Rain amplifies the love


Jessica tugged the wet hairs behind her ears, particularly the pieces of strands that were clinging to her face. She was upset because she had nothing to dry off the water on her hands and neck.

“I truly apologize for damaging your car seat, Sir,” said Jessica. She caught a fleeting glimpse of Liam out of the corner of her eye as he was gazing out the window.

“Money can fix anything,” Liam remarked and shifted his eyes back to Jessica, “I wondered what caused you to choose to walk rather than ride your car on such a night.”

“I am going to my friend's house. And I send my son back home with the car. Technically I am not lucky today,” Jessica said, but instead of looking into his eyes, she kept her gaze down. She also did not move much on the seat and maintained a straight posture.

Liam took note of her agitated demeanor as well as the redness on the tip of her nose. Her full, red lips and her flawless skin both sparkled with water droplets.

Her hair was tangled around her neck,


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love your books they are good! loving them greetings from Australia
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Debbie Parks
A Amazing story
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Carmel Grooms
Enjoying this book looking forward to see what happens next

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