107. All she has left

Marcus’ POV

The place that the Lycan’s chose for negotiations was a smart choice. Geographically, our territories were separated by the great mountains that were uninhabitable. Our ancestors believed that it was these snow-capped mountains that protected us from the evils of the north, as it wasn’t possible for their wolves to survive the cold temperatures of the mountains. They were spread over a vast space, making it impossible for either party to cross it and reach the other end alive.

Hence, they had chosen a place called Porcia, that lay miles away from both our territories, but whose people lay in a secret alliance with the Lycans for a long time. It was a land with sparse population, and the legend has it that it was a home to a few banished witches. Given its history, when the Lycans picked this place for negotiations, I couldn’t help but feel apprehensive about it. But I had no choice. They were holding my sister captive, and I had to listen to me.

So when they had informed
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Mandi Miller
Oh this isn’t good at all! Kiara is going to be destroyed
goodnovel comment avatar
Diann Cannon
Oh no poor Kiara now she has no one for sure at least they made peace with each other now Marcus has to step up if he hadn't lost her
goodnovel comment avatar
Paola Cropper
Noooo....this is going to kill Kiara, the guilt she will feel towards her dad and also Marcus!

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