Chapter 137

I knew I had to start talking to Ruby to try and distract her so Kyle could sneak up on her and take her out. “I am really glad you find your psychotic ways so amusing. I mean someone has to think you will get out of this unscathed and why not let it be yourself. After all you have been through so much in these past few months. You lost Shane to a better woman, you murdered your own child, lost your second family, destroyed your career, and so much more but hey at least you can stand there with a grin on your face and be completely content!”

Ruby’s face turned into a scowl I guess she didn’t like her short comings being thrown in her face. That was good I wanted to piss her off, so all her focus was on me. She didn’t even seem to realize as I was talking that Shane, Tony, and Natasha started slowly moving away from each other and their current position to situate themselves around her so we could cover her in a five point angle. Ruby stood there momentarily at a loss of what to say to
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