The rumors


The next morning, Jessica and Cornell went back to Lawrence Manor after Jessica's stepmother had called her in the early hours of the morning to let her know she had been urgently summoned.

According to her betting, Mr. Ros might have informed her father about what she did to him. Jessica was less concerned about the situation, but she had to follow orders until her father gave her the property that had been given to her mother by the late senior Lawrence. She also hadn't destroyed her beloved step-sister yet, who was preparing to get married.

How on earth could she leave her alone?

Jessica was aware of the fact that Rilika adored Liam Grey dearly. She only needed to spark a fire within them. Jessica was adamant about taking work, status, money, and class from Rilika.

Eva was seated in the hallway with her aristocratic group of friends, chatting about something, when Cornell entered the room before Jessica.

Jessica and her son inspired them to cause a commotion while having t


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