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Hae Mina and her twin brother Hae Jae-Woo grew up living on the streets and fighting to stay alive. Everyday was a struggle until Jae-Woo befriended the members of the popular boy band Nightide. After such a rough life, it appeared luck was finally on their side but after a tragic accident, Hae Mina is forced to disguise herself as her brother and attend the male exclusive University and take his place in the band until he recovers. Will she be able to keep her identity a secret? Will she be able to keep her temper under control? And most importantly, how will the sparks fly? This book is not appropriate for readers under 18 years of age; contains elements of violence, domestic abuse, classism, and sexual content.

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54 Chapters
Author's Note
Hello to my readers. I wanted to leave a short message here. Since Nightide takes place in South Korea, I will be using some of the Korean honorifics, but not all of them. Here is the list of what I will use.Oppa-- means "older brother" and is used by younger females towards older male friends or siblings.Hyung--means "older brother" and is used by young males towards older male friends or siblings.Unnie--means "older sister" and is used by younger females towards older female friends or siblings.Noona--means "older sister" and is used by young males towards older female friends or siblings.Sunbae--means "senior" and is used by younger male and female students towards older male and female students.ssi-- means "Mr./Miss/Mrs." and is used towards someone you need to show respect. nim-- means "Mr./Miss/Mrs." and is a more polite way to show respect. I would also like to point out that ages are in South Korean form. If you
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Life Changes In An Instant
    Hae Mina's body shot three inches above her bed after her brother, Jae-Woo, jumped on it to awaken her. "For heaven's sakes!" she laughed, sitting up against her pillows.    "Come on, we start school today! Hurry, and get ready," his light brown eyes danced with excitement. He crawled off her bed and stood by the door looking expectantly at her.    "Oppa, you are the only person in the world who'd be excited about school," she laughed as she tossed a pillow. He caught it with a wink.    "Well, it's not every day that you get to start attending the famous Daedoji University. I don't want to be late," he turned around, "so hurry and get dressed," he ordered in a stern tone she knew he had to force.    "Well, maybe, I'll just take my time then." He looked over his shoulder and pouted. "Fine, just turn around," she giggled. He did so, and she pulled away from the bed. She pulled on her
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Will You Take My Place
     "Miss Hae?" a red-headed nurse asked as she touched Hae Mina's shoulder. She looked up with a tear stained face.     "Yes?"     "Hae Jae-Woo is able to have visitors now. You may go in."     "Thank you," she choked out and followed the nurse. She was led down bright cheery halls that contradicted the truth behind their dark and menacing doors. She hated hospitals. Hospitals were filled with death. Hospitals were where people went when they finally gave up on life and wanted to die and if you were not there to die you were there because your life was about to change forever. Nothing good ever came from hospitals.     The nurse held the door open. Hae Mina brushed past her still in a partial daze. So much had changed in a matter of seconds.     She continued in, forcing her feet to move. Two other beds sat in the room, but
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I Don't Care What They Think
     Hae Mina gazed in awe at the tall and long campus. The stones looked ancient, but the building was new. Everything was clean: the gardens, the sidewalks, the benches and even the walls. Everything. Where she now stood, two large willow trees, one to her left and one to her right, towered above her and created a magnificent shade that hid her from those she observed. So, this was Daedoji University. It stretched further up than she imagined and according to the map in her hand the University conquered seven blocks to the north and seven blocks to the west, not counting the park across the street that was also owned by the Naiting family. She continued to gaze at the beauty around her, a  brief moment of distraction, but as a young man dressed in the school's uniform passed and gave her a confused look, she released a puff of air. It was time.     Before she took a step further she rushed through the questions that were bound t
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Are You Sure This Is Cold Enough To Wake Him
     Hae Jae-Woo watched Chang Minsu walk off. 'Nice guy. It's too bad he's afraid of social standards.' Hae Jae-Woo stood up, tray in hand, and crossed the room to the garbage can. He dumped his remaining food and placed the tray on the counter.     Once he turned, an array of voices began to chant, "Fight! Fight! Fight!" and a wave of people darted toward the bathroom. Hae Mina wanted to go see, and since both she and her brother loved to watch a good fight, she hurried to the center of the fast-growing ring of people.     Hae Jae-Woo squeezed, ducked, shoved and dodged the massive number of boys to get near the center of the semi-circle, but once there, he found another semi-circle created by the members of Nightide, who were blocking most of the view of the fight. Hae Jae-Woo squeezed through a few more people and came out on the side where the smallest member, the nerd, stood, blocking people.&n
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I Can't Sing!
