Mr Billionaire. Why Me?

Mr Billionaire. Why Me?

By:  Favour Pearl  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Why would you do this to me, i am your wife, i deserve to be respected too" i breath out in tears "Why won't i do this to you, you clearly said it yourself that you are my wife. I have every right over you. Now go down on your kneel and do the needful. Unless you want me to go out for it." "Go out for it. After all you are Leo Luthur, the heir of the Luthur empire." "Wow. You sure have grown wings Em remember this." He moved closer to me. "I will make you beg me for sex. And then i will torture you to the extreme. " i glared at him. "I would be waiting Leo. " ------------------------- I rolled on the bed trying to get a firm hold on the sheet.. he was all over me. I never ever thought i could open up to this demi-italian god staring at my soul through my eyes.. his hands were working on me.. i couldn't take it anymore "Leo please touch me"

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Delinda Schumacher
129 chapters 6-14-23
2023-06-14 21:48:55
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Can't wait to read it to the end. Please continue...
2021-06-24 16:03:30
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Great start me and my wine 🍷 are waiting for the update ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
2021-04-23 08:48:33
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Iko Kristen
intriguing... favour has a unique style
2021-08-10 17:19:32
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Jo Waerehu
Hi there Will you be continuing to update this story its has been a great read.
2023-01-10 01:26:02
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Rachoshie Millicent
i had to skip some paragraphs cz it was confusing and boring honestly this memories thing ruined this book
2021-09-30 01:22:36
131 Chapters
The begining of the end. 1
One could begin with the tears that were once on her eyes, maybe not that tough. I think beginning with the sad smile laced on her face every single morning, she wishes to have a good smile, a happy one, a smile that would warm her heart, but the reverse is the case. I wake up all sore since I got into this marriage… if I had known, that day I wouldn't have taken the step I took, I wouldn't have taken that step I took, I wouldn't have helped him. I swear I wouldn't have helped Leo Luther. From one problem to another.… I rubbed my tummy, and cleaned out the tears on my cheek with the back of my right hand, I lay back on the bed staring at the white ceiling. "Em. Emily! Emily! "… that's how my morning starts, with noise from my mum, she does that when she's already going to her workplace, it's not like she's working in a reputable place tho, well it's a reputable place don't mind me, I tend to say trash sometimes. Yeah?… "Okay mum.. take care, and please don't forget to bring the norm
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All i remember..
"Okay Laura, you are gonna be Isabella Luther's new best friend. And you are gonna stay with them in their mansion" "What" And that became the beginning of the end. ***************** I couldn't bid all of my friends and neighbors goodbye, I would not be able to read to Ma'am Laura again, I had to beg mum to let me tell her about my departure, but she didn't allow me, she said that would break ma'am Laura's heart and make her all emotional. That she should do the talking, she left me at home, telling me to park all of my belongings while she goes to ma'am Laura's place and explain the situation to her. I was happy and sad at the same time, I was happy because I would get to see Leo, my crush, and sad that I would lose my friends and most especially Ma'am Laura. If I am not working, and not in the library, I spend most of my time with her, and I never for once got bored staying with her, I swear she's fun-filled. I parked my books, my certificates, my awards, well I said awards be
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I broke my marriage myself.
Emily POV. Em.." I heard a knock on the bathroom door. "Em are you in there? C'mon your Milkshake is ready." I did not know how long I stayed in the shower but all I knew was immediately I got out, I collapsed.. that was all I remembered. I was running on a beach, with loose clothes and spread hands. Leo was behind me, running to catch me, his laughter filled the air. I was trying to get away from him. I ran into the water going deeper and deeper, I don't know what was pulling me into it. But I found myself going deeper and deeper into the waters. "Emily, Emily where are you going?" I heard Leo called me, fear was evident in his tone. "Emily! What are you doing, please come back, you are carrying our babies, your kids. You have always wanted to hold them in your hands.. please come back Em." I turned immediately and I heard the word kids. I stretched my hand trying to hold him. The force was pulling me back into the water. I kept trying, I kept crying. I wanna go back. "Leo!
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Help me escape.
"My marriage is crumbling right in my presence and I am the one destroying it" *Are you even married? Because the last time I checked, mature men stay with their families and not their mistresses. * my inner man screamed at me. Emily is leaving me alone.*you left her first * I crushed down to the floor and groan in pain **** "Would you want to go with us?. " " I asked Emily. She was nervous because I was acting creepy, I mean who would follow a lady to the restroom without her knowing about it. Only for her to come out of the restroom and meet the guy who bullies her in the presence of the whole school just to prove a stupid point to his girlfriend. Who's quite aware of the fact that Emily is prettier than she can ever be. "No, thank you." She was quick to give me an answer, then turned to leave, I rubbed my hair furiously then turned to stare at her figure, only to see the red batch stain on her blue skirt, since the color of our school uniform was White shirt and sky blue tro
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Just for you Laura
