157. What could be worse than this?

“Dr Irene is on call.” The nurse came to my side right that instant, forcing me to peel my eyes off Audrey.

Tucking the phone under my ear and shoulder, I said, “Yes?”

“Kiara, I’m right now stuck in surgery and can’t make it there in time. I’ll be sending in my assistant George and he should know what to do. In the meantime, could you please check if the airway is patent?”

I quickly hurried towards Marcus, standing behind his head. Opening his mouth, I tried to visualize his airway. I could see some soot and deposition, alarming me. “It doesn’t look good.” I mumbled on the phone.

“Alright, let’s intubate him to be on the safe side.” She said, “Can you do that?”

“Yes,” I said with hesitation. “Yes I can. I learned it just yesterday.”

“Good. Get to it and relieve his airway. George should be there by then and will know how to proceed.”

Tumbling the phone aside, I got to work. After choosing the appropriate tube, I opened his mouth to insert it inside. He was unconscious, mea
Sia Brown

I can imagine that I'm not exactly your favourite person right now and I'm sure you're not happy with how things are going with Marcus and Kiara. But trust me, I wouldn't include something like this if I didn't believe it was necessary for the story. Marcus is Kiara's second shot at love, it will definitely not be an easy path for either of them. These circumstances are necessary for the development of both the characters who are quite juvenile in their own way. Adversities will only make them stronger. Don't give up on the story yet. The best is yet to come <3

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Michelle Cornick
Will return wen more chapters are added and. there's a better out come. Great book but not liking the out come right now! But I'll trust the progress

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