Chapter 24

Vincent was running late. He was thinking over one thing. His gift to Alice. He was not sure if he still was going to go over with it. He had been sure when he organized everything, but now he was doubtful.

Vincent wasn’t sure about the flowers he was holding, either. It seemed obvious and overkill. The flowers were too much. Vincent had decided to lose the flowers. He slapped the bouquet of white roses on her sister’s chest. Katy was startled and looked at him, taking off her one AirPod from her ear.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Hold the flowers. You can give them to her when we arrive.”

“No,” she refused, “You got her these flowers. I’m not giving them to her.”

“Do as I say and take the damn flowers,” Vincent added just as the elevator opened.

“Vincent,” Katy hissed, holding the flowers walking behind him.

“There are plenty of flowers around.” Vincent looked at her sister. “Put them somewhere. You don’t have to give them to her.”

“I’ll give them to her,” Katy scowled, “a
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