Chapter 24

I went to the pack doctor earlier with Shane and he insisted to stay with me to ensure I was taken care of properly and that I was indeed not physically hurt by Colin. I rolled my eyes at him so much I am shocked I don’t have a massive headache.

***Flashback to the doctor's visit***

"Alright young lady, it seems as if your wound has healed nicely." The doctor who looks to be in her late fifties tells me.

"Alpha, per your request I have given her a thorough evaluation and she does not have any indications of physical abuse."

I roll my eyes in annoyance again at Shane who nods his approval at the doctor.

"What about her wolf? Why can't she connect with her?"

"What about my connection with my mate! My family as well?" I glare at him before looking to the doctor for her answer which clearly agitates Shane.

"Yes, well. The object that the warrior hit your head with was covered with wolfsbane and silver. When it cut your head, the contents seeped
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Amber Ivers
I don't like this guy. I don't trust him.

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