Chapter 25

“It is all going to be up to you, the negotiations and how the little wolf controls himself in the morning. Don’t fret about it too much beautiful, you will be taken care of the entire time. Either I or Brandon will be with you for the duration of the meeting.”

He walks over to where I am still frozen and places his hand on my back, guiding me out of the dining room. He takes me back to my room, and kisses my cheek goodnight. Still not able to respond, I just stand there.

“I’ll see you in the morning beautiful, you have a lot to consider tonight. One of my t shirts are on the chair for you to wear to bed.”

He closes the door and I slump over to the bed, flopping down onto it with a huff. I wish my mom was here to tell me what to do. My mind is all over the place and so is my heart. Colin, Luke, and now Shane.

Shit, Luke! Oh, goddess I hope he’s ok and knows that I am safe. He will be there tomorrow at sunrise, so he must know by now. Oh no, they will all be at the same plac
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goodnovel comment avatar
Seriously, does she have any control over her hormones at all? Is he a hybrid or something?
goodnovel comment avatar
Smh . So she a slut. I’m definitely not a fan .

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