My Stranger Mate

My Stranger Mate

By:  obscurascriptoris  Completed
Language: English
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I'm a human who works as a personal dietitian of Alpha Liam of the Undergrove pack. There was a man I accidentally ran into and actually said to me the words, "You're alive." But I didn't remember anything that I had the experience of surviving death and I knew in myself that I didn't have amnesia but when he added, "What happened to your wolf? Why do you smell like a human? Who did this to you?" Like... excuse me? How can I have a wolf if I'm a human? It's hard to believe but because of that questions, the realization that I don't remember anything from my past especially my childhood days, unlocked. When I found out that he is Alpha Liam's cousin, I asked Alpha about him and his answer was really shocking, "Honestly Nalani... I wonder why you didn't even bother to ask about your past; who your parents are, where you really come from. And thank you for paying attention to asking about him and it's time for you to know, that you are a werewolf and Ross, my cousin, the Alpha of the Dark Furious pack is your mate." Mate... that Alpha Ross is my mate and I used to have a wolf. How did this all happen? Who am I really? And how come I didn't notice it for five years? When was the day my memory about the past was blocked?

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Shannon D
Great read! Definitely in for some twist and turns!
2023-08-02 07:17:58
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Nonny Wise
What an intriguing story, well done!
2023-06-07 07:48:27
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Samantha Jacobs
chapters 1-6. I like the writing style as well as the plot so far
2023-04-28 21:25:15
user avatar
so nice I just want to continue... gimme more ...
2023-04-14 15:50:56
user avatar
I love this...
2023-03-28 18:00:49
default avatar
idon't want to stop reading but i've finished all the chapters, I want moreee!!!!
2023-03-26 10:24:49
117 Chapters
Chapter 1: First meet
NALANI I wonder how brave I really am, that I can live in a place where I know all the inhabitants are monsters. They are the humans who are shifting into wolves or they are the so-called humans who actually have wolves. This idea has never brought fear to me. Well, how can I be afraid if every time I report to my job as Alpha Liam's personal dietitian, it's his good looks greeted me 'goodmorning Nalani?' But uh... speaking about my job, how dare I am waking up this morning and that's the thing immediately came to my mind? It's seven in the morning and I have to get up to start my duty. I rolled from the middle of the bed and got up. Heading straight to the bathroom, I took a shower without realizing that I didn't bring a towel inside. I just noticed it, when I'm done. That's why, I was forced to leave the bathroom without any cover on my body and just let the floor get wet because of the water dripping from me especially on my hair I was in that situation when I heard a little ru
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Chapter 2: We meet again
NALANI I suddenly pushed the man I was staring into the eyes for a moment. In his reaction, it was as if he had known me for a long time, but I, no matter where in the corner of my memory, his face did not cross my mind. I didn't know him since then, and I really saw him just now.My heart rate quickened. I couldn't help but step my feet back as his eyes met mine. But from what I also noticed from him, he also seems confused by my reaction. He actually asked, "W-What's going on?"I shook my head and ran away from him. I felt a fear that I could not explain. It was as if my system was telling me that I should be scared. Maybe because, he knows my name even though I don't know him.In my fast run my feet brought me to the front of Madame Hale's flower shop. I just swallowed when he held out his hand to me expecting the payment for the flower bouquet and said, "You're too fast, you just left then you're here now? Where's the payment?"I'm dead. I didn't sell the flower bouquet and the t
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Chapter 3: The forgotten past
NALANIThe strange man stepped closer to me. I knew I had nowhere to go, and the only thing I could do now was tilt my head to the side, and close my eyes tightly. I hold my breathe while feeling his approach, and I gradually felt his hot breath hitting my nose.I whimpered in a low tone as he spoke to my face, "That's why, no one can found your body in that river because you're alive and still kicking. Why are you pretending that you don't remember me? You're fear of me hasn't change, you can't lie to me."I really don't know what he's talking about. And I wish there is, at least, I have an idea why I have to be afraid of him. But here, I am confused by what is happening. He accuses me of pretending even though I don't know him. He went on, "Don't tell me you have amnesia." He smirks and said, "You are not human enough to experience that thing, Nalani."To escape, I pushed him away and I don't know if my system really predicted that the elevator door was about to open but that's what
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Chapter 4: Alpha's cousin
NALANIDespite the pain I feel in my shoulder, in my hip, even in my knee that hit the edge of the stairs, I couldn't help but huff when I saw Travis' face wearing a teasingly smile.He hasn't really changed since I last saw him. The scars on my knee that he left are still saying hello to him. He is carrying a suitcase, which means he will not return from the human place. Well, the Undergrove was his home after all, and he was a werewolf. The only annoying thing about the situation is, because I will see him again everyday, and I'm sure the stress will be included in my daily routine from now on. I put my hands on the floor to try to get up but he pressed his shoe a bit on my smallest finger causing me to yelp and curse him, calling his name in a hiss way. Then I grumbled, "Can you rest first before you bother me?"I'm not in the mood right now. He didn't know how painful it was to hear Lily's voice saying Alpha Liam's name talking about punishment. My stomach crunches every time I t
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Chapter 5: Leave her alone
