My Stalker's Obsession

My Stalker's Obsession

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<<She Belongs To Me, She Just Doesn't Know It Yet>> “Just let me go. I promise I won’t tell... I... I won’t say a word.” “Shhhh.” He whispered, placing his hand on my mouth, hard enough to stop me from talking, soft enough to not hurt. God, no, I don’t want this, I don’t want any of it. “Spread your legs, Kitten.” His voice was rough I didn’t. I just kept sobbing, my tears touching the injury he carved on my chest made it hurt more. “Pl... please...” came out as a mumble instead of actual words. “Now.” He sounded like he was starting to get pissed off. *** Moving into college was supposed to be a new start for me, but with a masked stalker on my trail, surviving is near impossible, I don't belong to him, but he thinks otherwise and he wouldn't mind breaking every will power I have until I accept it. Trigger warning from author: This book is dark, if unapologetic villains in books bother you then this book is not for you.

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Annu Gupta
it can be a good way to waste your time.
2024-05-24 01:24:01
26 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1My nightmareELSA“If fictional men were real, do you think they’d fuck like gods?” Gianna’s voice filled the car. I had to look at the driver as my cheeks turned red, he must think we are whores now. “Maybe their dicks would go into our clits so deep that we’d see the shape on our lower belly.”“Gianna!” I nudged her shoulder, and she scowled at me.“What? I just want to know.”“You need to stop fantasizing about fictional men, Gia. They’re not even real, and if they were, you certainly in hell wouldn’t want one like the types you read about in your life.”“You need to stop breathing air; I mean, it’s not even real, and we’d die anyway. Yours can just be some years earlier, I’ll join you when I’m old.”“You’re sick.” I rolled my eyes at her and stared out the window of the moving vehicle, the houses, and trees I knew I would miss when I left for college. I didn't exactly feel sad about moving out to college the next week, but this was the town I had spent all my high school
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2ButterflyELSAI made it! It felt lonely without Gianna, but I was glad I made it either way, staring at the big building with the name Kingston’s University boldly plastered on the exterior. Students of different sizes, colors, and races moved around, some in pairs and some alone.“Will you be fine, Honey?” Aunt Tiana asked, dragging my traveling bag to meet up with me, “You know where to come whenever you get homesick.”“I’ll be fine. You worry too much, and you’d get grey hairs faster that way.” I laughed at her as she grabbed my hand and gave it a little squeeze. I was finally here, in Washington DC, far away from Ohio and far away from the stalker.“Alright then. In you go, I still have to drop off James at high school.” She fumbled with her keys before turning away. Aunt Tiana lived here; she grew up in DC, and that made it more comfortable for me to come here.New school, new decisions, fresh start, new life.I held onto the bag handles and dragged both of them along
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3Little KittenELSAI felt his face and lips go to my ear, his breath across my neck. “Hello, Little Kitten. We meet again.”My entire body froze for a second. That name – my head did a spin back. The only person who called me that, the stalker from Ohio.I pushed at the figure behind me and stepped on the toes so hard that the person released me for a bit, giving me a chance to run. I turned, and my legs began working faster than they had ever done, running through the hallway filled with locker rooms.“He... help!” I screamed on top of my voice. I couldn’t see him again. I looked back; he wasn’t standing there, he wasn’t chasing me either.“Do you know how long I’ve fantasized about how good you’d look when you are running away from me with so much fear in your eyes, Kitten?”I couldn’t exactly pinpoint where the voice was coming from, but I could hear it everywhere, echoing through the empty hallway like he was some demon from hell. I felt instant happiness and hope immedi
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4UNKNOWN“What was that you said again?” I asked, picking up the blood-stained towel on the cabinet and wiping off the blood on the knife with it before turning backward to face the half-dying man tied to the chair of nails. Every movement he made caused him pain and made the nails shift in his body.“I’m sorry, we didn’t know you were in this city; we would have—“ I hit the sharp blade on the handle of his chair where his fingers were separated, a screeching scream came from him as he closed his eyes trying to endure the pain. His pinky finger was on the ground, cut out from his hand and making it four fingers left. He was missing his left ear and one pinky finger, both on the ground.“You’re not sorry for trying to sex traffic and sell little kids going to school or young thirteen-year-old girls that still have their whole life ahead of them.” I walked around the chair, trailing the blade on the wall as I passed. “You’re sorry for getting caught by me.”“Who are you to judg
