Safe in His Arms

Safe in His Arms

By:  JMFelic  Kumpleto
Language: English
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'So this is what it feels like to want a woman,' his thoughts remarked without any guilt. He'll play the demon's game once again. *****The Rogratiatto Family, rumored to be an extremist believer of the supernatural, sought out the help of the Vatican Conclave to stop a recent demon possession. Famous exorcist priest, Father Marcus Thayne, was called out by the Holy Pope to do the job. Once there, not only was he struggling with the demon he was supposed to exorcise, but he was also battling himself after seeing a mysterious woman showing signs of an immortal attraction with him...Genre: Supernatural Romance, Mystery, SmutAll Rights ReservedJMFelic Books 2020

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Lair El Greco
'twas nice. I even thought the friend he was referring to was Aeshma. Would've been better though if there's an epilogue with the Pope's reaction to his resignation and all.
2023-01-14 20:21:38
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Anne Lemente
i dont have 😔😵coins
2021-02-14 16:10:52
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Young Sommie
Finished it at last, it has been an awesome r ide that sadly came to an end
2021-01-20 11:06:38
user avatar
Young Sommie
Splendid I'm just at the first chapter and it's one hell of a ride . Thanks for the good work author
2020-12-30 05:49:44
user avatar
Disappointing ending bc it didn't make sense in terms of the immortality issue. Your writing is really interesting and overall love your stories. This one was less than expected. Some details were a little fuzzy and unclear.
2021-05-01 13:49:46
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“You seem to be at a loss for words? Why so?” The man in front of Ysabelle remarked in reverberating tonal waves. Everything was the same with this man, everything... but amidst this, she could clearly see - as clear as the platinum cross around his neck - the brilliance of the red tint in his eyes. With roughened breaths, she had concluded something was amiss with him. Something...terribly dark. He had the same handsome face - disarming to the core - yet it was tainted with the slyness of his mouth’s grin. He had the same posture of a confident, strong man, but a distasteful aura reeked outside of his body. She could feel it well, it was so palpable and it easily made her feel cautious. As the man paced across the room’s available space, his black clothing opened halfway on its own showing the rigid torso Ysabelle had seen countless times but choose not to ogle. The show made her blush momentaril
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Chapter 1 - A Different Kind of Fire
Angry flames surrounded the entirety of the white marble table. It tossed and wildly reached as high as the ceiling went, but there was no evidence of smoke inhaled or seen. The flames weren’t normal though for it couldn’t burn and it was in the shade of blue and violet. As unearthly as it was, it seemed to envelop a lying, unconscious man. His arms were restrained on each of the table’s edge. His feet - with the same treatment. Called by most of the resident staff as André, he was the eldest son of the Rogratiatto Family Master of the House, Monsieur Alfon Rogratiatto. For the most part, it wasn’t the man’s willingness to be a sacrifice in a demonic possession, but he accepted anyway. For the most part, it was the family’s endeavor to capture and control the demon now residing destructively inside him. With all the planning and careful estimation, neither of the family members had expected that their plans would go awr
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Chapter 2 - An Unexpected Change
Outside Vatican City Roma, Italy   “In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.” Those were Father Marcus’ last words after he sprinkled a good amount of holy water into a newly-furbished nursery room. It had the color motif pink on it, owned by a cute baby girl of two-years-old. After kissing his platinum pectoral cross, he made a sign of the cross and adjusted his black clerical vestment into place. He was apparently requested specifically to do the rite after it was clearly evident that there was something of dark spiritual value in the room of a new couple’s daughter. The rite was meant to repel any demonic creatures and Marcus was at ease now, feeling more than certain that no harm will come to the child. After taking a final look at his work, he collected all of his ritual belongings, placed it
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Chapter 3 - Seeing Through the Lens Part 1
Nine thirty in the morning - that’s the time the airplane of Father Marcus and his secretary landed on the City of Prague. They were greeted by a chauffeur named Mr. Ocarino, who was instructed by Madame Regina to drive them to the Rogratiatto Estate. “The estate is past the city, located in the first mountain you see in your windows gentleman. It is going to be a long ride, so please do entertain yourselves along the way, ” the driver stated in thick English, addressing the two before he drove the limousine out of the airport parking area. They nodded with this and went on to glance at each of their side’s window. True to what the driver stated, the travel was a long one. Marcus spent amusing himself with the scenery outside, while Father Julien, as usual, went on to pray the rosary cycle. It was actually their second time visiting the city. The first was when Marcus got invited to become a speaker in a youth assembl
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Chapter 4 - Seeing Through The Lens Part 2
