Royal Lycan Mates

Royal Lycan Mates

By:  Saree  Completed
Language: English
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Trixie is an orphaned werewolf pup, stuck in a hopeless life of servitude. She's desperate to better herself and learn all she can. She gets the chance when it's her birth month and she will soon shift. She gets the chance to attend Camp New Moon, which is run by the Drexel royal family. The camp is designed to help all shifters learn life skills and prepare them for life as an adult. Of course most naively hope being in close quarters with so many others like them will draw out their mate For Trixie, finding her mate would be her salvation, it would mean everything. But for two princes of the ten Kingdoms, it means war with each other. Damien and Dawson could not be more opposite, one will soon sit on the throne and the other has no direction in his life. That is, until he stumbles upon a damsel in distress that he never imagined he'd find. To Damien, finding his mate is his defining moment, the very thing that gives his life meaning. To Dawson, it's the end of the world and only spells disaster. How can these two princes handle the moon goddess forcing them to be mated to the same female? How can Trixie handle the hot and cold of two royal lycan mates?

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This novel is another werewolf romance story but with a twist of intense teenage life humor. Trixie is a lone wolf, jealous, and feels she is outcasted from the royal teenage Lycans pack. She is a friend of Princess Victoria who has been a talk-of-the-town. She was noticed by Dawson and Damien, the two princes of the kingdom. They have different perspectives towards finding their mates. While for Trixie, it can save her from becoming a complete outcast. Her relationship with Damien and Dawson may find it intriguing for her to choose as a disaster or a favor can happen...

