Netherworld [U.E]

Netherworld [U.E]

By:  Giuseppe Astrid  Ongoing
Language: English
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UNDER MINOR EDITING__Kaizi Hirogome, a famous detective of Japan set a tour to a foreign land to solve a 1-year-old case in just a week. Upon his stay, he was forced to save a woman from being assassinated on a ball. Turning out, that she'll be the one to give him all the answers. Who can she be? Twists and turns unraveled more than what he had expected, revealing this barren foreign land's unimaginable secrets. Together, will they solve it all without strings attached?_2020-

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50 Chapters
Chapter 1
[Under minor editing.]EPIGRAPH"By finally learning how to take the risk, you'll learn love."---Giuseppe Astrid.Evergreen trees are towering one another. Silhouettes are everywhere amidst the shaft of faint light. Familiar mountains' are standing still on the horizon and upon it, was the moon on the penumbral form.That was all she sees as she silently watches the night scenery by the window of the moving car.Her expressionless face tells everything that the public knows about her. She doesn't give meaning to everyone she stumbles upon. She doesn't have a conceit thought about life. Nothing in this world can make her heart falter, or so they thought.Lost on her thoughts about the bigger things ahead, like how she will crash that party in a second. She hates such an event after all.From the window, immense steel gates greeted her so as the other visitors with their luxurious cars. She pulled herself out after the car halted in a specific place, finding herself in front of a marble
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Chapter 2
-GREY-Everything is dark. I can hear everyone murmuring about why the lights have gone out, where I also started wondering.I started looking around as I still cling onto Rook, human shadows are everywhere amongst the faint moonlight taking a glimpse at the grandiose windows.Yeah, this is an unexpected turn of event for me since I only came here for something that Shawn Darwin owns and I even ended up dancing with his freakin' son. As I scan the place, I suddenly got aware of an almost-unnoticeable change.That is, I can't feel Rook's hand on my waist anymore. It's not that I want him to always hold me but changes can turn into big---My thoughts crashed when I feel like something cold and intimidating is poking my abdomen, no way. My confused face changed into a frightened one after guessing what it could be. My hands clenched his tuxedo and my eyes widened from the unexpected terror. I need to move my body but I just can't.Did I fall into a trap?"What the..." I gasped when someo
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Chapter 3
-KAIZI-"Should I leave her just like that? Her life is in danger." I sighed as I watched her walk away towards the crowd. Well, I warned her enough and I could guess that they won't bother her anymore.I approached the coffee section and took a seat. They don't even serve tea here, not even shops have some. Such a barren place to be stuck on."Like I said in the very first place I don't need your help." He sat down in the chair opposite to mine. What took him this long to come here?"Mr Rook Darwin. I never thought you would go this far, hurting an innocent woman." I crossed my arms in madness. His explanation is not even needed to be convicted as---"Hmm, innocent you say? You know nothing!" He sneered at me, "Oh, of course, you know nothing. After all, you recently arrive here a week ago." he leaned his back on the chair, trying to relax. I didn't respond to his statement, what does he mean by that?"You see, company businesses here cannot be touched by the police, even the governme
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Chapter 4
-KAIZI-I've been running in circles, which seems like hours. This is unexpected; the person I saved tonight is the villain herself. Whoever she is, I swore I will put her behind bars.Why did Rook desperately slip that rumour anyway?
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Chapter 5
-KAIZI-*COMPANY BASE: FOREST*I'm busy scanning the huge base with my binoculars while Abigail is beside me reading the files for me by the thick small bushes a little far from the Base. The base has only one way in and out. Where cargoes enter and leave."The victims died with the same reason, huge brain damage caused by identical bullets and maybe the very same gun and the very same killer." she started reading the files for me.Yeah, such a brutal way to kill yet painless or fastest way to die."Long-range shot?" I asked without taking MY gaze off the binoculars."Close contact..." she responded."That's why they found gun powder at all victims' faces and every shot was 'bull's eye'. I concluded and lowered my binoculars."All the 15 victims died with their heads shot," she reads." And all the crime scenes are all on the victim's bedroom. All died on the very same night."The killer meant to kill them in the same night, why?"Close contact killing only means that the killer is no p
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Chapter 6
