Chapter 134

Of course, it would be her. Who else is psychotic enough to start a shooting rampage through a fucking hospital. I was positive she knew I was here, and she was looking for me. “Kyle, can you see anyone else out there?” I asked not really wanting to know the answer but knowing I had to. Kyle moved his head as far left as he could while still being able to see out of the small rectangular window. “There are a few people lying on the floor. It does not appear that anyone is hurt. Ruby is out there pointing the gun at people and yelling but I can not hear her through the door. Holy shit! This is so fucked. Miss Emma, I do not want to alarm you, but Shane Tony and Natasha are out there!


Hello again dear reader. I know I said you would not be hearing from me again, however when I wrote that we thought everything was coming to an end and that I would not have anything to tell you that Emma could not. We were very wrong on that front seeing as while Ruby came into the hospital firin
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