RossIt's been five years, and I've also been consumed by sadness. Actually, eight years, since my family died together. The whole thing is still clear in my memory, and the worst thing I ever went through was to witness how they died in front of me.After three years of that, I still haven't recovered from the mourning when the next who died was my mate. They can die not in front of me but the fate I have is really torture. Seeing her fell off the cliff, that was the most painful of all. I endured it for five years.No family, and no mate and all I have is my pack. But can I take the pack if I don't have Luna? I am not saying that the pack is strong when there is Luna but Nalani... I love her, and I just realized this thing too late.What I did to her is unforgivable. I just realized that day, she was all I had left, but I still let her go and die. If the loss of my family hurts me a lot, I suffered even more when she's gone.She did nothing wrong but she paid for everything that ha
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Chapter 6: The horror dream
NALANII maneuvered myself as I entered the door of my apartment. It created a loud thud with the force of my closing it. Panting, I held my chest and breathed out through my lips. I feel that even in the taxi, the male cousin of Alpha Liam and Travis is following me.In his eyes, I can see that he misses me a lot, but it's full of sadness and curiosity. But what I don't understand is his question about how long I've been working with Alpha Liam as if he never expected.He really knows me, and it seems like I knew him before but I just forgot. I was puzzled that I didn't know where to start to find out. The pounding of my heart ten times faster than the fear seems to be nothing new to me. In his grip, my body seemed to have felt it before.I don't understand, I feel like I'm shrinking in his presence. I'm scared. And I still feel these feelings even though I'm here in my place. He's not around me, and more he's not here with me.I picked up the bag on the floor that I dropped earlier
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Chapter 7: Something's off
ROSSAfter I told her about what I noticed in her, she automatically hugged her chest. I don't know what's wrong with her why she came back to the packhouse wearing only a nightgown and no bra. Her nipple still pointed against her thin dress and that made Darth chuckle inside my head. This caused the return of his energy as if she was the truly cure for our current illness."I... I'm sorry, I... I forgot... I was in a hurry." I just watched every turn of her eyes as if she was about to drown in shame. "Ahm...Madame Hale will get mad once I couldn't give that. I-I mean, I woke up and remembered that I didn't do my..." She glanced at the gift I was holding. "...Mission," she finished her sentence.Until now, it seems to be in her system to be afraid of others as it happened to her in our pack. Even with the omegas, she became scared to the edge in their presence. I want her to go back to how she was before our painful tragedy happened.She was never afraid that time, especially in our c
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Chapter 8: Doubts
NALANI"So... this guy you say who know you, but you don't have the slightest hint of who he is, is Alpha's cousin?" Siena asked after I told my situation and what I found out about Alpha's cousin. She was currently stacking flowers in a bouquet wrapper resting on a red ribbon. She glances at me.I nodded and she added, "And Alpha Liam ordered you to leave the packhouse right away because his cousin can't see you?" I nodded again. She squinted her eyes at me and asked for the last, "Do you know what this means?"Yeah, I have a hint but no words came out of my mouth and I only did shaking my head causing her to flick my forehead. I halted yelping rubbing my skin she'd flicked. I yelled, "What's wrong with you?"She huffed and dropped a flower stem on the table and turned to face me, crossing her arms across her chest. "Listen carefully, okay?"I frowned at her but I still wanted to hear what she had to say despite the realization that came up in my mind. "You said that man was Alpha Li
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Chapter 9: Inhumanity
NALANI"He's Alpha Liam's cousin and he's the guy you say you don't remember?" I nodded and Madame Hale went on still exclaiming, "Why don't I know him? Mostly Alpha's cousins, I really know them. Well only two boys and a girl but—" His thoughts snapped his words and looked at me. "Wait a minute!" Fear and worry flashed in his eyes as he held his mouth.Siena also peered into his face, waiting for what he would say about whatever realization that was. My heart beat faster with the doubt that, his realization might not be good for me. After his dumbfounded moment, he shook his head with a wave of his hand over his face as if to swipe away what he was thinking.But he quickly grabbed my arm as well as Siena's. He cocked his head inside the flower shop and said, "Let's go inside. I realized something, but of course I need your opinion, thoughts, realization or whatever..." We move inside the shop. My curiosity is killing me while watching his reaction. Before he started his words, he l
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Chapter 10: Confliction
ROSSDarth really hates flowers. It had a strong effect on him, and out of all the wolves, he was the only one with this kind of issue. That's why, I left the flowershop earlier even though I wanted to talk to Nalani. Honestly, I don't even know what topic I should open up, and maybe it's good that it happened for me to better prepare for the next chance.'Or you better meet her in another place next time,' Darth suggested in my thoughts. That was my plan but to the fact that I can still see the fear in her eyes, I don't know how to approach. 'Ask her when she comes here later in the packhouse.'I glanced at the wall of the room, and I just realized that it was almost noon, which meant that Nalani would be coming to cook food for Liam. I was jealous but the idea that I would see her again watered my soul—a bit. 'What if you wait for her arrival? Then don't frown, smile at her.'My brows creased at Darth's suggestion. 'How do I do that?'Because we went through the same thing, he heave
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