My Next Door Neighbor

My Next Door Neighbor

By:  Jilguera  Completed
Language: English
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Trent moved across the country to get away from the crazy women in his life, but when he finds what looks like a journal detailing how his neighbor is spying on him, he may not be as free of crazy women as he thought. As Trent reads and finds himself spying back, he wonders if she is really crazy, or is there something more between them?

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25 Chapters
Chapter 1
Trent stared at the stain on the nicotine yellow wall. Whoever had lived in the house before him must have been a pack a day kinda person by the tint. Just another thing he’d have to fix in the run-down disaster he’d recently bought. Trent got up from the bed, feeling the worn-out boards of the floor shift under his weight. As much of a disaster the house was, Trent didn’t regret a single minute he spent in the place. The freedom it gave him was worth so much more than the money he was going to have to put in to it to make it livable.
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Chapter 2
Trent hurried into the small brick building that served as Marshall Construction’s headquarters. He glanced at his watch. Thirty-minutes late. He couldn’t believe it. How could he be thirty minutes late?“Ah, finally made it, eh?” Brad
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Chapter 3
The next morning, as Trent stood in front of the kitchen window drinking his coffee, he debated whether or not to close the blinds. He looked across the yard towards his neighbor’s house. It appeared empty. With a small shrug, he decided to keep the blinds as they were. She had probably got bored of watching him at that point. He was something new. Trent understood that, just as he knew he wasn’t the most exciting person.
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Chapter 4
The next morning, the guys showed up a little before ten. Trent couldn’t help but smirk as he wondered if this was an acceptable time for them to be working according to Mel. He showed the guys into the back yard and organized the work before he had to go to work.Things were going well, and by the afterno
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Chapter 5
The next morning, Trent slept in until almost eleven. Grabbing his sweats and a t-shirt, Trent shambled to the bathroom, but not before he briefly stopped in front of his mirror to fix his messy hair some before leaving.Trent froze as he started to open the door. “What the hell am I doing?” He asked
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Chapter 6
Trent started to follow Mel when Harry stopped him. “What the hell is going on? What were those papers?”“It’s her place to tell you. For now, I need to talk to her,” Trent told him and tried to move around Harry, but again the other man stopped him.
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Chapter 7
Mel narrowed her eyes at Trent. “Oh, I see. Me spying on you is no big deal because you’ve been spying on me!”“I was not spying on you,” he demanded. “I just looked out my window and saw you! It’s not like I made it my hobby!”
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Chapter 8
“You sure there isn’t anyone else?” Trent asked after they had come up with a sum of five names.“Yeah, that’s all the people who’ve been in my house. While I may not have ‘enemies’ I’m not exactly Miss Popular either,” Mel replied using air quotes.
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Chapter 9
The next day, Trent felt a strange set of nerves taking over him as he waited for Mel to show up. He couldn’t believe she had agreed to come over. When a knock sounded on the door, Trent opened the door and suddenly a brunette rushed into the living room, dragging Mel behind her. “Wow you didn’t change much did you?” she demanded as she looked around the room.  Trent didn’t reply, still taken back by her sudden entry into his house.
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Chapter 10
Trent plodded down the stairs still half-blind with sleep. He found his way slowly to the kitchen. With a large yawn, he poured a cup of coffee as he tried to force his heavy eyes open. It wasn’t until he noticed Mel through the window that his eyes finally complied with him. Her hair escaped the ponytail it was in, in several different directions. She looked exhausted as she yawned so loudly that Trent almost swore he could hear her jaw pop from where he was standing.
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