My Own Worst Enemy

My Own Worst Enemy

By:  Lizzie_Lane   Ongoing
Language: English
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When Emma finds out the love of her life is marrying Ruby she seaks revenge only to have things unravel in a way she never would expect, the end of her. Follow Emma as she tells you how her life went from perfect to a nightmare in a short time. Through so many twists and turns what does fate have in store for her!

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Very nice entreguing story
2023-12-12 03:19:47
143 Chapters
Current location: unknownHello dear readers. My name is Emma and if you’re reading this I seriously fucked up! Excuse my language but there just is not a better word to describe it.I made some of the worst choices I have ever made in the span of only three weeks, and just in case these choices caused my death I am writing this down for you to read. By doing so I hope I can prevent others from making the same mistakes.I lied, cheated, stole, and yes even killed!! All because I believed I was better than everyone else.I was rude, arrogant, and I treated everyone around me like little dolls I could manipulate and make to do my biding, but I made one fatal mistake....I crossed the wrong woman and for that I believe I have sealed my fate. From her I took her husband, her three children, and her sanity. I created the psychotic monster she would soon become.She completely lost everything and when someone losses everything what does that person do? They seek revenge of course.Now if you
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Chapter 1
Current Location: Mothers House "Why do I have to go to the wedding?! I hate Ruby and that bitch is marrying the man I want!" I looked at my mother April with hate in my eyes. This was so unfair this insignificant bug was about to marry Shane. MY SHANE!! He is supposed to be with me. I have endured him being with her for five years now and he always promised he would leave that whore. I felt like such a dipshit at that moment. Everyday when this tramp went off to work where was he? With me! Who did he call when she was being an asshole? Me! Who did he call when she would not put out? Me! Who was it that gave him the names for their three children because they could not decide? Oh right that was also me! And instead of him leaving her like he was supposed to Noooo he is marrying the damn bitch! "I can not leave her it would destroy our children you know that Em. I can not be the bad guy in their eyes. Nothing between you and I is or has to change I love you, you know that babe. You
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chapter 2
Current Location: Phone store"I told you five times already I just want all of my information from my old phone transferred to the new phone! I do not want a new number, and I do not want to start new service. I am just replacing my old phone because it got damaged. Why is that so hard to get through your thick skull." I glared at the phone store associate and wondered how many times he got dropped on his head as a child. On second thought he has that look of a person who is an all day and night toker. Why do I always get all the idiots? "Right away Ma'am I apologize for my previous confusion."After another fifteen minutes I finally had my new activated phone in hand and was heading back to the car when my phone started ringing. I looked down and saw that Shane was calling me. And as annoyed as I was with him, I could not stop myself from answering his call."In what way are you planning to break my heart today, Shane Donaldson." I scolded him coldly."Babe, do not be like that I exp
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chapter 3
Current Location: Cheap Thrills party inc." Hello I am Emma I spoke with you earlier on the phone about the Saxton booking." I smiled brightly at the owner Mrs. Spooner. "Oh yes I have been expecting you. I wanted to go over the list you emailed me to make sure this was not a mistake, and this is actually the type of party you want. I must say that it is very strange and unusual for this request as it is a Bachelorette party." Mrs. Spooner said with a doubtful look."Actually Mrs. Spooner I thought the same thing, but Miss Saxton is just my cousin, and we are not very close. So, I called her best friend Shelly, and she said herself along with my cousin’s other best friend, Dede, they have been planning for her Bachelorette party ever since they learned she was engaged. They wrote up this list and sent it to me last night before I forwarded it you. Shelly also wanted to make sure she got all the credit for the planning." I smiled and let out a playful giggle.What I said to Mrs. Spoone
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Chapter 4
Current location: My kitchenI could tell by the look on Shane’s face that he was stunned and could not speak. After a minute went by without anyone saying anything Ruby screamed at Shane and I "One of you better start explaining what the hell this situation I just walked in to is! Tell me right now or so help me things are going to get ugly real fast. And neither of you are going to like what happens next!"I was thinking, sure Ruby play big and bad with your small ass rat looking face. Honestly if it was up to me, I would tell Ruby right here and now why Shane was really here. "Oh yes Ruby we have been in a secret relationship since before you gave birth to your first child. And yes, I have known about you and Shane long before you even got pregnant skank! And he is here for our weekly date night in which we will eat, talk, and then screw each other’s brains out with the most amazing sex in the universe, since he cannot get it from you since you are so vanilla and such a prude."But