I read that book for her all over again, she was so happy. By the time we were done, it was late in the Night. I had to call Leo to tell him where I was. Which he cared less about. When I was going, she gave me the book as her last gift on heart, then went to bed. I never knew that was the last time I would see her, she passed away overnight. Indeed the book, Helped her escape the pains and worries of this world. Fiona called me the next morning, telling me about what happened to ma'am Laura, and that she sang the "I love you " song, well that's what I have always called it when I was younger, ma'am laura taught me to love unconditionally, maybe that's why I am finding it hard to stop loving Leonard... "Emily you have to stop this thinking section, I have been staring at you for the past twenty-two minutes if I am not mistaken, you cried, smile, and change your emotions according to whatever it is you are thinking, but please we all know what the problem is but if I am an outsider
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How did you know. 6
Yeah I came for you, Laura. Just for you." Leo, you came! " her voice snapped me out of my thoughts. "Yeah, I came for you, she smiled. And mouthed a thank you before drifting to sleep. **************** Leo POV ********** I stare at her as she lay on the bed. She was so weak, and tired, it was so obvious. I am so confused, I guess I will ask for a DNA test to be carried out on the baby. "I know what you are thinking, you want to carry out a DNA test on her baby, while she's asleep, seriously? You think I don't know. what you can do and what you can't do? For heaven sake, I am your sister, your blood sister. You would do no such thing until she approves of it. I won't allow you to touch my nephew, trust me. " I stared at Isabella. " you know Leo, I have always admired your relationship with Emily, I had always wanted a relationship like yours, both you and Emily had been my definition of love, your love had been so pure, so unique, it was at its peak, what I don't know is how tha
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Ask your beloved wife...
How did you know Emily was with Andrew Dickinson in the first place, Hannah?" Her face pales out immediately when she hears my question. ******************* "And what's that supposed to mean Leo? Few minutes with Emily and you are already doubting what I said? Someone you spend 11 years and 6 months loving, yet she chooses some scumbag over you, not just anybody, but your enemy, a rival to your family. Someone, who you ordered as your wife to stay away from Andrew, but she claimed she's not going to obey you because she does not have any negative issue with him and he happens to be her friend. Yet you choose to believe whatever bullshit she told you." ."Hannah, that's not the answer to the question I asked I did not allow you to take me down memory lane, just tell me what I want to hear, the question I ask you is what I am about to repeat, and please listen attentively, I asked you How you knew Emily was with Andrew in the first place? " "Are you serious? You are insisting on ge
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Our memories
"What's going on? " The voice of the person I have always wanted to remain in the dark asked me. "Why don't you ask your beloved wife," Isabella replied to him, not breaking eye contact with me at the same time. "Hannah, I am talking to you, what's going on? " "Leonard, I know you don't believe anything I say, but don't I deserve a little pinch of respect, we are a couple, I am the mother of your unborn child. " "That's called a baby mama, the only thing connecting both of you is that baby you are carrying," Isabella said pointing to my tummy. "Bella, please can we have some time alone?" Leonard said. I got confused, is he telling me to leave so he could talk to Isabella, or he's asking isabella to leave so he could talk to me. "I don't get it, you wanna talk to me or her," I asked. "I wanna talk to my sister Hannah." He shunned me… Damn. I knew he was going to choose her, but hearing it from him is a little bit heartbreaking. I walked away from the little gathering with my h
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"Leo, who's this one again?" She asked. A question that got me tongue-tied. I got up slowly, walked to her frame, made to touch her cheek, but the tight pain I felt on my cheek afterwards, made me aware of the fact that she had slapped me, making all around gasp! "You keep doing this, even after you made series of promises, I can't imagine if you do not understand the meaning of the word Loyal. L.O.Y.A.L." she said, hitting me. "Hey. Emily, let's get out of here please." I whispered, holding her hands stopping her from hitting me further. "Where's that girl?" She turned around, all feisty… I turned to look at Isabella, and she avoided my gaze. I knew something was wrong somewhere, my Emily would never raise her voice at you, talk more of wanting to go into a combat with another girl, guess Isabella had said some poisonous words to her. "Emily please…" I tried to pacify her, but she glared at me… "Where the hell is she? I just wanna have a few words with her, i... " She tra
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A new beginning with Hannah
This had been Emily's dream house, something she had always wanted, a place where she gets so happy when she gets to. But, all in a flash, it went down the drain, and I lost Emily, just because she wasn't patient enough, or probably, wasn't satisfied. …. Were you ever faithful with her? Were you patient or satisfied with her?… my subconscious whispered, Well, to be honest, I was never faithful with her, and I wasn't patient, but I am a guy, and I am not a virgin, besides the temptation was at its optimum, from all angles I was seduced. Who can stand those? Also with the fact that you have a girlfriend who wasn't ready for sex. Besides, we haven't been to the altar yet, so I see no genuine reason not to catch fun when I had wanted to. but you made promises that were to be made on the altar with her! … my subconscious whispers. I know that was true but it wasn't official. The altar is official. My phone vibrated on my hand the second time snapping me out of my thoughts. I clicked t
Read more Protection Status