My Alpha's Secret

My Alpha's Secret

By:  Shanin.H  Ongoing
Language: English
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I leaned back limply, lamenting my destiny. "I'm sure Devan is flawed, really. don't you see? he is too Rigid. He's too mysterious. His face was pale, and it was strange. How can his wolf not realize I am his Mate?" I grumbled in protest. Astrid rolled her eyes lazily. "So you're going to keep Arley? Your relationship that you have been in for five years. But Arley not your Mate. come on daughter of Beta, don't break the rules or our Pack will throw you away until you are said to fail," Astrid gave a warning. How many times do I have to say? I love my Arley lover who treats me like a princess, Rather than chasing after a mysterious man like Devan, who was stiff, cold, and too creepy, and he doesn't realize I am his Mate, so I don't have to chase him; either? Are you sure that cruel man is a Lycan? "I asked doubtfully

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Katie Hawkblade
So far it’s a good book
2021-06-29 01:50:07
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Keep going dear, I love ur story
2021-05-18 18:45:57
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Debbie McRae
can't get to the next chapter. just repeats
2021-05-11 11:14:40
12 Chapters
Author Note
Author Note. Very important to read, I think. Hi, my cupcake reader. Are you real ???? I want to be closer to you. Just call me Anna even though I'm not as beautiful as Anna in frozen movies (hahaha). Do you know? Writing a story about the werewolf, a challenge for me. I want to present the story my way and hope you guys can get into it, too, to feel every paragraph I write. So, the type of werewolf I'm wearing here is Lycanthrope. I don't know. I fell in love with their character. She is a little late for adults for the female character, making her Wolf somewhat protective and aggressive. I want to make a female character who is not too weak or sad. She is Beta's daughter, and her father is known as Beta, who is formidable in a battle to create a balanced character. Not a weak woman who is too oppressed. Every day, when I open my book. I hope you guys give a slight hint, like leaving a trail in the comments
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Ariana Eadon, that's my name. I am the daughter of Beta, who is an expert in fighting. But the fact is, I've always been claimed to be a flawed Lycan. The Lycan will grow up and 'linked' when they are 16 years old, but I'm not. I am now 18 years old. I still haven't ‘linked' with my wolf, even yet my wolf is then active. I have not felt the taste become a wolf. I don't care about all that. Why? Because I have Arley beside me. He-man handsome and surely not my mate, but I've been to in point adored Arley to plan to get married to Arley and give all for Arley. Most men in the Pack say that I am lovely, I have white skin, porcelain, hair blond, iris eye ruby, and lips are always flushed red even still I do not wear lipstick, which makes me different from women in pack. Still, members of the woman in my pack are mocking and talking about me behind, spreading rumors I'm a disabled beta princess. Mom was constantl
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Oh well, I welcome the morning in debate with my Mom. The toast I ate was tasteless, even though I had spread the toast with my favorite pineapple jelly. "Great, I lost my appetite. Mom, have you lost your heart too? "I protested irritably. The words that I always say. In a lifetime, if there were someone who never grew tired of arguing with me, it would be Mom. I sometimes even forget that she is my Mom. I turned to glance at the medium-sized box, which is on the dining table chair. My Mom took toast, spread butter. As usual, she eats it. Her face looked innocent after she started all this debate "ARIANA EADON, just eat your breakfast," said my Mom firmly. "Not. I'm full. Now tell me, why are you putting all of Dad's stuff in this box? Are you going to throw it away? "I asked, couldn't stand it. I stood up to take the box and put the box on my lap. I brought my eyebrows together, staring at my Mom closely so that she realized I was protesting hard against her.
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About a Swear
Whenever Arley held back his emotions, his eyes were always sharp, as if there were embers in them. The sweet smile he used to give me suddenly moved away from his face. He even leaned back a little to see more clearly myself "Did I not hear wrong? You're going to fucking move out ? What do you mean? And why?" asked Arley. As I thought, Arley cannot accept this calmly. "My mom feels tormented after the death of my dad. I don't know the exact reason I have to move, but I have no choice. My core family pack is also there," I explained. Arley stood up and crossed his arms over his chest, "So you wanna go back to your goddamn werewolf family?" quipped Arley. I stood up too to speak parallel to Arley "Hey, your words sound harsh we are trained Lycan, you know," I smiled thinly. I was trying to break the atmosphere. "Yeah, I just realized that my lover is a creature a werewolf. And you will of course choose your Pack over me. What we've been through all this time w
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New Home
