Chapter 138

After I jumped on Ruby’s back everything seemed to be moving in slow motion but at the same time it felt like everything was sped up. I know, I know that seems really confusing, but it was like the world around me was one big blur of movement while it seemed to take me a lifetime to knock her to the ground though my guess is it took mere seconds.

Three things happened simultaneously. Ruby fell, her gun went off, and I knew someone had been shot because I was now covered in red specks of blood all over my arms and I could feel them on my face as well. The smell of rust and salt invaded my nostril and made me feel queasy. I couldn’t let it get to me however or Ruby might wind up with the upper hand.

I struggled to grab her arms and pull them behind her back. For a small chick she was stronger than she looked, not to mention I just had surgery and my incision from the c-section hurt immensely. Finally, someone noticed how much trouble I was having and came over and kicked Ruby square in
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