     Hae Jae-Woo lay the bottle down and crossed his arms. Cass jerked up in shock and gasped in anger. He shook his head like a wet dog drying off. "Why you little," Cass began to threaten.     Hae Jae-Woo stood his ground. "If you don't want to end up unconscious like Jiho, I suggest you sit back down."     "Cass, you should have known better; just because he lost his memory, does not mean he lost his personality. Sit down," Rhee Min-Jun stated with a sigh. Hae Mina almost said something about Hae Jae-Woo acting like her, but knew to keep her mouth shut, so she continued to stand firm. However, the fact that Hae Jae-Woo had ever acted in the way she had, just now, upset her. He had better control of his temper than she did, and he knew doing such a stupid thing could get him in trouble. At least she had the excuse of a memory loss, what had he had?     They must really like
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Changing Rooms
     Hae Mina jerked awake and although the nightmare faded, the fear remained. It was a fear that crept slowly until it devoured her heart. It sunk deeply into her skin and made her want to scrub it away, so she ventured down the steps and entered the bathroom. A shower was what she needed, so a shower she took.     Meanwhile, out in the University's soccer field, Jeremy and the others finished their game. "Well, I'm exhausted," Jeremy said, before dropping to the grass. He slid a piece of gum from his pocket and began to chew it.     "We should shower," Duskin suggested, "then we can practice our music for a little while."     "A shower sounds great, and practice sounds good, too, especially since Hae Jae-Woo doesn't remember anything," Jeremy pointed out.     "A shower does sou—" a repeating beep interrupted Cass. He fished out his touch phone
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I'll Protect You
     Jeremy grabbed his bags then continued inside the room. He shut the door with his foot. When he lifted his eyes, Hae Jae-Woo stood before him in nothing but a knee length white towel. But to Jeremy's shock, Hae Jae-Woo was obviously not a boy. Her long wet russet hair hung down the front of her body. He jumped back at Hae Jae-Woo's short girlish scream, tripped over his bag, which burst and sent his clothes sprawling about the floor, and landed on the ground trying to hide his eyes. Since when was Hae Jae-Woo a girl? He heard the bathroom door slam shut.     He stood slowly and gaped at the dark brown door. If this Hae Jae-Woo is a girl, what happened to the real Jae-Woo? And who is this this? Jeremy stood and began to debate on whether he should leave and tell the others or if he should stay. As he stood there, he heard a sob. He stepped to the door but paused when her breathing caught. He couldn't tell the others. If sh
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The Maid's Diner
     Cass led Jeremy and Hae Jae-Woo to the parking lot while complaining about his sister Chin-Sun. "I really wish she would stop calling me to babysit Hae-Won. I mean the kid is cute, but it's getting irritating." He paused by an extremely expensive looking red vehicle and Yang Dae-Su's voice called out.    "Hey, who is driving Jae-Woo to the restaurant?"     Cass paused, "Ah, that's right, you totaled yours, Jae-Woo." He shook his head.    "I'll drive him," Jeremy offered. Hae Mina was not sure why, but the fact that Jeremy owned a car was a bit of a surprise. Most of the rich families she knew of had chauffeurs. Cass liked to be flashy so for him to own one made sense, but Jeremy seemed to be gentle and causal.     "Fine by me," Cass shrugged. "You want a ride?" he asked Yang Dae-Su.     "No, thanks. I'll drive mine. Your driving i
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No One Speaks To Me Like That
     Later that evening Hae Jae-Woo changed upstairs relieved that the day was over. His loose clothes floated about him as he dropped onto the bed and stared at the white ceiling. Moments later, Jeremy appeared at the top of the steps. He paused and frowned as his eyes scanned over Hae Jae-Woo.     "I wouldn't wear that if I was you," Jeremy whispered pointed to Hae Jae-Woo's white shirt.     "Why not?" Hae Jae-Woo sat up and gave a puzzled look.     "It's white," Jeremy muttered, but the statement didn't seem to phase Hae Jae-Woo, so Jeremy continued. "Cass and Jiho want revenge on you and knowing them, you'll end up drenched by morning. That top is white and somewhat thin. If it gets wet..." a blush touched his cheeks.     Hae Jae-Woo crossed his arms over his torso. "I'll change," he whispered. Jeremy stood up and sat on the top step. "I'll stay here and ma
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