5. Prepare

"What's this?" I asked confused as soon as Kenan showed me the various photos that I knew belonged to the Aster Gang which were neatly pasted on the blackboard.

"Take your target's photos!" said Kenan casually.

The man was still busy pasting photo after photo on the blackboard.

As usual, we always meet in this old building every morning. Kenan regularly invites me to exercise in the morning, trains me in martial arts in the afternoon, and at night we just talk. We've been doing this routine for almost a week.

"If you want revenge, you have to get to know them deeper. That way, you can find their weak points." Kenan shouted while pointing at the blackboard in front of us.

"Okay. So, you spied on them? What did you get?" I'm starting to get excited.

"There are four members of the Aster Gang. Their leader is Lenny, then the two useless maids, Miranda and Feby, and the idiot who can hit women, Marko! You have to know the ins and outs of their family!" Kenan exclaimed while pointing at their photos one by one.

"I only know that Lenny's family is very rich, they are the biggest contributor to my school, so all the teachers love Lenny," I said quietly.

Ken nodded slowly.

"A family that looks perfect in people's eyes usually has a lot of holes in it," Kenan commented while looking at Lenny's photo.

"What do you mean? What hole?"

Kenan frowned at my words. Ah, he must be annoyed that I didn't respond quickly.

"Don't use confusing sentences when talking to me, use simple and easy-to-understand sentences," I pleaded quietly.

Kenan shook his head slowly, then took a deep breath.

"Someone like Lenny must have a lot of scars, and since what stands out is the story of her perfect family, that means trouble is there!" Kenan explained.

I shook my head weakly, sat cross-legged, and stared at the row of photos that Kenan had pasted earlier.

"Wait, I still don't understand, why should I investigate their family? Shouldn't I just fight them?" I asked quickly.

"Seeing your physique, and your fighting ability, I can assure you that you won't be able to fight them physically!" said Kenan casually.

"But I always practice martial arts with you. If not now, one day I can beat them!" I protested.

"I taught you martial arts, not for power-fighting! I taught you martial arts, to defend yourself when they want to hurt you physically again. And if they lose to you, they will keep looking for ways to bring you down again, and The battle will never end!" Kenan explained slowly.

Ah, I see what Kenan meant. Reasonable enough.

"So we have to get an ace that will knock them out of the water! You understand that?" Kenan asked with a serious face.

I nodded slowly in understanding.

"And people like them, usually have their fears, whether it's from family, boyfriend, or something else! Your job is to investigate all of that!" Kenan said casually.

"Okay! I'll do it! I have to do it so they stop bothering me, and everyone else! People like them need to be removed!" I exclaimed determinedly.

Kenan glanced at me briefly, then turned his gaze the other way.

"Kenan," I called softly.

"Hmm?" said the man without looking up.

"I've thought of a simple scenario that might solve this problem easily," I said quietly.

Kenan frowned in confusion, then turned to look at me.

"What?" he asked quietly.

"When I saw you sparring with your friends during our practice, I thought you were strong enough to fight Marko, and I will try to beat Lenny too. So, wouldn't it be easier if we just asked them to duel?"

Oh really, all that was on my mind was the desire to avenge the slaps and punches I had received from them.

"Hmm, that can happen. But as I said before, the fight will never stop just because they lose physically to you! Do you understand that? If you want them to stop doing whatever it takes to annoy you, you gotta get their aces!"

I was silent listening to every word that came out of Kenan's mouth.

We were silent for a moment. It's true what Kenan said. Just focus on the aces.

"Kenan," I called again.


"What exactly is your motive? I still can't believe that you even bothered to help me like this just because I'm pretty!" I argued.

Kenan smiled slightly while looking at me fixedly.

"Are you still thinking about that? Are you still thinking about the reason why I want to help you?" Kenan asked in disbelief.

I nodded quickly in response to Kenan's question. When we met, my face looked ugly, there were several bruises on my face, my eyes were swollen, and the uniform I was wearing was also very shabby. How can Kenan think I'm beautiful at a time like that? It must have just been an excuse he made because he was reluctant to reveal the real reason.

"You don't believe that I'm helping you because you're beautiful?" Kenan asked surprised.

"At that time, my face was really ugly, so your excuse doesn't make sense!" I said quickly.

"Sooner or later you too will know the real reason. For now, just focus on your revenge! No need to think about unimportant things like this! Speaking of your appearance, looks like we should make a little change!" exclaimed Kenan who immediately made my forehead wrinkle. Why is he acting mysterious like that? Very annoying!

"Change?" I asked doubtfully.

"With your appearance like this, you look like a cowardly spoiled girl! You have to change your appearance a little, show them that you are reborn with a new personality! Kei who will never be afraid of them!" Kenan exclaimed with emphasis.

Yeah, Kenan was right, I'm too cute to scare them. Maybe I should cut my hair, change out of my oversized uniform, and wear cool shoes. Shoes that have a rough texture on the bottom kick them in the face with satisfaction.

"Oh, by the way, you don't have a girlfriend right? If you and I continue like this, your girlfriend will get angry later," I said slowly.

"I don't have a boyfriend," Kenan said casually.

"Thankfully, so I won't hesitate to ask for your help at any time."

"When do you want to go to school?" Kenan asked slowly.

"Two more days," I said quickly.

"Should I transfer to your school to make sure you can fight them?" Kenan asked with a serious face.

My eyes narrowed to see Kenan who was looking straight at me.

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