Now and then, my eyes stole glances at mom and Jeff. Huh, look how they laugh together like a love-drunk couple. That's disgusting to me. "Oh, dude," shouted Astrid, getting off the bike. She immediately hugged me "why is it so suddenly? What about Arley? Asked Astrid. She's the only friend I have. She has exotic brown skin with shiny black hair, and she has long lashes and an oval face like mine. There is one dimple on her left cheek. It adds to the sweetness of her face. "Wait. Hey Mrs.Emma, ​​hey Jeff," Astrid waved at Mom and Jeff. After they greeted each other, Astrid returned to focus on looking at me. "I already told Arley. But he hasn't arrived yet. Hey, why don't you go to college here? My mom told me I haven't even heard from you yet," I asked. Astrid shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. I just follow my best friend," Astrid smiled. "Not. You do it because you have to," Astrid shook her head firmly. "I did this because of my wish. Remember, we already pla
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My Wolf
The first day at the new place. The first thing I see when I wake up is my cell phone." Arley still hasn't heard from him. He didn't even read my message," I grumbled. I stretched my body, combed a little of my hair with my hand. I groomed myself like I used to do every morning.When I came down, my mom greeted me with a smile. My mom must be happy because I want to comply and give up moving to this city. Look how she shows me that beautiful smile already like a sly fox. Oh, I forgot my mom is a wolf. "Ariana, when I went out to buy groceries, I brought registration forms for you and Astrid. This," my mom handed me the paper form. I read for a moment and smiled thinly. "Thanks," I said briefly. "What are you going to do today?" my mom asked in small talk. I put on my favorite orange sweater, and the weather was getting cold. Soon it will be winter. "I do not know. I want to take a walk around here. When I was little, there was a place to eat that I liked. I wanted
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What Wrong With Me
Arley was silent for a moment. There was a long sigh that could be heard, "my mother had an accident. And I have to take care of some things for my Mother," Arley explained. I shrieked in surprise to hear this bad news "oh my goddess. Sorry. How is your Mother now? I'll be there tomorrow, okay," I said worriedly. "no need. I mean let me meet you tomorrow. My Mother is getting better, her leg is sprained and there are a few blisters and bruises near her leg. Hey, I miss you "said Arley, who sounded very sweet. And I never tired of feeling floating every time Arley said that. "Oh, I very miss you too, Hmm there is good news from you. But I'm sorry to convey this when your Mother is in trouble, "I said "no problem. Just tell me, what is it?" asked Arley. I took a deep breath "I am an adult. I mean, my wolf and I have united, " I said enthusiastically. H
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Arley is My Man
I spent time with Arley until the afternoon. I tried to hold back while I was around Arley. As if there is a dividing wall that is not visible. I even had time to call Arley's mother to say my concern about her condition. Arley was honest with me; he couldn't come because his mother had an accident. But somehow, when Arley visited, I thought I met a strange man. "Bye beb. See you later, don't tease other men, and don't forget your vitamins," said Arley kissing my forehead "Okay, okay, honey." I kissed Arley back on the forehead. Even when I waved and watched Arley's car pull away, I still felt empty. "Lisa, what's wrong with you ?. You made me all day unable to let go of missing Arley. I love that man you know," I scolded my wolf. I just walked to my room, ignoring my aunt or mom, who asked me to chat. I took my cell phone and sat back on my bed, "Okay, here. This is hard for me to explain. "I was confused; I called Astrid to share my complaints. "Hello, Astr
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The Damn Problem
"What do you mean?. I…I do not understand a little," I complained. My aunt sighed heavily "like, how about you meet your mate later? What will happen to Arley? You love each other, but different from your love for mate. If Arley is your lover, then Mate is half your soul "Aunt tried to explain this vague position about my relationship. "Alright, Arley could be my mate later. I'm just an adult, so maybe the time hasn't come yet. But I'm sure Arley is my mate," I said confidently. My aunt's face tightened even though she still forced herself to smile. I sighed heavily. "Hey, how about we just let this go? I mean, I was fine until now. Whatever happens later I'm sure I can get through it, "I pleaded. Aunt finally gave up; she stroked the top of my head. "Okay, but remember, if there's something hard for you to go through just tell me. I'm always here for you, "said my aunt warmly. Quite a tough conversation, but I don't want to make this a big problem. I love Ar
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I Hate a Mate
I still locked my whole body in the blanket even though Mom had screamed to wake me up, "Wake up now. Don't make trouble. You can be late." My mom's patience collapsed already. She pulled my blanket roughly, then moved to pull my arm "Oh Mom," ​​I complained. Mom kept pulling me into the bathroom, and there I could not avoid it. Mom immediately flushed. "Done," said my Mom "Mom? Holy shit," I shouted irritably. Mom rolled my eyes lazily. "I helped you to get up, and you cursed me? Aarghhhh my daughter is perfect". My mom leaves. I grabbed my hair, frustrated. "It's so cold you know," I said irritably. The tense drama passed, a sour face already painted on my face. It became the start for me to live this day. "Why do we enter that class again?" I asked Astrid. Astrid pushed my body into the class. "Get yourself dude You think we have a private class?"
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