Chapter 63


It took me a while to fully process what I had just learned. His words echoed in my ears, casting a shadow over every corner of my mind and emotions. How? How is it possible? A myriad of questions swirled in my head, and none of the answers I could conjure seemed acceptable. Could he really be my father? I used to believe it was the man I saw in my mother's memories—Leo. Honestly, I never anticipated Alastair's involvement to be this profound. Somehow, my mind struggles to comprehend the idea. I can't fathom the truth if he is indeed my father. It just doesn't seem plausible.

He won't be...ever

The lingering shadow of Alastaire's presence still cast a pall over my mind after his unwelcome visit. However, he didn't depart without leaving a message: 'Tomorrow, you will be meeting someone. Bring your best behavior.'

Naturally, I was terrified—terrified of the person I would meet. The horrors of the past and the recent attacks weighed heavily on my mind. And Teresa... how could I forge
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