Chapter 139

Three months later

“Mother can you stop trying to make today all about you for god sakes it is my wedding day not yours.” I said to my mother for about the fifteenth time in the last five minutes. I was already nervous as all hell about doing this in the first place and as usual my mother was making everything worse. “Emma, I am not trying to make this about me. I was just saying how ignorant it is for my date to cancel last minute. It is just so messed up I deserve better than this.” My mother said with a scornful tone. I just sighed shaking my head knowing I couldn’t stop her from being the selfish creature she is.

“Come on Miss White they are ready for you outside.” Natasha said scooting my mother out the door. I gave her a thankful look and went back to trying to calm myself down. Natasha walked over to me and put her hand on the small of my back. “It is going to be okay Emma. I know marriage makes your skin crawl, but you love Shane, and he really loves you. I don’t think I have
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