Moonstone - A Goddess Among Us

Moonstone - A Goddess Among Us

By:  Mia Lynn  Updated just now
Language: English
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After a year on the run, Quinn finds herself in the small town of Beaver Falls, working as a bartender, the only skill she knows. But Beaver Falls isn’t exactly your normal small town, and Quinn is about to learn that she has stumbled onto the only place that can save her from her ex. Not only will it provide her with the protection she needs, but it also holds the key to who she really is, and the man that she is destined to be with.

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Tammy LeValley
Love the way this book is being written. Definitely pulls you right in. A real page turner
2024-05-10 06:33:30
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Moonstone is the best written book I’ve seen on this app.
2024-05-03 02:58:18
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Such a great read!! I can't wait for more updates. I love that we are discovering who Quinn is, and reading her journey. Quinn's walls are tightly bound, her actions and emotions so fear and on the defense, but slowly as she learns about herself the stronger she gets...with some encouragement.
2024-05-01 16:28:47
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Beth Anne
welldone author
2024-04-13 22:05:05
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love it :) I can't wait for more chapters and more books ♡♡
2024-04-05 02:27:24
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I read the 17 chapters in less than half an hour. The story had enough elements to pull you in. FL, Quinn (love her name btw) She’s hardworking, smart, innocent with a touch of damsel in distress. That’s how you create a character with room for development. My 1 problem was the mixing of tenses.
2024-03-13 03:24:28
194 Chapters
Chapter 0001
Quinn’s POV The smell of cigarettes and cheap cigars fill the air early tonight letting me know that I’m in another small town and another local shit hole bar. Just the same as the last couple small towns. This was never meant to be my fulltime job but it had served me well as I tried to put myself
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Chapter 0002
Quinn’s POV Trying to keep myself looking busy for the rest of the night I kept stealing glances back at the back table. Every time I’d look in that direction he was already staring at me. I had to wonder why he was looking at me too. Tonya returned to the bar with another huge order from the back
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Chapter 0003
Quinn’s POV Collecting all the money from the bar that the customers left behind, I began to pray that it was enough to cover all the outstanding tabs that were left for the night. I didn’t know how I was going to explain a short register to Charlie on my first night here. As I began to count the m
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Chapter 0004
Quinn’s POV As I pulled out of the bar’s parking lot I looked in my rear-view mirror at Bishop standing there watching me. A part of me wished that he and his group of muscular men could protect me from my ex, but that was a lesson I had already learned months ago. It didn’t matter how much bigger
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Chapter 0005
Quinn’s POV “You are here early.” I heard Tonya say as she walked into the bar catching me in my thoughts. Dumping the last bucket of ice in the cooler, I say, “Yeah, I had a rough night trying to sleep, so I thought I get an early start prepping the bar for tonight.” Tonya walked over and threw
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Chapter 0006
Quinn’s POV Tonya hadn’t been kidding when she said that they owned half the town. A little heads-up from her would have been nice that he owned the bar too. It all made sense why he was staring at me last night, he was making sure that I was doing my job. When he asked to speak with me, I was now
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Chapter 0007
Quinn’s POV “Um, this song is for mates, which I am assuming means couples. Plus, I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave the bar unattended.” I said to him shocked that he had asked me to dance in the first place. Maybe there was more to last night than just wanting to talk to me about work relate
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Chapter 0008
Quinn’s POV Jaxson did exactly what he said he was going to do for the rest of the night even though he could clearly see that I was fine. As I counted my tips at the end of the night, I was happy that he hadn’t sent me home like he wanted to. I had made enough in tips to pay my rent for the next t
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Chapter 0009
Quinn’s POV The next morning I dreaded the thought of going to the party. Knowing that I needed to keep my distance from Jaxson since I decided I was leaving by weeks end. I knew this was going to be a challenge today especially since we weren’t at the bar where I could keep myself busy working. A
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Chapter 0010
Quinn’s POV “You made it.” Tonya said to me as Jaxson and I made our way around the side of the cabin and to the backyard where the party had already started. Tonya then handed me a drink and I pulled it up to my nose to smell it first before I took a drink of it. As the red liquid poured down the
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