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Chrissie Slabberts
Awesome story. Loved it. Compliments to the author.
2023-05-29 23:49:15
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Lisette B
Hi author, I just want to say I'm thoroughly enjoying this book. Love Mila! I just have one question: why did Damon end up marking trixie? Was it because Damien marked trixie, mate bond pull, to be king, or did he care for her prior to that? I didn't see it mentioned or discussed or asked by Trixie.
2023-04-18 21:01:44
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T White
Absolutely LOVED this book!!
2023-02-09 11:34:41
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I Absolutely loved this book, another great story by this author. I can’t wait to read anything else from her, Great Job Well Done really.
2022-12-14 16:35:18
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How do I follow you on this app and how can I read more of your stories? When I search your name it has no matches!
2022-10-19 22:13:48
default avatar
A really good read, sweet story.
2022-07-07 08:06:36
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Deneen Elder
i gave you all my gems, which wasn't much. but thank you, I loved this book.
2022-06-01 05:34:54
default avatar
Fabulous story. Couldn’t put it down! Thanks so much author.
2022-05-25 23:53:05
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Yollanda Myah
what a lovely it
2022-05-20 19:19:07
default avatar
I’ve only just started reading this,but so far so good
2022-04-08 21:43:37
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Maria R
I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Who knew brothers could share one girl so effectively!
2022-04-05 11:32:15
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Stacy Rains
Such a good book.
2022-03-20 13:22:35
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Stacey Lynne Berube
I was uncertain if I liked it for the first 5-10 chapters but I kept going & it was worth it. Everything eventually made sense & was explained through the book. it was different from other books on this app that just explains as they go, and I loved the change!
2022-03-07 20:06:51
default avatar
I'll try read your book
2022-02-26 12:16:30
user avatar
Fantastic book! Looking forward to reading another one of your books
2022-02-20 07:15:20
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84 Chapters
1 - Bye Bye Kingdom 10
~Trixie’s Point of View~ I awoke with my whole body nearly thrown off the seat, and I lurched forward. The bus was stopped at a large gate with a sign overhead that simply read “Camp New Moon.”The camp was founded by the first Drexel to hold the throne and each Queen has made it her life’s work to ensure all shifter pups have an equal and fair start in life. They need to know survival skills and how to be upstanding members of society. Or something like that.I quickly sat up straight and tried to collect myself. I took a hair tie off my wrist and did my best to tame my long thick hair that had gotten messed up during my nap. I made a simple braid and tossed it over my shoulder. This was it!After nearly ten minutes of the bus drive
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2 - The Royals
~Dawson’s Point of View~ “Darling, you didn’t forget that this weekend you and Damien are both due at camp, did you? Of course I would have preferred you to go next month when your little brother has his birthday but I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate that,” mother said, one night over dinner.I slammed my fist to the table, making the dishes clatter and the staff stiffen their backs with fear. I grinned on the inside at their fear, but left a stern face to everyone else. I enjoyed keeping them on their toes and in their place.“Mother, I don’t have time for your charity nonsense. I’m going abroad with William to check out two prospective wives in a week’s time. One of them is in my top three and I think … might just be the one. She litera
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3 - A Friend And A Hero
~Trixie’s Point of View~ Jeanette just walked with such a purpose, with her head held high, never looking down to anyone. I was beyond jealous, desperate for that kind of confidence. I wasn’t sure I could ever do it. I felt the vibes from everyone else and they clearly said “I’m better than you.”She led me to a large tree where many females were sitting. I noticed the she-wolf speaking had a name tag that read “Meghan.” I know it may sound so simple to some, but being able to read meant everything to me. I was sure the others that came from Kingdom 10 couldn’t read.“Curfew is 11pm for those that haven’t shifted yet, 2am for those who have and if you are on your birthday night you are not to be out without a counselor,” she explained.&n
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4 - Arrogance
~Dawson’s Point of View~ I had William fix our dinner plates and bring them to our private cabin. It was far beneath me to dine with the children and all their mindless chatter. I brought a lot of work with me and I intended to get through most of it. I’d already arranged for messengers to discreetly carry my paperwork back and forth every other day.“I heard about this crazy incident while I was getting dinner. Some female pup attacked another at the lake. She just charged out of nowhere at the poor girl who was checking out the water or getting a drink I guess. She didn’t know how to swim and Damien of all people jumped in and saved her,” he said, finishing his meal.“Hmm. You don’t know why she attacked her? Must be some reason, I said, not actually caring.&
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5 - Muddy Feet
~Trixie’s Point of View~   Light, blinding light. I groaned. Ohh, that hurt, my throat felt like the desert. My head was throbbing. I lifted my arm painfully to my head, and felt something. I pulled on it, getting it out of my hair. A twig from a bush?    I looked toward Mallory’s bed and it was empty, but all her things were still there. I made a face at that. I looked at the bottom bunk to the side, Jeannette was passed out, with all her clothes on … even shoes. I looked down at my feet, they were completely muddy and filthy, grass was stuck in my toes.   I pushed through the pain my entire body felt and got down from my bunk as quietly as I could. I grabbed my bag off the hook and checked my shoes. Thank the Goddess they were finally dry. I tiptoed out the door and
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6 - It's Only Day 2
~Trixie’s Point of View~   I got back to my cabin far after everyone else. I had been too humiliated to go back. No one was there, and I had to assume they were eating. I was certainly no stranger to hunger and I had far too many aches, pains and other issues to let my hunger bother me.   I changed my clothes since mine were completely covered in grass stains. I’d never be able to get those out. Just great.    I couldn’t even begin to process this morning. My hero was a prince. A hot, sexy prince with long hair and warm brown eyes. Was he flirting with me or did I get too many hits? Maybe one knocked something in my brain loose.    Then there was his brooding, jerk of a brother. Didn’t William say he was t
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7 - Redirected
~Trixie’s Point of View~   Ten o’clock. It couldn’t get here fast enough! This morning’s training was taught by William, and the princes were nowhere in sight. The females all gossiped about where they could be, but I only cared about one. Ten o’clock. The magic hour when Damien would be waiting … just for me. He’d be meeting just me.    Breakfast seemed to take forever, then I had an hour long hearing activity where we sat in the woods and tried to pick up on sounds and notice animals without seeing them. They wanted us to do it as pups and then again once we had our wolves since our hearing would be drastically better then. They wanted us to see the difference.   I couldn’t really pay attention. Ten o’clock, that was the only thing I could think about. My mind raced w
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8 - My Princess
~Dawson’s Point of View~   Ever since the whole finding my mate debacle I’d pretty much been holed up in my cabin and I’d missed a few classes so I was probably going to get fussed at. I had always had a very disciplined and structured life and now this little … this little… Ugh. I couldn’t say a cross word about her. She was consuming me, the more I thought about her the more my mind wandered. My heart was desperate to know more but my mind said that would just make it worse.   KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK   “What,” I yelled, not wanting to look up from the letter I was writing.   “You may enter,” I then said, dryly.   I took a deep breath and didn’t recogni
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9 - Never Saw It Coming
~Trixie’s Point of View~   My head was still throbbing with the brutal rebuff from Damien. I really hurt his feelings, but he didn’t even give me a chance to explain. I went through the motions of the evening, but I mostly tuned everything out. I couldn’t focus. Maybe if I could find a way to get him alone then he would listen to me.    I made my way back to the cabin after what seemed like an endless day that had started out so good, with so much promise. Just to end with a giant knot in my stomach. There was a male outside my door who looked bored out of his mind.    “Are you…” he trailed off, looking at his paper.   “Trixie?”   I nodded, unsure
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10 - Mila
~Trixie’s Point of View~
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