Chapter 23

***Phone call, only Alpha Shane's voice is heard by Ellie. ****

“Good afternoon Alpha Lawrence, it’s Alpha Shane from the Knight Moon Pack."

"I’m good, thank you, I hope all is well with you and Amara."

"Glad to hear it. I’m calling because I want to discuss a meeting at our border with you, your son, your Beta, his son and a few of your best warriors."

"Well, I have someone that belongs to your son and assume he would like her back very much. There will need to be some negotiations made first and I am hoping to have this go peacefully. I am more than willing to keep her as my own if we cannot come to an agreement."

"Thank you, Lawrence. I will see you tomorrow at the border at sunrise. Oh, and tell your son to keep his head. I know he will be Alpha next year and I am looking forward to possibly creating an alliance with your pack, but his temper will jeopardize that if he does not control his little wolf. Have a nice day.”

***End p
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Comments (2)
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Ese Nam
Allison my Thoughts exactly. How does a potential alpha make such a move.
goodnovel comment avatar
Allison Michelle Smith
this story just got instantly better. she needs someone to actually act like they care for her. what kind of Alpha has a 4 year relationship with someone if they aren't even sure they are mates? that's just asking for trouble.

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