Chapter 11: Telling Grandpa

Charlotte left out the fact that there was a potential threat to her grandparents' life. Knowing her grandfather, he would declare war, but without solid proof, the Cash family will only suppress his accusations and make things difficult for them.

Her grandfather may be wealthy, but the Cash Family had political power in Swaxon. Timothy's father was the mayor, and his mother was a city councilor.

"I can't believe it," Her grandfather remarked, learning of Timothy's relationship with Victoria.

"I know, Grandpa. And Timothy wasn't planning on divorcing me until he gets the CEO position," Charlotte revealed.

The two of them were inside Pete's study. She had left Chadwick to go around the estate and evaluate the overall security of the place.

"Is this why you hired a bodyguard? Where did you even find this man? Are you sure you can trust him?" Pete asked.

With a nod, Charlotte answered, "I am sure I can trust him with my life."

"Just file for a divorce. Confront him, and maybe

June 10, 2023. Chapter 2-2. I want to greet Mitshiko a happy birthday! Another shout-out to Author Castiel! Thank you for helping me go over the first few chapters of this book. If you guys haven't read her books, she writes mafia stories. One of her works is Falling For My Husband, also here on Goodnovel. The next chapter is tomorrow at midnight, June 11.

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Nice story..........
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Charlotte is a great actor as well as Pete. I can’t wait for T and V will get their karma
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loving every chapter

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