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Chapter 5
Current Location: My bedroomI raised my lashes and stared intently at Shane’s pondering eyes. I wondered what was going on in his beautiful mind "Baby what are you contemplating about? I can see the gears behind your eyes grinding against each other!" Shane chuckled and said "I was just thinking about how you used my wedding vows as an excuse, but I realized I really do not know what to say to Ruby. What do you say to a woman you are only marrying because of the kids you share? This is so frustrating, maybe babe you really could help me write them."In an instant I was out of bed chucking his clothes and shoes at him. One of his shoes hit and bounced off the top of his head. " What the fuck babe? It was just a question, not even that just an idea! If you do not want to help me with writing my vows than just say so! You do not have to toss my shit at me!""Shane Donaldson, you are a completely unbelievable asshole! It is hard enough that I have to stand by her side and watch the two of
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Chapter 6
Current Location: In Kyles car"Emma I am so glad to be working with you again, and by what Lucas said it is going to be so much more fun this time!" Kyle said with a toothy grin. I returned the smile" That is correct. Your job this time around will be following my cousin Ruby, sabotaging her and planting evidence against her. But the first thing you are going to do is follow me to the party venue tonight you will be taking some pretty incriminating photos of both Ruby and her brother Derek!""Lucas was right this is going to be so freaking fun!" I nodded opened the car door and stepped out. Before walking away, I turned and said, "Just remember you are not to be seen!" Kyle smiled and nodded. "Oh, wait Kyle one other thing I need you to figure out a way to prevent Shelly from coming to the Bachelorette party tonight by any means necessary. But she needs to show up for the wedding tomorrow understood?" Kyle responded with" darn so no messing her up. Of course, consider it done!"A few
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Chapter 7
Current Location: Cheap thrills Party inc.I was standing outside the building waiting for Mrs. Spooner to bring around the party bus when a text came through from Kyle. "Hey boss lady I am across the parking lot, and I have eyes on you. Do not worry I will stay in the shadows. Also, I took care of Shelly. I sent her dad an anonymous text from a burner phone saying I had his teenage daughter and will only give her back if Shelly was there. Then as soon as Shelly got word and left her house to go to her dads, she stopped at a gas station and went inside. I than took her phone from the car so her dad cannot warn her when Shelly’s sister comes back and finds out she is completely fine, and the text was only a prank."Brilliant job Kyle! Just remember when I give you the signal it is time for your photography skills." I sent the message and I heard three short car honks in concession. Conformation from Kyle that he understands.At that moment Ruby and Dede both pulled into the parking lot
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Chapter 8
Current Location: Cheap Thrills Party Bus"So Emma since you saw the list do you know where we are heading now?" Dede asked me curiously. "Wait you do not know? Shelly said you worked with her to make the list. I did see the list, but I only glanced it. I believe we are going for dinner before going to a club to finish off the night. I am just not sure which restaurant or which club." I said knowing Shelly said no such thing.Dede was speechless at first than said to Ruby" what the hell is going on with Shelly, Ruby? First all these crazy arrangements for your Bachelorette party. Then she lies to Emma and says I helped her come up with the festivities for tonight! Which for the record I had nothing to do with." "I know you did not. I saw the shock on both of your faces. Shelly has a lot of explaining to do." Ruby said confidentiality."Maybe Shelly is interested in Shane and she is trying to ruin your happiness." Derek suggested. Well, he is not far off except he is wrong about the gir
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Chapter 9
Current Location: The Whip and Chain.Leaving the driver and Mrs. Spooner on the bus, we walked into the Whip and Chain. I could see the chagrin on Ruby’s face. Ruby was utterly disgusted by this choice of venue. It made me extremely happy deep inside!Why would Shelly do this? Is she trying to get back at me for something I did? I cannot imagine what though." Ruby mumbled to herself. "Look, it may not be what you imagined for your Bachelorette party, but we are here so let us make the best of things." Derek smiled gently at Ruby.I turned to Ruby." How about we do this. I will go grab everyone’s drinks. And before you go and try making requests, I am choosing the drinks for everyone tonight. Ruby it is your party, and you can cry if you want to. But you are going to have fun even if it kills you." Derek screamed " Hell yeah cousin! That is what I am talking about. Someone making my dear sister climb out of her shell."I smiled than turned around and headed for the bar. After ordering
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