Chapter 135

We all began yelling at detective Morris that he just shot Detective Wilcox. “No, no, no! I did not mean it. Jennifer, please tell me you are ok. Jennifer, please answer me!” Detective Morris screamed out in desperation. I called out and said I was going to crawl over and check on her. He gave me the go ahead and I slowly began crawling over to Jennifer being cautious as to not make the detective trigger happy again.

When I made my way over to her I first checked her pulse and looked for where she had been hit. “She is unconscious and has a very thready pulse. You struck her once in the chest and once in the torso. You need to get someone in here now to get her and Emma to the hospital. We also have a third person who is injured. He got struck with shrapnel when the explosion happened out the back door.” I said hoping he would understand how urgent this matter was.

“Officer down, I repeat officer down. We need two more ambulances aside for the one for Detective Wilcox we have two civi
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