-KAIZI-An intimidating silence somehow woke me up, damn. I can't remember anything or what even happened. I found myself lying in an office-like room. I tilted my head up to see a table and a chair and glanced down to see the door and my body, restrained with ropes, both hands, and feet.I felt a movement from my back and then heard a moan which I immediately recognized; it's only Abigail moaning in pain. I finally felt a sting of pain coming from my severed neck fresh from hitting by a wooden bat."Ouch" I gritted my teeth in pain, that's what happened. A thud came from the steel door, causing me to look at it. Following by a creaking sound as the door opens, it showed off two muscular men and in the middle, a raven-haired lady in her plain white shirt and black shorts, she is grinning at us, who is she?They entered the room individually. The woman approached the table while the two guys leaned down closer to us, removing the ropes, I shouldn't do something stupid for this time bein
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Chapter 7
-GREY-"Damn, you Psycho," Kai shouted after the guards him tossed him to the tiled floor. I signalled the guards to leave and then entered the room. I slammed the door shut, leaving us two inside. Kai looked around examining the surrounding with his eyes and I did the same, the room is concrete, darker, and narrower than before with only two chairs two meters away facing each other. The floor formed a black and white chessboard pattern.This is nostalgic."Some sort kind of Interrogation room, huh?" He sat on one of the chairs only to see me leaning my back on the door with my hands in my pocket. He guessed it right."Such a mere reason coming here just for a diamond even though you know you won't get out alive," I stated in an abstract way. "This room was supposedly a torture room for traitors, but it was locked for a long time since it hasn't been stained with blood and it hasn't witnessed a tormenting soul." Or in other words, it hasn't been used."So tell me, Kai, was that diamond
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Chapter 8
KAIZI-"Shi'ne (Go to hell/ die.)" I spat. "I forgot to ask about Abigail."I looked around examining the room while approaching my table. A white concrete wall and a single wood cabinet standing near the wall at the left side of my desk, not even a window in sight, two small light bulbs enough to light up the room. The floor is the same black and white chessboard pattern. The ceiling is made of plain timber. I saw another door made of steel far from the back of my desk and started to approach it. I reached for the doorknob, turning it open and took a glimpse inside."Of course, what do I expect, a comfort room." I narrowed my eyes, staring at the white-tiled walls, floors, and the toilet."Such weird designs and architecture." I managed to utter before closing the door and went back to my chair planning to sit for a while. I examined the wheel-chair, black cushioned-seat, and not a sign of dust. I leaned my back and relaxed my arms by its arms.What time is it, by the way? I raised my
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Chapter 9
-KAIZI-"Hi!" a man, maybe at my age greeted me as he sat in the first double-decked bed. He has a deeper accent than the guy who greeted us earlier.His caramel hair looks like it has been bleached out from being blond. He has his hazelnut orbs gazing at me while waving his hand. I lazily waved back at him and closed the door behind me."You must be Mr WatshibakaThingy." A guy, maybe in his late 20's called out from the upper deck where Mr Hazel Eyes is sitting. I can feel him smirk."Call me Kai" I spoke up. That name again, I'm a little lucky to forget about it in a while. Damn, she's really into torturing me. Most especially that ba'ka means 'Idiot'."Kai huh, Kai like Kaizi Horithingy." The guy from the upper-deck blurted out again. That's me!!"Yes!!"I replied back while fighting the urge to cry. I approached the empty bed beside theirs and lied down on my stomach. The room's wide enough for the two double-deck bed to fit in with enough space for a table to fit in the middle of t
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Chapter 10
-KAIZI-"With that all kinds of jobs, how will you be promoted as an Executive?" Don't make sense, that's why."Oh, 'bout that, there are risks to encounter before you become an Executive. If you volunteer, you'll be sent off for assignments like spying, escorting preeminence, saving colleagues, and others. If you do that without dying and killing someone, you're in. These are the hardest job after all." Rald explained."That's impossible without killing even one enemy," I said with amazement. If you did, you're darn jailed."Yeah, but the Executives today did it, all right. Ask Jero since he volunteered,"--Rald.We glanced at Jero who's quietly sitting beside me."It's not that complicated since we have devices and materials used for combat like stun guns, tranquillizers, and most especially a gun." Jero finally spoke up, Awesome."What if you have enemies using guns? There are totally hundreds of them." I'm just curious about it, okay and I'm lazy to think."You just shoot them first
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