Chapter 123

I was really getting tired of my cousin Ruby’s childish games. I also found it completely bizarre that she somehow broke in here and installed speakers through out my entire house especially when ninety eight percent of the time someone was always here. When she began to laugh, I could hear it coming from upstairs, from the basement, in my kitchen, in the dining room, and in the living room we were currently standing in. she really did have a way with making an entrance. Since she was making such a grand entrance into my house, I would do her a favor and act accordingly. It was time to finally end this.

I called everyone close to me just in case Ruby also had listening devices implanted as well. I had no way of knowing if she was in the house or not, but we were going to find out. I turned to everyone in turn and whispered, “Okay everyone. I do not know if she is in the house, and we do not know for sure what her intentions are today though we can probably guess. Tony and Natasha, I w
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