Rilika was insulted


“Would you kindly inform him that Miss Rilika has arrived to meet him?" Rilika asked the receptionist.

She could only hope for the opportunity to meet him. Rilika was terrified that her current state would cause her to lose control of everything she was holding.

After their conversation in the restaurant, he completely ignored her.

“Madam, I am not in a position to deny you; rather, everything I said had been told to us, and not only you, but no one would allow you to meet the boss today," the receptionist said politely before returning her attention to the work she needed to finish by the evening.

But the next second she jumped up when a loud slap was slammed on her desk.

“Madam!” the receptionist exclaimed.

"I am at my limit in terms of strength to accept a refusal. If there are no changes you can make to get me to see him, I need his fucking phone number,” Rilika shouted hysterically, which attracted the attention of many employees. They were interested in finding out mor


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Debbie Parks
, Awesome story
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Carmel Grooms
I'm glad Jessica is going after her father and Mr Ros she just needs to be careful and safe

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