Ysabelle’s daily routine consists mainly of staying inside the mansion as per the House Master’s order. She of all the members of the family was treated like a prisoner although she wasn’t even one. Alfon’s reason was simple and that was to guard her welfare. She didn’t think much of it though, but sometimes when the moon was so high and mystical, or the rainbow was spouting beautiful colors over the horizon, or the sun was brightly shining in the blue sky, she desired to go out of the mansion with her digital SLR camera in hand. This was exactly what she did early in the morning with Alfon’s permission. Without any companion, she went straight ahead to the City of Prague where there she knew she would catch numerous lively activities in the streets, establishments, or parks. The Plaza Citadelli was where she headed for the remainder of her excursion. It was actually her favorite place among the rest of th
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Chapter 5 - The Look That Tells It All
The two priests arrived in the residence at exactly eleven-thirty in the morning. It was lunchtime, of course, so the growling of Marcus’ stomach was understandable even though he just had four rolls of pastry an hour ago. Luckily enough, the moment they entered inside the mansion’s foyer and after exchanging pleasantries with Madame Regina and Master Alfon, they were directed straight all the way to the family dining room. They were important guests, so no one except the Mistress and the Master planned to dine with them. And Ysabelle, supposed to be if she decides to show herself up on time. “Please, make yourselves comfortable, Father Marcus, Father Julien, ” Madame Regina stated, gesturing for them to sit in their reserved seats. “Yes, Madame, thank you.” Marcus was the one who answered politely. On the right side of Alfon’s center chair was where he sat, and beside him, Fathe
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Chapter 6 - A Shadow in the Darkness
Father Marcus placed himself on the right side of the marble table, his waist in line with André’s chest. It was an odd position for an exorcism ceremony as normally, priests, rabbis, imams, and other religious leaders either place themselves on top of the head of the victim or at the foot. Nevertheless, no one was complaining. Regina, after pushing the button, returned to her husband’s side and sat rather anxiously on the solo sofa next to him. Still, Ysabelle continued to silently observe the development, keeping her breaths deep and controlled. Yes, as per the report, the blue and violet flames didn’t burn when Marcus placed a hand on André’s chest. He didn’t feel anything at all. No tingling sensation or searing pain. It was odd, but Marcus found it beneficial for him. True enough, the Holy Pope was right that this exorcism might be easy; however, Marcus chose not to let his guard down. After d
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Chapter 7 - When A Name Means Attraction
Black sky. Black earth. Black sea. Marcus found himself again in the same dream, but this time, not in the same way. He was lying on the sand, gazing at the sky with the blankness that was comparable to the barren place. Emptiness filled his mind. And yes, he had been like this for what seemed like hours until a wave of water came rushing towards him and when it touched his bare feet, this somehow pulled him out of the void state. His thoughts and emotions ran wild then as if it was freed from being imprisoned, and with this, confusion immediately clouded his mind. His lips tensed and his brows furrowed as he contemplated all of the recent events. He was confused because ever since he had exorcised the demon in André’s body, this dream came into full swing. How? Why? Was it possible that this was the work of the demon? Most likely not for he was sure he exorcised the damn entity into oblivion. Very sure of it. 
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Chapter 8 - When He Couldn't Help It
An understandable silence fell on the room for a moment when Ysabelle left. Marcus was still standing near the table, the empty glass still in his hand. Remembering what she said about a tattoo on his arm, he decided to ask Father Julien out of curiosity and in order to break the silence. “Have you noticed anything unusual with me Father?” He turned to face his colleague and stood ready to be inspected. As if it was a normal routine, Father Julien did as expected, scanning him from head to foot. “Hmmm... not that I can see, Father Marcus. You look just the same. Why do you ask?” he answered after a minute. “My arm. Do you notice anything peculiar about it?” was Marcus’ clear inquiry. Might as well go straight to the point than have his poor secretary decipher his words. “Hmmm?” But still, Father Julien was oblivious, so Marcus raised his right arm and displayed it in
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Chapter 9 - A Kiss That Endangers
Exhilarating. That’s what Marcus first thought of when his eager lips met Ysabelle’s. He had almost convinced himself that he was already devouring the lunch table’s dessert as she tasted of sweet honeyed strawberries and the curve of her lips were moist and velvety like a chocolate cake. With all the willpower he could muster up, he didn’t use it to stop this moment. Instead, when he found her unsteady, trying to push him lightly away with both of her hands, he snaked a hand in the small of her back and pressed her closer to his body. His back was against the balustrade to stabilize them at least for any possible imbalance. A fall down to the base of the stairs would be unlucky indeed, not to mention painful. There was still some tiny pang of guilt a priest like him was expected to feel when treading on restricted boundaries, but true enough, it didn’t rack his mind. His logical reasoning was already clouded in
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