unsettling thoughts; my immediate concern was to escape.

I meticulously exam
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