Mr.Billoniare's Daughter

Mr.Billoniare's Daughter

By:  mahfuja nia  Ongoing
Language: English
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A night out with close friends was supposed to be fun and entertaining but Iris found herself in a tight chokehold by a crazy criminal instead. College life was supposed to be full of frat parties and craziness but Iris found herself being watched by the sharp eyes of her new hot bodyguard who wouldn't just give in to her whines nor demands. A classic party with elite businessmen like her billionaire father was supposed to be dull and boring but she found the new meaning of adventure by getting kidnapped by a man who looks too hot and too kind to be a cold blooded murderer. Falling in love was supposed to be peaceful and feeling imaginary butterflies in your stomach but she found it actually meant trying to find yourself again,learning to endure the pain it creates. Falling in love with your bodyguard? It violets the rule of business. Falling in love with your kidnapper? It violates the rule of nature.She likes to invest her time in business and utilize her time by enjoying the nature. So the question arises--- If destiny is fated,will her love get divided? While she is at it, she might also discover the truth that lies far beneath her reach and face the grim reality of life.

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8 Chapters
01: Iris's Night Out
"Finally!" Iris mutters to herself taking a sharp breath.She cleans her dirty hands with a tissue paper after brushing away the dust from her expensive designer clothes that she has recently bought. She had to jump off a high wall to get away from the her bodyguards before sprinting off to get to her friends.Thankfully,they are waiting for her just 10 minutes away from her home.Well,she could finally do it. Smirking to herself she runs forwards, having no time to waste. She will be considered dead if she gets caught now. Keeping it in mind that anyone from home can come look for her anything,occasionally she looks back to see if she can find or hear any traces of her bodyguards coming for her. For the time being it is confirmed that they don't have any idea about her whereabouts,feeling relieved she releases a sigh of relief. It was a great idea to act tired
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02: Caught In a Crossfire
Iris's whole body starts to shake. Even when her mind is telling her to move, run for her life but her body can't muster the energy to take even a step further as if her legs were glued to the floor.  "Let's go! God damn it!" Lilith takes Iris's hand with her and tugs on it to get her moving or else her shock will get her killed tonight. Not that Lilith isn't scared but that doesn't mean she will leave her friend behind. Absentmindedly, Iris goes with her friend, noticing that her other two friends have also joined them. She doesn't know how many minutes or even seconds have passed but the shooting still continues, so does the screaming of people and them causing chaos. All the people are busy to get away from the bloody war zone as soon as possible but because of their
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03: He Knows What's He's Doing
Ashton Ryan Coopers, a 24 years old man has his priority set. Work comes first, work comes second and It's also work which comes at last. In a nutshell, he is a pure workaholic as he has nothing else to occupy his time. His dedication, seriousness and honesty have earned him a prestigious name in his work field. He had joined PSF (Phoenix Security Firm) when he freshly graduated from school. He couldn't continue his study furthermore as he had to be the only bread earner for his family of 2 members.His mom and him. Now that he has lost his mother due to cancer, he finds himself confined with work most of the time.  He is a skilled man in several fields but he expertises in hand to hand combat and shooting. Now that he has 7 years of experience in the security firm, he has become one of the most trusted and skilled employees. That's the reason why when the company had to send one of their
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04: Money Runs The World
 "Ah-h, fuck ! Do it fast and be a little gentle,will you?" Adam rolls his eyes at the demand. He is being gentle as much as possible. "It's a knife cut not a paper cut,idiot! and of course I'm being gentle enough." Adam mutters while treating the wound, he already gave her medicine to lessen the pain while she is being just like a little baby. Now, it's not like Adam is a verified doctor or something similar to that but he had to learn how to treat knife and gun wounds as he had been shot and stabbed several times over the past few years. That's understandable as he won't be getting fresh roses as greeting when he works as a street gang leader. Life is not easy when people either fear you to even look at you or hate you enough to kill you. That's how life is tr
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05: Secret Admirer
Iris watches her phone rings and finally it stops. It's annoying when people don't get the hint that you don't wanna talk to them right now. It's even more annoying when it's an unknown number. By exhaling an annoyed huff, Iris finally picks up the call when it goes off again. Her phone has been going off for at least half an hour now. Assuming it's that nonsense secret admirer of her who doesn't have the courage to reveal themselves, she blocked the number but that person is a shameless soul who didn't hesitate to disturb her with a bunch of more different numbers. "Why didn't you pick up the call?" Before Iris can curse her heart out, she hears an irritating robotic voice demanding an answer from her which makes her raise an eyebrow."And who the fuck do you think you are to talk to me like that?" Her
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06: 26 Year 11 Months
"Have you packed your luggage?" Ashton doesn't look back because he doesn't feel the importance of that, instead he keeps on doing what he's doing. "Just packing some stuff  which I left in the office." However, Ashton replies to the question. He is in the office right now, taking his necessary items along with him as he won't be coming here often now as he has been assigned to his new job. "Great! Meet me at my office when you are done." The lady informs Ashton, still standing at the door. "I just remember that you once said you don't stand nepotism." He mutters slowly befo
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07: Joy
Amy and Adam finally came up with a plan after their odd encounter with Jamie. Their plan is to act like a debt collector but instead of asking for money, they will have to take it forcefully even if they will have to kill the target. "So we go there and take him at gunpoint and take the money? Sounds just as simple as eating cereal every morning." Jamie comments, his voice sounds proud. "We wouldn't get the task if it was so easy." Amy says. "Amy is right. It's not as easy as it seems. Williams took a loan of one million dollars, he didn't repay it nor did he take all the threat seriously. Instead, he threatened back sa
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08: Ginger
First actual conversation with her new bodyguard was rather uncomfortable for Iris. She wanted to talk to him and thank him for the last time but all he did was to formally introduce himself to her. He left for his room after that and nothing happened afterwards.  Maybe she is overthinking. He wasn't being rude or anything. Maybe he was just too tired to be holding up a conversation but again why would he try to hold a conversation in the first place? He is here as her bodyguard, not her friend.  She shrugs it off and thinks about what Ashton asked her to do earlier. Her schedule? He asked for her schedule but how can she give him what she doesn't have? Things just happen randomly and she goes along with them just like right now.  She is in an Art exhibition with her friends because apparently Grac
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