Chapter 12

Without being able to stop him, he quickly makes his way over to me. Colin takes my head in his hands, while wiping away my tears with his thumbs. I stumble backwards a few steps until my back comes into contact with a tree.

At my sudden stop his chest collides with mine and his face comes way too close for comfort to my own. His hands land on either side of my head on the tree behind me. I want desperately to run away but my body and Leia are determined to stand their ground.

I am now trembling from the closeness to him. Colin’s eyes start to dance between black and hazel, finally resting on Hazel. This lets me know that he won the battle for dominance with Devon.

I try to look down at my feet but he tilts my head back up so that I am now looking directly into his eyes. I lick my lips subconsciously and he forces his lips over mine. The contact makes my whole body explode with intense satisfaction.

I gasp for air and he takes the opportunity to slide his tongue inside. It
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Ese Nam
Wooow ellie is my kind of gal. This mate bond is really messing things up for my gal nd it's not cool at all
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
Glad she stands up for herself and calls him on his double standard. She and Luke already agreed they can't fool around anymore,

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