Liam invites Jessica into his car


Only the blue diamond remained, the auction had reached its conclusion. And as a result, people began to increase their bids to obtain it.

“70 lakh.”

“89 lakh.”

“5 cr.”

“This stunning, rare diamond is justified at 5cr. However, don't let go of this too quickly. Increase your bid," the event manager chimed.

“10 cr,” Jessica shouted, surprising people. Their head swung at her and horror instantly engulfed their thoughts. When they discovered who had placed the highest bid for the diamond, a sneer immediately swept through their minds.

Darren's brows furrowed in annoyance at his daughter's petty drama. Jessica must refrain from telling such a lie in front of this sizable crowd just to attract attention. He wouldn't spend money on that diamond.

“Miss Lawrence, you have good eyes for this diamond,” the event manager praised.

“10 cr, one.

10 cr, two.”

“30 cr.” Someone in the crowd raised the amount on the diamond. The tension between people was palpable. Who envisioned that di


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Samsara Nirvana N.
I am eager to know how They would feel when they learned about Cornell's identity
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isabella mirembe
it's an amazing story
goodnovel comment avatar
Carmel Grooms
I'm loving the way this story is going

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