Chapter 13

I looked at Mr. Shaw, who was cutting something, was wearing an apron and was standing with his back to us, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He didn't seem to notice my arrival, or pretended he didn't.

"There isn't anything" I muttered as I threw my bag on the nearest sofa and then entered the kitchen.

Finally He turned to me and a small smile appeared on his face "Miss Heather, I hope you don't mind me using your kitchen?"

I folded my arms on my chest. Lana stood next to me smiling broadly again.

"No, of course not." I muttered while looking at him with a what-are-you-doing here look. He only replied to me by raising one of his eyebrows slightly before returning to his cutting job.

"Mr. Shaw, all this time I thought you were a very busy person ... " Lana said as she poured me a glass of white wine, her glass was half gone.

"Actually it's my last day in San Francisco, tomorrow I have to go back to Manhattan. My vacation is over." He turned slightly towards Lana as he spoke. He loo
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