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Beautiful DisasterELSAMy eyes searched the room hurriedly; someone came inside. I locked the door before leaving. I rushed to the door handle to inspect it for any signs of break-ins or forced entry; there were none. It can’t be the stalker; I’ll see signs of a break-in if it was him. Maybe it was the university; perhaps it’s just one of the ways they pass information or something. It’s not the stalker. Right?I walked towards the neatly dressed bed slowly and picked up the envelope. I’ve loved red ribbons since I was a kid; that was partly why I dyed my hair red, so I could match the aesthetic of the ribbon. But whoever made this envelope didn’t know that, right? Because only my family did, and maybe a few friends.I untied the ribbon on the envelope by pulling the other side of it; it opened, and I gulped when the content of it came into sight. I emptied it on my bed and just stared. An electronic drawing pen, a Mac drawing pad, and some… chocolates?I didn’t know how t
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Tag, You're ItELSA“Hello, Little Kitten,” his mouth was close to my ear, so close that I could feel his hot breath there. “Run.”It sounded like a whisper, so quiet that anyone else wouldn’t have heard, but I did, and I ran.The hallway seemed to be closing in on me. There were so many people; some scowled at me as I bumped into them while looking behind me, and some cursed at me. I didn’t care. All I knew was that I had to go, far away from this place.“Nooo!” I screamed and struggled when strong hands held my arms from the front. I didn’t bother opening my eyes; I knew it was him.“Hey, calm down… are you alright?” I opened my eyes to see Nathan’s worried expression all over his face as he searched mine.I had no idea what I was thinking or what came over me, but I knew that if there was anyone I was glad to see right now, it was Nathan. I threw my arms around him and hugged him; I could feel his body tense up and freeze, but then he eased up and hugged me back.My eyes
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7The ManipulatedELSA“Get on your knees and take out my dick, Kitten.” The gun was on my lower chin now, lifting my face to meet his.My heart was thumping extremely hard now. He didn’t just… did he just ask me to… The gun under my chin made my body quiver. He could kill me right now, toss my body into the river, and no one would know; they’d think I lost my inhaler and died.“You don’t have to do this; I swear I won’t tell—““Remove my belt, Elsa.”A shiver dropped down my spine, and I took in a deep breath before going on my knees. He was wearing black trousers that looked like jeans but weren’t. My hands were shaking when I got to his belt. I removed it and tossed it away; my hand went to his zip next, and I pulled it down. I could just punch his dick and make a run for it.𝙗𝙪𝙩 𝙝𝙚'𝙙 𝙠𝙞𝙡𝙡 𝙉𝙖𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙣.I couldn’t see his face, but I had a feeling he was watching me intently—my every move. I obeyed his earlier request and placed my hand inside the open space the z
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8The ManipulationELSAI opened my eyes, my head was banging; I was sitting on leather, or something like it.When my vision became clear, I gasped. I was in the back seat of a car which was in front of the police station. I remembered fighting with the stalker when he told me he was going to drop me here. I remembered him putting a white cloth on my nose, and that was it…“He drugged me! That fucker!”“Miss, you’re awake.” A male voice spoke up from the front seat, and I looked up at him. He was looking at me with both fear and surprise.My eyes searched all over his face; he didn’t look familiar in any way. But with his suit and black glasses, I guessed he worked for the stalker. “Who are you?”“I was asked to drop you here. Please kindly exit the car.”“You were asked? Are you crazy?” Anger flushed in my eyes. “Could you not see I was drugged against my will? You couldn’t even try to help by calling 911 or something.”He took in a deep breath. “Look, Miss. I have a child i
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Chapter 9
CHAPTER NINE The ManipulatorELSAI looked at the finger again; Nathan wore that ring today at dinner. This was Nathan’s finger. Everything we ate at dinner appeared back in my throat. I rushed to the toilet immediately and bent to throw up; my stomach was hurting so badly.I took in a deep breath before flushing, then washing my face and hands in the sink. Why was this happening to me? I haven't done anything bad to anyone; I can't even call it karma.Maybe I should move out. My brain mentally reminded me that the stalker first sent me a message when I was in Ohio, prom night. There was no escaping him.I went back to the room; the finger which was covered with blood was still on the ground, making the room stink badly. Tears filled my eyes looking at it. Nathan went through this because of me, because I hugged him.I used a tissue to put the finger back into the box and disposed of it the only way I knew how. I was going to apologize and cut ties with Nathan. It was for his safety,
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10Death WishELSAI took in a deep breath and smoothed my palm on my red round-neck top and a jean skirt that stopped at the middle of my thighs before my knuckles came in contact with the door in a subtle knock.I was outside the front porch; it was Nathan’s house. It’s been one week since what happened to Nathan, and I didn’t know how to show up at his doorstep.These past few days made me realize one thing: I liked Nathan more than a friend. The stalker had also been off my neck; he stopped texting, and I didn’t have that fear of being followed anymore. Me withdrawing that amount of money put him and his business on the edge… I hope.“Hello…” An old woman who seemed like she was in her early eighties said, opening the door with a wide smile, her dimples visible, probably where Nate got him from.“Hi, ma’am, I’m Elsa.” I looked around; just standing here made my heart ache at the realization that I caused this to him. “Nathan’s friend.”“Oh, come on in, dear.” She held the
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